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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Book Signing Question by dbruckne on 5 March 2003 6:50pm
Does anyone know if you have to have the newest book or will Mr. Palin sign any of his books?

Re: Book Signing Question by peripatetically on 5 March 2003 6:53pm
He signs old books, definitely.

Re: Book Signing Question by dbruckne on 5 March 2003 7:13pm
I figured he would, I just didn't want to insult him. Oh, one more thing. This might be pushing my luck, but can the book be, let's say, uh, the Holy Grail Screenplay Book? It's not that I don't enjoy his recent work, it just hasn't impacted me in the same manner.
Re: Book Signing Question by Diamond on 5 March 2003 8:26pm
be careful as when I went to bluewater they were only selling sahara books and at the previous signing they were saying that number of books signed would be limited. ask before you go there - I did go to bluewater UK but could not afford another sahara book (I had already got him to sign one for me and then 4 for charity at two other booksignings) - so Michael signed my full circle no problem - ring in advance and ask the bookstore if you are concerned they are the best people to guide you. we cannot say what those in authority will decide at your particular book signing

good luck and let us know all about it.

Re: Book Signing Question by peripatetically on 5 March 2003 9:39pm
Good avice , Lyn, but they gave all kinds of restrictions at my signing and lecture. Michael came away sigining anything nd everything by the time it was over. But don't take advantage of the man. He hates to disappoint, so try to be polite and go by the guidelines, if possible.

Re: Book Signing Question by saz_blink on 5 March 2003 11:59pm
When I went to a booksigning in Sydney I asked people in the shop a week before if I could get my copy of 'life of michael' signed, and they said yes. On the day I double checked and they said yes again. Then after i'd been waiting in line for about an hour they said no. So I asked the woman there who was organising the event, and she said he'd probably sign it anyway. After i'd had my turn, I noticed people getting all sorts of things signed, so I wouldn't think you'd have any trouble..
Saz xxoo
Re: Book Signing Question by Annemarie on 6 March 2003 12:46am
I am hoping to go the signing in Chicago and was just wondering if anyone could give me sort of a summary of what happens at a book signing? Obviously I've never been to one, and I was wondering if we get to talk to him, and if we are allowed to take pictures with him and/or take pictures of him? I'm sorry to ask such a silly question, but i'd rather be prepaired, then to go and not know whats going on! :) Thanks so much!!!
~Anne Marie
Re: Book Signing Question by peripatetically on 6 March 2003 1:09am
Anne Marie, by all means take a camera and comfortable shoes. You will stand in line and the rep will come to each person and place a paper "post em" marker inside with whatever you tell her you want Michael to write. That means she will say, to Anne Marie" or to Anne, or whatever. Michael will add something personal after he talks to you and discovers something unique about you . You get to get picutres with him, hug him, or whatever. We took photos of him alone and my frined and I took photos of ourselves with him, for each other. My evetn was a lecture and booksigning, so I heard the lecture first and slide show by Basil Pao, Basil also siged the books and posed for photos. People gave gifts and booz nd joked with him. Michael was very dear to everyone and nobosy was rushed through the line. I hope you have a wonderful time. Take your camera, like I said. Make sure you have a flash or are using the right film for indoors. My shots are great --There was a plain background (the projector screen) and nobody else in the pics but Michael and me or my friend with him. I'mvery envious. He's not coming to DC this year.

Re: Book Signing Question by nottlob on 6 March 2003 2:54am
Aww, I want to hug him :) I think Michael would sign your book no problem, it's just a little awkward when someone gives him like, 20 or maybe just even 10 monty python items to sign. I think one little screenplay is not a problem.
Re: Book Signing Question by Miss-M on 6 March 2003 8:25am
I think it's preferable to purchase the book Michael is promoting if you can - I'm sure he wouldn't mind signing something else in addition.

Michelle :)
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