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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: WORST LEAST Favorite Movies! by Ellerd on 14 November 2006 8:27pm
Kazzzz, I agree with you re Adam Sandler. Most of his movies should be loaded onto a rocket and fired into the sun. Billy Madison - burn, burn, BURN!

Crocodile Dundee 3. I went to the cinema to watch this... *hangs head in shame*

Come to think of it, most sequels suck...
Re: WORST LEAST Favorite Movies! by sighthound on 14 November 2006 9:09pm
"Titanic" has the worst script ever from a "major" movie. When DiCaprio was shackled and the water was rising up around his head and he said, "This is bad", I burst out laughing. I thought the two women next to me were going to kill me. I had obviously spoiled a very emotional moment for them.
Re: WORST LEAST Favorite Movies! by arty_farty on 14 November 2006 9:52pm
tell you what was realy annoying, the animated lord of the rings film. it ended right at the end of helm's deep with a realy shit summery of rotk
Re: WORST LEAST Favorite Movies! by tucsonmike on 14 November 2006 11:41pm
Oh lord, now I am dating myself. Plan Nine from Outer Space with the Bela Lugosi doubled. (Lugosi died during the making of the film. Too much embalming fluid).
Re: WORST LEAST Favorite Movies! by Miss-M on 15 November 2006 1:31am
Mike, have you seen Ed Wood starring Johnny Depp? What a character!
Re: WORST LEAST Favorite Movies! by sighthound on 15 November 2006 1:45am
Oh, yes, arty, that was a dreadful film. And it wasn't even animated. Real actors were filmed and then traced onto cels, painted and re-photographed. Time magazine had a great phrase in their review of the film - "seeing the dwarves through a veil of acetate."

For years, I had "animators" send me their LOTR sample reels when they were looking for a job and they would get really huffy when I'd tell them that I could see that they could trace but did they have any animation to show me? I hate rotoscoping; even though it is based on live-action footage, it always looks false. I bet I could train a chimp to do it.
Re: WORST LEAST Favorite Movies! by pandab on 15 November 2006 3:05am
Here's my list ...

Airplane - It has the honor of being the only movie I actually walked out of and demanded my money back. Got it, too.

A Star is Born (Streisand version) - My mother, rest her sweet soul, played this movie over and over and over ... I became so sick of it that it almost ruined any of Barbara's work for me.

Dirty Dancing - Ditto above. Mom alternated this one with Star over and over and over ... Besides, Patrick Swayze just doesn't do it for me.

Blazing Saddles - Sorry, folks. While I think Young Frankenstein was fabulous, Blazing Saddles was just ... gross.

Re: WORST LEAST Favorite Movies! by Miss-M on 15 November 2006 3:34am
Do you like The Producers, Pandab? I think I'm one of the few people who actually enjoyed the movie musical starring Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick.

As for my least favourite movies, that's a tough one. I disliked The Exorcist intensely and I spent much of the movie being scared out of my mind! I had to watch it as part of my Cinema Studies class and by the end it I was literally shaking.

I also disliked Studio 54 with Mike Myers. Great song (If You Could Read My Mind), horrible movie.
Re: WORST LEAST Favorite Movies! by George on 15 November 2006 5:43am
Semi-Tough (1976) starring Burt Reynolds. After taking one of the great sports novels in American literature, and turning it into absolute trash, there is nothing left to say.

Re: WORST LEAST Favorite Movies! by kazzzz on 15 November 2006 1:26pm
Anything with John Wayne in it
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