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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Trip to U.S. East Coast. by tucsonmike on 30 September 2006 4:41am
I cut out Baltimore and Washington. Too many folks to see in the New York region.
Leave in two hours.

Awww, poor Matron. My sneakers have velcro snap ons, not laces. Plus, the Sex and the City Cast will see me as a B&T from Brooklyn. They ain't gonna want ME around. Their bouncers will make short work of me.

Maybe I'll ride up to the Bronx, LOL!

Re: Trip to U.S. East Coast. by tucsonmike on 1 October 2006 1:19am
Upper Volta? Bon Voyage Matron LOL! We ended up having a problem with the rental car so we are with my parents. We are taking the Chinatown Bus to Boston in the morning. I will let you know how that is.

If they misbehave up there, we are coming back here tomorrow, otherwise Monday.
Re: Trip to U.S. East Coast. by tucsonmike on 3 October 2006 5:29am
Saturday September 30th.

Oh lord have mercy. Have to wake up at 4:30 in the morning. I feel as though I am going to work, but it is Sunday and we have a bus to catch.
Thank goodness, we did not get the car. Both of us were too fried to drive. We would have endangered ourselves and everyone else on the road. We also ended up being better off without it economically and logistically.
I should explain what a Chinatown Bus is. The Chinatowns in Boston and New York originally started these buses to take gamblers to the Casinos. (Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, Atlantic City in New Jersey). The companies have expanded into inexpensive travel in the Northeast Corridor between Boston and Washington. The following site lists the different companies.


Originally, the passengers were all Chinese, but we had a full bus and out of 50 people three, not counting the driver were Chinese. The bus company is Fung Wah. They leave from Canal Street next to the Manhattan Bridge. So we were in the Subway at 5:15 in the morning taking the train the five stops to Canal Street and walking in the drizzle.
The bus was comfortable and left at 6:30. The only stop was a fifteen minute stop at a Roy Rodgers (a fast food restaurant in North Haven, Connecticut). We arrived in Boston’s South Station at 10:30. (The Bus and Train stations are combined). South Station has been completely rebuilt. Elaine grew up two miles from it and did not recognize much. We got on the Red Line and headed to her brother in Braintree to see her family.
Boston’s Transit System.

Then we went back to Cape Cod and spent the night with her father and stepmother. They live in Orleans, about sixty miles away. Cape Cod is beautiful and was originally mainly summer visitors. Many live there year round and either take express busses to Boston or have home based businesses. It is quaint New England and expensive.

Today we took the bus back to New York. It stopped in Fall River and have pictures of the Lizzie Borden House. and the ocean. All pictures will be posted when we return.
I’ve stayed in nearby New Bedford which was a whaling town. Southeastern Massachusetts is heavily Portuguese. Lots of great seafood restaurants.
The big topic of conversation was the gubernatorial election. Former Attorney General for Civil Rights Deval Patrick. (under Bill Clinton) upset the favored Democrat in the primary. If he wins next month, he would be the states first African American Governor. The Republican .my father in law says is a loud obnoxious woman who many from Elaine’s home neighborhood will vote for only because she ISNT African American.
Please allow me to explain. In the 1970’s Boston (and especially Elaines home neighborhood of South Boston) were forced to participate in forced busing for integration. The J. Anthony Lukas book Common Ground discusses this in painful detail. Police officers were arresting their neighbors for throwing rocks at buses full of African American schookids and shouting "Nigger go home!”
Much of this was a class war. The judge who ordered the busing was Judge Paul Garrity from wealthy suburban Wellesley. People in Southie (The nickname for South Boston), saw this as a rich guy whose kids would not be At the end of this I will post the Wikipedia articles for some of the major “players.” The upshot is Deval Patricks running has really stirred the pot. My father in law talked to me into the night about the background of all this.
In other words, the Boston that is not Harvard and MIT.

Today, we took the bus back to New York and got to go to Teresa’s the Polish restaurant in the neighborhood I grew up in.

Some more websites.

South Boston http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Boston

Cape Cod http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Cod

Massachusetts Election http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massachusetts_gubernatorial_election%2C_2006

Lizzie Borden http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lizzie_Borden

Portuguese Americans http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_Americans

New Bedford Whaling and Portuguese http://www.loc.gov/rr/hispanic/portam/bedford.html

Irish in Massachusetts http://www.theaction.com/boston-irish/

Louise Day Hicks One of busings major players. Elaine grew up knowing her, when we were dating, Louise was driven by in an open car at the St. Patricks Day Parade. Yours truly mumbled, you mean the old witch is still alive they brought her out of mothballs? Elaine had to stifle laughted as they old ladies crossed themselves God Bless You Louise thank you for protecting us.

Thus endeth part of the Boston History Lesson.
Re: Trip to U.S. East Coast. by tucsonmike on 4 October 2006 3:02am
Today we had lunch with my sister, saw my Toastmasters partner in crime and his wife and then walked four miles in Central Park.
Will get my Fathers Metropolitan Museum Card off him, so we wont have to pay $30 to get in.
Re: Trip to U.S. East Coast. by tucsonmike on 5 October 2006 2:01am
Well actually it is $40 for two get be admitted to the Metropolitan Museum, however Dad gave me his card.
They had a special exhibit on a man named Vollert. He was a backer of Cezanne, Picasso, etc.

Saw an exhibit of New Orleans photographs from the flood. Another sunny day with bright skies in Manhattan.

Web site for Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Re: Trip to U.S. East Coast. by sighthound on 5 October 2006 3:42am
I'm glad I haunted NY museums and saw everything they had in their collections back when they were affordable. $40 for two just to get in - outrageous! I can understand high fees for travelling exhibitions but not for admission to the basic collection. Are there discount times or days?
Re: Trip to U.S. East Coast. by peripatetically on 5 October 2006 1:28pm
All those fabulous museums in Washington, D.C. are free and so are most of the ones in Baltimore. Special traveling exhibits, such as Geraldine mentioned, have an entrance fee however. I have noticed that many art museums in Europe are free on Sundays, so that's usually when I visit those.
Re: Trip to U.S. East Coast. by tucsonmike on 5 October 2006 4:00pm
No Geraldine, sadly that "donation" fee is all the time. If you are silly enough to drive and park in their garage, why that will cost you $35 for the day.

Still, the museum is crowded!

Today, Elaine goes to her conference in New Jersey. I will escort her to Penn Station. Then I can start dating LOL! It is funny because two of my "dates" are 70+ years old. My mothers friend and my aunt and Godmother.

At least I got to see the Mets win Game One of their playoff. Maybe I can see if someone will scalp me a ticket for tonights game.
Re: Trip to U.S. East Coast. by canaveralgumby on 7 October 2006 5:36am
AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! You got into a Mets playoff game? "You lucky bastard" doesn't even begin to describe my feelings!
Re: Trip to U.S. East Coast. by Lounge Trekker on 7 October 2006 12:16pm
Get your date a glove when you go to the game. You never know...with the extra reach she'll get with the glove on the end of her cane...she might snag a ball!

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