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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Favourite Christmas Film by sighthound on 20 December 2005 1:17am
You're right, sminobe, about the human characters in "Polar Express" but, in my very minority opinion, even when CGI is used for "cartoon" characters, I still see the technique not the character. That digital armature just screams out at me. Never been able to get more than 15 minutes into "Shrek" et al. without frantically reaching for the stop button. It will get better eventually but we need several more generations of technological development to enable animators to really breathe life into CGI characters the way pencil animtors have done. Unfortunately, CGI development for features has been in the hands of computer wonks who are much more interested in getting every individual hair to animate than to loosen the tools so artists can breathe individual life into a character.

P.S. I like your point about Christmas. Must make it a point to get out my "Brian" dvd this week.
Re: Favourite Christmas Film by Spursfan on 20 December 2005 10:48am
Lynne if you read an earlierpost yu'll see that Tauriel told us about a version of Cinderella where she was given some hazlenuts which contained a hubntsmans outfit, a ballgown and a wedding dress.

My imagination got the better of me!!!

Re: Favourite Christmas Film by arty_farty on 20 December 2005 1:29pm
i don't celebrate christmas as a religious festival. im a witch u c. thats why i like BRUCE ALMIGHTY!!!!!
Re: Favourite Christmas Film by Spursfan on 20 December 2005 1:47pm
I don't either, a-f. I celebrate it as a pressie-choccy-grub-fest!!

Why do people let religion get in the way! BUT and its a big B U T (I don't mean mine, you understand - that's but with one 'T'!)I wish these politically correct folk would take their hands off my Xmas! Its not a 'winter festival' it's CHRISTMAS or XMAS.

The uk is a christian country and therefore should be allowed to call its festivals whatever, without causing offence to other cultures.

I'd like them to try going to Iran and getting them to call Ramadan another name because it might cause christians offence!!

Yes we have a Christmas tree - boo hiss to those councils who haven't because, again, it might cause offence to non-christians. Hey, I'm an atheist and I can speak for myself thanks!! I get SOOOOOOOOOO annoyed by all this political correctness - no playing conkers because someone may get hurt; no singing Baa Baa Black Sheep (racist overtones); no santas allowed in some shops centres (they frighten the children - well I was scared too but it was a sort of awed feeling. I would have been sad not to have have seen him). Its getting ridiculous and we should send all these politically correct frigid nerds on a one-way trip to outer space.

Sorry - rant over!!



Re: Favourite Christmas Film by arty_farty on 20 December 2005 1:59pm
ranting is good. it gets stuff out of ur system.
yeah its stuipd dat some people get so het up about being p.c. grrrrrrrrr

u know its not policlty correct to say politicly correct u have 2 say culteraly sensitive.
bollocks dats what i say

Re: Favourite Christmas Film by perfectbitch on 20 December 2005 3:28pm
Hear hear Anne. PC is beyond a joke now. I too am an atheist but so many people who say they are chrstians forget the christian message of xmas it irritates the hell out of me!! Happy Christmas to all. Linz
Re: Favourite Christmas Film by purple on 20 December 2005 6:33pm
I hear you, Anne. I really hate when people get so PC about Christmas. it's always been to me celebration of peace, love and togetherness with my family. I'm a raised Catholic too and like Linz, I find that a lot of Christians forget its original message, which is not right.
Though Christmas has other meanings to me too - it's the day I discovered Monty Python! I first watched The Meaning of Life on TV on Christmas day three years ago and became hooked to the group ever since. So I mark the occaision every year by watching the movie.
Re: Favourite Christmas Film by bruey on 21 December 2005 12:12pm
My favorites are Home Alone 1 and 2 and also Santa Claus: The Movie which features the late Dudley Moore.
Re: Favourite Christmas Film by Wild in Africa on 21 December 2005 3:35pm
Has to be 'Life of Brian' of course!! It does start in the manger in Bethlehem after all with the Three Wise Men...(drunk more like) and their gift of gold, frankinscence and myrhh ('a balm/bomb') and the birth of the baby Brian (What sign is he? A Capricorn...what's that then....He is the Saviour, our Lord etc etc...that's Capricorn then is it?)

Oh go on Godfather, you're always the best at quoting MPFC ad nauseum.
Re: Favourite Christmas Film by Blasi on 21 December 2005 3:48pm
It's not really a Christmas film per se, but it's one I've always associated with the festive season and it's guaranteed an airing on the day - The Labyrinth ;)
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