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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: New way of saying "politcly correct" by canaveralgumby on 3 January 2006 4:33pm
Hey, JF! You know, many of us here are members of minority religous groups.

Well, I say .... all this political correctness!

(edit: HA HA HA! It DID bleep it all out! It started with f.)
Re: New way of saying "politcly correct" by JF on 3 January 2006 5:09pm
Today's Daily Telegraph has an article containing many examples of this absurd practice.

Re: New way of saying "politcly correct" by Spursfan on 3 January 2006 5:41pm
Some of the examples really annoyed me when I read them, JF - articularly the one about visitors not being able to coo over babies or ask their mothers about them toi protect their privacy and dignity.


I agree - all those who advocate this stupid, absurd PC business should be herded up and shipped somewhere where they will never be seen again. Preferably another planet?? As they are obviously already on another planet from the rest of us.

After all, how many of us would object - whether black, white, yellow, green or whatever - to the nursery rhyme Baa Baa BLACK sheep (which they have done); or to children at school using a BLACKboard or WHITEboard; or which non-christian religion would really complain about Christmas lights, christmas trees, christmas cards etc?? Would those same PC brigade go to Iran and complain when it is a muslim festival that it could be offensicve to any other religions there at the time? I think not - or at least I don't think they are that stupid!!

We cannot let it go on, this is OUR country after all we need to live our lives the way WE want to.

So, although I am an atheist, I have enjoyed my christmas with our christmas tree, plenty of christmas cards, plenty of christmas lights, singing christmas carols and the odd Baa Baa Black sheep.

I do NOT send 'Winter Festival' cards - it is not Winter Festival it is christmas.

My husband and I had a note from the post office to say that there was a 'wf' card for us which had not been correctly stamped. It took me a while to realise that 'WF' meant winter festival!!!! Bah humbug!

*jumps off soapbox*

Anne (very angry about pc people)
Re: New way of saying "politcly correct" by perfectbitch on 3 January 2006 6:04pm
Anne, I do so agree with your views. I live in a multicultural area and in the past have agonised on how to refer to other cultures. After conversations with my colourful neighbours it transpires that nobody really cares that much. Linz
Re: New way of saying "politcly correct" by Tauriel on 3 January 2006 7:05pm
Anne, I agree completely with you.

Linz: I think that it's really not important what words you use - it's important in what manner you use them. Say, if I call black people "black", but I do so in a completely respectful manner, I don't see where the problem is. I don't have problem with people calling me "white" because, guess what, I *AM* white. It's all about approach.

If someone gets offended just because I called them "black", even though I dealt with them in a very respectful and polite manner, then I suggest they get some common sense, because they clearly have none... %-)

Some people should stop being oversensitive. Even the best idea in the world, when pushed into extreme, can cause a lot of evil. Same goes with political correctness.

P.S.: Same goes with everything else, I just chose the term "black" as an example.
Re: New way of saying "politcly correct" by JF on 3 January 2006 7:57pm
I actually think a winter festival might not be a bad idea.

Some time in February would be appropriate, given that our winters have tended to come later.

It would give people a break between the new year and easter, and it would give a bit of a push to the retail market during a traditionally quiet period.

Presumably, however, the PC brigade would throw their hands up in horror at the blatant seasonsalism on display, and demand that equal rights be given to spring, summer and autumn.

In fact, a festival would be offensive to the ranks of misery-guts who do not want anyone to celebrate anything.

And by suggesting a festival I am discriminating against those without the wit or brains to suggest it themselves.

I'm making this up, but deep down I suspect I am actually expressing the thoughts of some plop-head somewhere.
Re: New way of saying "politcly correct" by Tauriel on 3 January 2006 8:39pm
You can bet you do, JF...

Seriously. How can someone get offended when I say "Merry Christmas" to them, even if they're not Christian? I'm not trying to convert them! I'm simply trying to share my joy and happiness of this festival with them. Heck, if someone wished me a Happy Hannukah or a Happy Kwanza (spelling?), I'd feel *honoured* that they want to share their holidays and their blessings with me.

Honestly. I read on another message board that one girl got a detention, because she said "Merry Christmas" in a (public) school. Whatever happened to the freedom of speech and religion? *rolleyes*
Re: New way of saying "politcly correct" by Ahren on 3 January 2006 9:05pm
OK, I'm sitting here reading that article and laughing about how everything's gone PC mad when I see this advert on the TV. It's got one of those disgusting 4x4s driving all over Iceland or someplace and it catches onto an Inuit's sled. It then keeps on driving, knocks the Inuit off and drives away with his sled and him running after yelling. To make matters worse, there's only ONE person in the Satan's Chariot, plus a dog.

In my opinion, that is incredibly awful. It is taking the piss out of the very people who are being made to suffer due to global warming, caused by those despicable tanks queuing up to take their kids home from school.
Re: New way of saying "politcly correct" by tucsonmike on 4 January 2006 1:31am
Something tells me Samuel Johnson will have to be brought back to do a new dictionary if this keeps up. There you go, Robbie Coletrane (Dr. Johnson in a Blackadder Espisode).
Re: New way of saying "politcly correct" by arty_farty on 5 January 2006 12:08pm
wow u lot all feel da same as me. sorry 4 not appearing very often as my home computer is on the fritz. u know the only good thing about N.O.T is all the jokes u can make about it ( personopause or womanopause not MENopause hah hah) and growing global insult creativity.
all i can realy say is thank the goddess i was born on the cusp of all this crap (1987).
i think i know what caused P.Cism it was the... computer yup a P.C caused P.C. you know it makes sence. when 'puters became important p.cism was realeased.
end of rant


just read the artical. bloody funny all of it. the thing about snowballs was irritating. when i was 9 we could throw snowballs at any range but some teachers checked for stones and bits of gravel every now and then
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