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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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International Aid. Re: Katrina by tucsonmike on 21 September 2005 7:27am
Oh Canaveral, so sporting of you. BTW, how did Florida hold out? I have a friend and former boss in the Keys.
International Aid. Re: Katrina by George on 21 September 2005 5:29pm
Well, all the schools have cancelled classes for the rest of the week. Likewise, all football games and other activities. The kids have all gone crazy! The freeways are jammed. The gas stations and grocery stores are swamped.

Right now the computer models show the hurricane coming in a place called Matagorda, about 60 miles due south of here.

My wife doesn't know what she wants to do yet. I'll bet we end up staying. She went out and bought everything we need last Saturday.

The weather outside is strange. It's clear and hot, but the horizon to the southeast is now "eerily gray" and no wind.
International Aid. Re: Katrina by Noell on 21 September 2005 11:18pm
Good luck, George - we're thinking about you.
International Aid. Re: Katrina by tucsonmike on 22 September 2005 3:37am
Good luck George!
No football on Friday in Texas? Is that legal? Then again, the New Orleans Saints had to play a home game in New Jersey.

We have great weather! Noooo!!! You can't all move here yet! Much as I'd love to have y'all, we need to build the desalinazation plant (been talked about for years).

I lived through a hurricane in Boston of all places. The eye went through Springfield, 100 miles West of Boston. I taped up the windows and went to back to sleep. My wife woke me up and said "I'm scared, and you are going to be awake and scared with me!"

International Aid. Re: Katrina by suzulu on 22 September 2005 6:20pm
Good luck, George - we're all thinking of you.
International Aid. Re: Katrina by George on 23 September 2005 10:20am
Thank you, one and all. Today has been surreal, to put it mildly. Virtually all gas stations are now, "out of gas". With almost nothing to do, I made gas hunting my afternoon business, even thought I had almost a full tank. All the freeways are jammed going outbound. I got caught up in one for 3 hours. Civility is still being practiced almost everywhere. No one is pushing or have bad tempers at the grocery stores. Almost everything is closed, today. Tomorrow, everything will be closed.

There is a little neighborhood mexican restaurant that was open tonight and the owner swear he'll be open "for the duration". Tonight a bunch of us were drinking at the bar eating chips and telling old fishing stories about hurricanes. Tomorrow night the storm is supposed to hit somewhere east of here. Then, we may experience something like, "the great hot silence" as we all wait impatiently for the power to be turned on again.
Hurricane Rita by George on 23 September 2005 9:34pm
Life today in this post-Katrina world is very hectic. If you've been following the hurricane on the news, I'm sure you know that evacuations have been massive. My wife tried to leave yesterday morning with her very ill grandmother, but all the highways were incredibly jammed. She's decided to stay and we will be spending the night with her. We've put mattresses in front of all the windows and will leave soon for her house.

The biggest problem here is the lack of gasoline. There lots of people stranded on the highways or at gas staions waiting to be resupplied. The traffic jams are over now, so hopefully, the supply trucks can start to get through and catch up wtih the demand.

The wind here is about 25 mph, but the main storm is supposed to hit us around 10pm. School has been cancelled now through Monday.

International Aid. Re: Katrina by sighthound on 23 September 2005 9:58pm
Good Luck, George. I just got an e-mail from Houston friends who left two days ago. They live down by Clearlake and not only have to deal with potential storm damage but also with water moccasins getting washed up to their house. There's nothing like finding a very poisonous snake in your laundry room to encourage evacuation; they leave for even small storms.

Glad to hear that Rita has been downgraded from 5 to 3. Hope she calms herself down further by the time she gets to you.

All in all, I'd rather live with my earthquakes than your storms. I don't think I could stand all the horrible anticipation. At least with earthquakes, the brunt is over in minutes and you've either made it or you haven't.
International Aid. Re: Katrina by George on 23 September 2005 10:54pm
Thanks. Clear Lake is suppose to be hit worse than us out in Sugar Land. It's only 10-15 miles from the Gulf and right at sea level. It's a very nice town.

I suppose the storm will be "official" when CNN's Anderson Cooper comes on later after strapping himself to the seawall in Galveston.
International Aid. Re: Katrina by tucsonmike on 24 September 2005 8:06am
Gee Anderson Cooper as official storm bellwether. What a strange September it has been.
I got to experience my first California earthquake in June. Strange, if you have never dealt with it. My mother and I looked at each other. My cousins didn't even stir. My cousin Donny said if it is under a 5, he doesnt even blink.
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