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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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The Princess Diana Verdict. by tucsonmike on 8 March 2007 1:51am
Can the British folks here explain what happens next? Is the coroners inquest reopened, just with a jury this time?
Re: The Princess Diana Verdict. by johnnythemonkey on 8 March 2007 3:02am
It has been put back until October,Mike. Although I don't go with any of the conspiracy theories,the woman died in 1997 for godsake.
The establishment (royal family)have spun it out for so long , you have to think they have something to hide.

I am past caring;in fact never did care.
Re: The Princess Diana Verdict. by Caty on 8 March 2007 6:30am
What's this? I hadn't heard it had been re-opened, what's going on?
Re: The Princess Diana Verdict. by Ken Dunn on 8 March 2007 8:40am
I agree with johnnythemonkey and am sick fed up of seeing a regurgitation of this story in the media every few months. The phrase 'Rest in Peace' should have been applied long ago.
Re: The Princess Diana Verdict. by Spursfan on 8 March 2007 9:29am
There will now be a jury, like you say Mike - which personally I think is a good thing. No chjance, in theory at least, for anything to be 'swept under the carpet'.

I am in no shape or form a royalist ("Come the revolution...")and I think what they did to Diana was shameful - though I know she was a scheming girl herself. In the end they just wanted rid, so yes, I subsribe to the conspiracy theories.

To me, it was always a bit like the courts in the 16th/17th centuries - all the backstabbing etc, and the King's (or in this case the Prince's) mistress in the background pulling the strings and being a complete bitch (in my view)!!

The thought of her (Camilla) being queen almost makes me physically sick!!

Well that's my view for what it's worth!

Anne *being dragged away to the Tower*

Re: The Princess Diana Verdict. by canaveralgumby on 8 March 2007 8:11pm
Well, here's how I understand it, Anne!

Charles and Camilla always loved each other. They ought to have been married in their youth in the first place, no? Didn't the Queen threaten to never let him ascend the throne if he married Camilla because she didn't like Camilla, or Camilla had Catholic in her or some other foolish reason?

Here in the end, their love won out over all else, and maybe Charles never WILL ascend the throne. He might die of old age before Elizabeth does!

It seems to me that because Eliz. has lived a loveless life, she demands that everyone else around her do the same. I don't see that as a sense of duty, I see that as spite.

And may I say that Camilla is NOT an ugly looking woman. She's really not. We have that constant suggestion in our heads from the Brit press and late-night comedians...
Re: The Princess Diana Verdict. by Spursfan on 8 March 2007 8:26pm
I may be fond of you Cori - but I'm afraid you have to get stronger lenses in those glasses of yours lol !!

Again, as far as I know, there was nothing against Camilla in their youth - or, even if there was, is that any excuse to encourage a naive young girl, marry her, and then carry on behind her back? All this back biting plotting.

The infamous engagement interview where he says 'whatever love means' must have been so hurtful.

As I said before, I am no royalist, and was not particularly a Diana fan, but I think that what Charles and that woman Camilla did was totally out of order and they should NOT have been allowed to marry even though Diana was 'out of the picture'. Or if they were, they should have been sent to live in exile somewhere, and (if this is the right expression!!) he should have "abdicated" his place in the line of succession!

To me it is not the 'end of a love story' - but two people being congratulated on ruining someone else's life.

Off with their heads, sez I!!!
The Princess Diana isn't really dead conspiracy theory! by Lounge Trekker on 8 March 2007 8:41pm
So...if they find out that there was a plot, a scheme, a conspiracy to kill Princess Diana, will they be able to bring her back to life? No.

I don't get it. Hundreds of thousands, millions maybe, spent to investigate something that has no real effect on anybody, for what? So we all understand that getting in the backseat of a limo could be dangerous to our health? Does anybody still read these National Enquirer-style stories?

Rest in Peace, lovely lady.

Lounge Trekker
Re: The Princess Diana Verdict. by canaveralgumby on 8 March 2007 8:54pm
Anne, I have always seen Diana as a victim in this whole mess. She was too young, and Charles never loved her, and Buckingham Palace should have given her some semblance of support since they went out of their way to make her marriage into the family happen.

I don't know if I believe anyone plotted to KILL her, though. But the motives are there. It's worth looking into exhaustively.

As for letting it be in the past, the parallel American story would be the assassination of President Kennedy. It still isn't solved. It happened 44 years ago, but it's still a murder and an unsolved case of a very important person. It would not be unreasonable to open more inquests if new info came to light.
Re: The Princess Diana Verdict. by sighthound on 8 March 2007 9:09pm
If Diana had had any sense, she would have bailed out of the engagement when Charles said "whatever love means...". But that was the point, intelligence is not valued in picking a princess because her role is just to look good in photo ops and produce heirs. And I'm sure Charles wished he could have told his mother to go to hell and married Camilla anyway when they were young but he had the pathetic example of the lonely life his great uncle had been forced to live when he did that. I consider being born or marrying into the royal family an absolute curse.

Now, we're going to have to see, for another year or two, all the stupid tabloid headlines about Diana while we check out of the supermarket. I think I may have to do all my shopping at the pricey up-scale market that doesn't have them.....
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