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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: I am worried sick by Wild in Africa on 22 July 2005 10:57pm
I note with some amusement that most of the 'stiff upper lip stoical Londoners' interviewed on TV so far have been Australian, South African, Bengali, American, Nigerian etc etc. Just shows what a muticultural place London is these days but how common adversity pulls people together.
Re: I am worried sick by JF on 23 July 2005 11:43am
I'm not sure what "multicultural" actually means.

As far as I am concerned, we have loads of people from loads of different countries living side-by-side, shamelessly nicking bits of each other's culture and mixing them all up.

Whilst this upsets some of the less enlightened (and probably more scared) elements of the community, it certainly beats living somewhere where only the same faimilies have lived for generations.
Re: I am worried sick by Helen on 23 July 2005 2:23pm


Re: I am worried sick by Diamond on 23 July 2005 2:50pm
thinking of you linz - smile and the world smiles with you - cry and you wont cry alone

take care
Re: I am worried sick by jim on 23 July 2005 11:14pm
Only just read this thread Linz. I'm sorry to hear that your hospital appointment was cancelled and you're really upset. That drink/chat /meal we had with Susan seems in a different world now, yet was only about 4 weeks ago. I now cycle from Waterloo to Kensington. Not only am I getting excercise,I'm avoiding travelling by tube and it's actually quicker!
All we can do is hope the police catch the ringleaders before more harm is caused.
Re: I am worried sick by garibaldi on 25 July 2005 3:34pm
This "stiff upper lip, stoical, we just keep carrying on" thing that we keep hearing in the media, referring back to London/Britain in WWII especially, gets to me rather. I see the point, which is that we are being told the stance or MO to use in our everyday lives at an unnerving time, but I don't like the "superior" self-image that we are being invited or encouraged to hold. What I mean is, I have no reason to think that other capitals/communities/ countries ever behave in a "lesser" way under such circumstances - did the people of Madrid or anywhere else react or behave in a more "spineless" way, I don't think so. If it were really about ratings for the most gutsy people, actually you would have to take your hat off to the people in Baghdad, where there are suicide and car bombings Every Single Day, and they still try to carry on with their "ordinary daily lives". Reality is that there isn't an alternative, and that applies to every city and its inhabitants.

Re: I am worried sick by Katie J on 25 July 2005 4:22pm
I agree with JF...**** them! I am in Canary Wharf every day but just get on with it, as I will not allow anyone to intimidate me into changing my life.

I will not go into the politics of the situation (we all know [or should know] the fundamentals and have our own opinions).

I have read and watched numerous reports about these 'incidents' and I do not find references to the British 'stiff upper lip' in the least bit demeaning to other countries/capitals/communities Garibaldi. Nothing that I have read or heard insinuates that anywhere else does not have this resolve (and I read widely on the subject). In fact I was watching a report the other night about families in Iraq who were living in one of the most dangerous areas of the country and yet were trying to carry on as normal. Clearly the programme was trying to get across the fact that other people have to live with this type of situation day in day out and are equally stoic in their approach!

The only reason our reporters mention the 'British stiff upper lip' and stoicism is because it is a convenient label (and one that attempts to a certain extent to strengthen our resolve). It is a label that has always been associated with being 'British' and has not always been propagated by the British themselves may I add! That is not to say that the citizens of this country believe that they are any "superior" (as you put it) in their resolve than any other. I find the implication, that people in this country would be so pompous, highly distasteful and think it would have been better had you said nothing at all.

Likening the recent attacks to WW2 is rather over zealous and I have noticed that references to the Blitz etc have dissipated as reporters have realised that this is not an appropriate comparison.

As a result I say chin up and get on with it but stay safe and alert guys!

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