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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Suicide on the net. by johnnythemonkey on 24 March 2007 9:33am

This is the headline of a story in "The Daily Mail". Absolutely shocking.

I am looking at a picture of the poor guy, it is just a terribly tragic story.
Re: Suicide on the net. by DanaLash on 24 March 2007 10:08am
That's horrible
Re: Suicide on the net. by canaveralgumby on 24 March 2007 5:55pm
Damn. Poor man.

It was probably just a matter of time til this happened (if it hasn't happened before already, I don't know). But it's no less tragic. Especially if the guy was reaching out for help, you know, like we do here.

This is the cyber version of yelling "JUMP! JUMP!" to a suicidal person on a roof. Why do we (humans) do that?
Re: Suicide on the net. by Lounge Trekker on 24 March 2007 7:49pm
Sad that he wasn't discouraged by his online companions. Like a few of them said in the article, they thought it was an act. Not funny and not at all entertaining.

Lounge Trekker
Re: Suicide on the net. by ev on 24 March 2007 8:39pm
I'd just like to point out that many of the people online are really young and perhaps haven't experienced much of the outside world.. at least on many of the more mainstream forums that's the case.. the whole 'diet of tv and video violence' thing is really bad for kids and it makes them very desensitised.. not trying to preach here - just saying, that's all..
Re: Suicide on the net. by tucsonmike on 25 March 2007 3:49am
Cori, why do people do things like that? Interesting question for which I do not have an answer.

Sadly, something like this was bound to happen and even more sadly, no one heard the cry for help.
Re: Suicide on the net. by Lounge Trekker on 25 March 2007 4:05am
It seems to me that this man's death was a sad by-product of this time of instant communication. Without seeing a transcript of their chat that tragic evening, I'm guessing he did cry for help, but it wasn't heard or understood.

There is a lesson many could learn from this. Take your time in listening to another person.

Our neighbourhood experienced the loss of a young man last summer. Twenty-four year old Kevin was struggling, but no-one could help him. He was good-looking, pleasant, and enjoyable to be with. Yet he needed something he couldn't reach.

I learned to ALWAYS listen, not just hear, but listen, to any young person. I will always feel that I may have changed the outcome of that tragic story, by allowing Kevin to hang out with me, to do more things with a balanced person. Kevin paid for us all to learn from his loss.

Compassion is a skill we must be sure of passing on to our kids.

Re: Suicide on the net. by Palin_Lover on 26 March 2007 1:54am
That's just awful. And it really gives the internet a bad name.
Re: Suicide on the net. by canaveralgumby on 26 March 2007 11:14pm
Trekker, you reminded me of Michael Moore's interview with Marilyn Manson about Columbine. Apparantly the shooters were fans, or at least listening to a lot of Marilyn Manson's stuff. Moore asked him what he would have said to the kids. MM said, "I wouldn't have said anything. I would have listened to them. It seems that's something no one did."


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