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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: The Da Vinci Code by Spursfan on 21 May 2006 3:35pm
Oh and Linz - Holy Blood Holy Grail may be on the same/similar topic but it is nowhere near as good a read as the Da Vinci code (I have both books). I also am an atheist, but I enjoyed the book for its thriller, de-coding aspect.

Iraq is totally irrelevant in this topic - you could just as easily say watching Michael Palin does not stop the 'anguish' in Iraq, but does that stop you being a fan of his???

Get over yourself!!
Re: The Da Vinci Code by perfectbitch on 21 May 2006 4:15pm
Anne, I am not criticising the themes of the book, nor the fact that it is a good thriller, a work of fiction and I will probably go and see the film. It's just the publicity and endless tv programmes that have jaded me. Linz
Re: The Da Vinci Code by tucsonmike on 21 May 2006 5:48pm
We already had documentaries out about it before it even opened. Again, it is a work of fiction and all those who make a big deal of it are having Dan Brown laugh all the way to the bank. The opposite of my potential publisher who has a line on her website in her FAQ about getting rich through Writing. Time out while we stop laughing. Dan Brown has just broke the bank at Monte Carlo, but he is a minority in writing and the more people analyze the book and/or protest it, the more it makes.
Re: The Da Vinci Code by montyfreak0234 on 21 May 2006 6:32pm
Opening day people were protesting the movie in front of the theater. It is only a movie based off a FICTIONAL book, but of course they do the same with all of the Harry Potter books....
Re: The Da Vinci Code by suzulu on 21 May 2006 6:40pm
I read the book not so long ago and enjoyed it. I haven't decided whether to go and see the film yet.
Re: The Da Vinci Code by Spursfan on 21 May 2006 7:47pm
I think it's fantastic that such a great book (and subsequently film) gets such publicity. I get a thrill everytime someone mentions it! I have the book, of course, plus about three different 'cracking the code' books, a Da Vinci Code game, a calendar and all Dan Brown's other books too. I have now seen the film and will get the DVD as soon as it comes out.

Hail Dan Brown! Long may he reign!!!
Re: The Da Vinci Code by Ahren on 21 May 2006 8:12pm

Anyway- Labyrinth has absolutely nothing to do with the film!! It's a book written by Kate Mosse, and is set in the French Midi-Pyrenees. It switches between the past and the present, the past follows a girl who holds the secret to the holy grail and is during the persecution of the Cathars by the Catholic Church in the 12hundreds, it's probably got a proper name! It is a really good book- i just thought as you loved the DVC so much, you might enjoy this differet take on the Holy Grail.
Re: The Da Vinci Code by Blasi on 21 May 2006 11:09pm
Having read the book - which I found truly awful - my expectations of the film were low going into the cinema and rightly so. I thought it was dire! Two-and-a-half hours of turgid, numbingly dull tripe, the end of which I was pleading for a quarter of the way in.

Hopefully, the film's savaging from the critics will put paid to any further novels from Dan Brown being converted to the big screen.
Re: The Da Vinci Code by julwis on 21 May 2006 11:28pm
I doubt the critical response will have any effect on further movies. The box office receipts which are considerable will speak volumes to the Hollywood execs who are no doubt planning more Dan Brown movies. It was rather amusing to see how many different uses of mobile phones were used in the movie...... I think that joke will only mean anything to British viewers though. Do those Orange mobile phone ads get shown anywhere else?
Anyway whether you love or hate it, its here to stay.
Re: The Da Vinci Code by Spursfan on 22 May 2006 10:51am
Blasi - I can't understand your viewpoint - though that's your opinion. How you can say it was "Two-and-a-half hours of turgid, numbingly dull tripe" is beyond me!!! As I said, the time just sped by for me - I couldn't believe it when I looked at my watch at the end and saw that it was 4 p.m. (the film began at about 1.40 p.m.).

Can't wait to see it again on DVD!And to have the other Dan Brown books filmed would be heaven!!!

My only gripe is that we were charged £4 parking - although the car park is an integral part of the 'Warner Village'. You can also shop there - but surely they could find some way of either reimbursing their cinema clients or using their cinema tickets to raise the barrier? You pay either pre-pay or pay when you are ready to leave at a machine on the same floor as the cinema.

Ahren - the book you speak of sounds interesting. I will look out for it.

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