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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: HRH by Ahren on 10 April 2006 7:41pm
What about if you're just about to dance the pavane or something? Youre meant to curtesy then!
Re: HRH by sighthound on 10 April 2006 9:40pm
Well, a curtsey as part of a formal greeting in conjunction with a bow from the partner is fine by me because it's not intended to show subservience. I'm not dogmatic about curtsies, just about the unjustice of forced class distinctions.
Re: HRH by Spursfan on 10 April 2006 9:58pm
A curtsey as part of a dance, is a very different thing to a bow/curtsey to someone such as the queen (uinless of course she is your partner in said dance!!).

Sighthound I can't say I agree with you. To me, a bow or curtesy to someone such as the royal family is a show of subservience. It is the last remaining subservient thing we do, really - in some countries you have to keep your head lower than the ruler's in their presence, or leave the room backwards (i.e. not show the ruler your back). Whatever, I still thing it is wrong for a human being to bow/curtesy to another human being.

We are all the same for heaven's sake - we should all be equal!!!
Re: HRH by sighthound on 11 April 2006 2:10am
Spursfan, I think we are really on the same side here. I'm sorry if I didn't make myself clear.

Bowing and curtsying as a part of ritual greeting in a dance definitely does not show subservience, but curtsying to a monarch or kissing the ring of a cardinal definitely does. I definitely would not do either of the latter.
Re: HRH by tucsonmike on 11 April 2006 2:51am
I would bow to the monarch. In a perfect world, we are all equal. The world isn't perfect, and until British custom changes, I will bow.
Re: HRH by sighthound on 11 April 2006 3:55am
Why would you bow to a monarch, Mike? You're not a British "subject". I would nod and offer to shake hands in the same way I would respect any other human being.
Re: HRH by Spursfan on 11 April 2006 10:35am
I know you are saying that "when in Rome", Mike, but this is a custom we should be changing not perpetuating.

You don't bow to your President, who is after all in a much more powerful position than our monarch - a figurehead only with no real power. It is our government that has the real power.

All this bowing and scraping belongs in another age.

Re: HRH by Wildblue on 11 April 2006 11:18am
I was thought the business of bowing to royalty less a matter of showing subservance to a single person and more about showing respect for the country they represent. As an American, to me Prince Charles is just a rather silly looking fella with big ears and bad taste in women, but if I where to meet him I would bow not for his sake but to show my respect for England.
Re: HRH by Spursfan on 11 April 2006 12:50pm
Perhaps so as a foreigner,Wildblue, but to us English (or I should say British I suppose!) it is surely subservience to that person?

Re: HRH by peripatetically on 12 April 2006 1:49am
Oh dear, not to sound disrespectful, but if I ran into the QUeen unexpectedly, bowing wouldn't cross my mind. I'd probably smile, wave and say, "Hello, Queen Elizabeth!"

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