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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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no nukes! by arty_farty on 14 March 2007 3:38pm
A vote on the Trident weapons system is expected to lead to one of the biggest ever Commons rebellions by Labour MPs.

More than 100 MPs, including at least 60 from Labour, want to delay a decision on replacing Britain's nuclear weapons system, which Tony Blair told the Commons during Prime Minister's Questions was "essential for our security in an uncertain world".

But the Government is expected to win an early-evening Commons vote on the £20 billion plan because of support from the Conservative Party.

Mr Cameron told Mr Blair that, with Conservative support, they could "work together in the national interest" and that arguments against replacing Trident don't "stack up".

Meanwhile, a series of protests are being held by anti-nuclear demonstrators ahead of the crucial vote, beginning at Faslane Naval Base in Scotland, home of the Trident submarines.

Four protesters who ran towards the gate were stopped by police. Strathclyde Police said three women and one man had been arrested.

And the Scottish Parliament said one protester is on a canopy above the public entrance to the building. Two others were arrested at the scene.

The Government said the cost of replacing Trident will be between £15 billion and £20 billion but CND and Greenpeace said the figure was more than £100 billion if maintenance and other costs were added.

CND will stage a lobby of MPs in Westminster throughout the afternoon while the Trident debate is held, culminating in a demonstration outside Parliament while the vote is taken.

Earlier, Jim Devine quit his post as Parliamentary aide at the Department of Health, the second member of the Government to resign in protest at replacing Trident.

The news came after Deputy Leader of the House Nigel Griffiths quit on Monday so he could vote against the Government on the issue.

CND chairwoman Kate Hudson said: "This heavyweight amendment has extensive cross-party backing and indicates the enormous unity that exists to prevent a rushed decision on Trident.

"It is clear to many politicians and to the British public that the case has not been made."

i saw a debate about this on the wright stuff this morning. i agree with what matthew wright said, who realy wants to upgrade wmds when we should be thinking about hospitals and education.
its also gonna take 40 years + to do the upgrading. i'll be 59 and might be disabled or needing medical treatment that we didn't have a chance to develop just so we could deter a neuclear war.

what do you think?
Re: no nukes! by Lounge Trekker on 14 March 2007 4:24pm
Think about the annihilation of my lifestyle and everything I love? When I can have nothing influential to say or do about it? That's the road to madness, arty!

We live next door to potentialy, the most dangerous country on earth. If something goes wrong down there...look what the American electorate has done for us recently...we might need a UK nuclear deterrent to save the world's population from the christian zealots!

Keep an eye on it for us arty, mankind needs good people keeping watch over the greed vs poverty battle!

Lounge Trekker
Re: no nukes! by tucsonmike on 14 March 2007 11:15pm
Wait a minute. We have our problems, but we are certainly not Iran. After 2008, you may not have to worry about the Christian zealots as much. Worry about Russia, with criminal gangs getting their hands on older nukes.
Re: no nukes! by sighthound on 14 March 2007 11:32pm
Despite (or, maybe, because of) having been in power for 7 years, the Christian extreme right doesn't have even one viable Presidential candidate now (except the Mormon who they don't like.)

Happy to exploit the doctrinal divisions of the Christian right,

Re: no nukes! by capman on 14 March 2007 11:41pm
after 6 hours of debate 409 mps supported the proposals and 161 were against-a majority of 248 an earlier 413 mps had rejected a bid to delay the decision with 95 labour rebels among 167 mps wanting a delay.4 mps resign government posts over the plans.wot is the world coming too god help us all
Re: no nukes! by Lounge Trekker on 15 March 2007 2:34am
Yes, we have our problems. Good thing camels get good gas mileage so there will be more booty for us to bring home!

These militant Christian extremists running the west will never get my support. However, until I'm willing to work my tail off to protest, even go to jail for acts done in objection to western government's 'might is right policies', I'm as guilty as all of us of giving them tacit approval.

Somebody better tell God about this...who knows, he might help us.

Lounge Trekker
Re: no nukes! by Blairhoyle on 15 March 2007 5:07pm
a couple of points here:

In Scotland we have Socialist MSPs getting arrested for protests at Faslane. I'm fed up with paying for these twats who get a a criminal record and then are allowed to hold debates in the Executive. the lowest form of publicity. What ever happened to obeying the laws to the state that live or offers you its protection.

2nd point - while China has nukes and Iran and North Korea are actively attempting to gain nukes we need to keep our stockpile.
Re: no nukes! by arty_farty on 15 March 2007 6:45pm

a clip from blackadder goes forth. it shows to me that the whole stockpiling of wmds is dangerous.
So who do you think will win? by Lounge Trekker on 15 March 2007 6:56pm
Great humour in that clip! In keeping with the mood set by that lets do some game-playing.

So who do think would win:

God, Yahweh, Jesus and The Heavenly Father - 'The Big Four' based in Detroit


Allah, Muhammed, Beezlebub, and Mephistopholes - 'Team Camelidae' based in Riyadh

Rules - Two-man tag team, ten rounds of three minutes, two men per corner, no standing eight-count and you can't be saved by the bell.

Referee - The Dalai Lama.

Venue - Planet Earth

Winner takes all the oil to be shared (for the highest possible price, plus taxes where applicable) with their theological minions.

Lounge Trekker
Re: no nukes! by Spursfan on 15 March 2007 9:01pm
Mmm - but why have you put the two demons with the islamic god and phrophet?

Why not one demon for each team (am I taking all this too seriously?)

Also - as, in Christianity, god and heavenly father are one and the same, the Big Four would in fact be the Big Three.

So - why not

God, Jesus, Yahweh and Mephistopholes


Allah, Muhammed, the Buddha and Beelzebub
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