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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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I give up! by Louise on 3 April 2003 3:02am
Sorry - I want to stand down now from "Blathering On". So much rubbish is discussed ... creme eggs and tractors, utter bollocks ... I thought this was a Michael Palin site - especially as he`s the one paying for it.
Re: I give up! by Kristine on 3 April 2003 3:36am
Well, I'm very sorry to hear that Louise. Really, it was all just for shits and giggles, but now that I think about it, these sorts of things have gone a bit too far. Hey, does anyone remember a man named Michael Palin who does travel programs? Remember when we used to talk about him... Ahh... Those were the days, yes yes interesting days. Maybe this is why the posting quota has gone down over the past month or so. People stopped talking about Michael and seeing the world and began making posts about in jokes etc etc etc... Hey, right now I might be acting like a total hypocryte, (sp?) but sometimes... I worry...
Re: I give up! by nottlob on 3 April 2003 4:06am
haha! shits and giggles, quote by austin powers, no?
Re: I give up! by Kristine on 3 April 2003 4:08am
Indeed Judy, indeed-He (or the person who plays him) Happens to a python fan himself too.
Re: I give up! by Dreamchild on 3 April 2003 5:40am
Its all for laughs and right now I welcome alittle rubbish everything being so serius has got me down..I don't think Michael inteeded us to talk about him all the time he doesn't seem to care to much for begining and idol,it seems he made this place for us all to connect and have fun..just my humble opion don't want anyone getting pissed or anything ,will miss you if you decided to leave us..
Re: I give up! by Layla on 3 April 2003 9:36am
people always say this and then it's pointed out that the name of this forum is "blathering on" the series one can be used for more serious Michael related stuff.
Some people have been here for ages,and as great and all as Michael is, I think there is only so much that you can discuss about his stuff (or about him) so of course the threads are going to go off topic. It's just normal.
Why don't you just ignore the silly ones and read the ones that you find relevant?
(ps. not trying to be rude here - just don't get it...)
Re: I give up! by Rusted on 3 April 2003 11:17am
This topic has indeed been brought up several times before.

There is always going to be some on-topic discussion and some off-topic discussion...so it is on any internet group. I do admitt that the amount of on-topic has lowered and off-topic risen, but...as Layla said, the only thing you can really do is pick and choose what to read.

However, I understand this can sometimes be difficult - for instance, it's 1:15 in the freakin' morning right now and I'm still reading Chatterbox posts. Off-topic silliness is GREAT, but it is a bit overdone lately. With that, I'd like to completely disagree with Kristine and say that the posting quota has went UP drastically because I used to be able to catch up in a half hour to an hour and now it takes me two hours+. It's too difficult to browse through stuff because you don't want to miss anything...

I know I've complained about this before, and I DON'T want to discourage you guys at all because I love you dearly...BUT...do think twice about how many posts you make in a day. Remember how many people have to pour through them and think about how some of them might not have as much time to check-up on the board as you. :O)

Just my personal opinion, as it is getting hard to keep up but I love coming here...thank you for making it worthwhile. :O)

Re: I give up! by Diamond on 3 April 2003 12:34pm
We should be getting more michael on the blathering on part, soon Lousie as he is due at the USA book signings and the reports should be winging there way to us - very shortly.

we have to do something to keep our spirits up while there is a gap in the Michael Palin World Tour!

DID anyone go to the manchester book signing or was that just a wind up by the book store web site, as we havent heard from that part of the country at all!! Odd!

Peace and lots of michael


Re: I give up! by Helen on 3 April 2003 3:40pm
Oh well. i guess I'll just stop talking about wingtips. I'm so sorry.
anyone see MP on Conan?
Re: I give up! by peripatetically on 3 April 2003 4:25pm
I did, Helen. He's changed so much since I saw him 3 years ago, but he's still THE ONE!

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