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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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This is scary! by Ellerd on 29 March 2007 5:05am

Burning Russian space junk whizzes past Auckland-bound plane

By Peter Lewis

New Zealand's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will investigate how pieces of space junk came close to hitting an Auckland-bound plane over the Pacific Ocean.

The debris from a Russian satellite crashed to earth 12 hours ahead of its scheduled re-entry.

The crew of a Lan Chile Airbus en route between Santiago and Auckland reported the flaming objects hurtling past their aircraft about halfway across the Pacific.

Airways New Zealand's Ken Mitchell said the objects were so close they could hear the rumbling noise above the sound of their jet engines.

"It's a real safety concern to us, we have treated the incident very seriously," he said.

"We have filed a formal incident report and we'll be lodging that with the CAA in the next couple of days and we'll be leaving it up to them to follow it up.

"We're very keen to ensure that we don't have a repeat episode of something like this in our airspace."

They particularly want the Russians to explain how they got the timing of the satellite's re-entry so wrong.
Re: This is scary! by Lounge Trekker on 29 March 2007 7:13am
Yeah, that's scary alright. But let's take it one step further. One could be walking beside an alpine lake, 50 kilometres from the nearest road, and still get crushed by 'space junk'.

So, watta you do? We're here for a good time not a long time...Trooper, circa 1978

Pfoooooosh...have another cold one!

Lounge Trekker
Re: This is scary! by canaveralgumby on 29 March 2007 4:27pm
Don't walk by an Alpine lake? :^)

My first thought on that plane would have been "Terrorists! We're dead!"
Re: This is scary! by ev on 29 March 2007 4:40pm
My first thought would have been - 'The Gods must be crazy!'..
Re: This is scary! by ev on 29 March 2007 4:48pm
Or perhaps, 'Don't just stand there gawking like you've never seen the hand of God before!'.. :)

Remember though, everyone, that your chances of being struck by a falling Russian satellite are actually very very low.. you probably have a much greater chance of being struck by an asteroid or your own ceiling while trying to hide from falling asteroids and Russian satellites..
Re: This is scary! by ev on 29 March 2007 6:39pm
Anyway the Russians say it Was actually a meteorite, not their satellite:

Re: This is scary! by Caty on 30 March 2007 5:20am
That's crazy!!! I would be so scared, but after I lived through it I would have thought I was so bad-ass. lol
Re: This is scary! by Ellerd on 30 March 2007 8:02am
^^"So, watta you do?"

I would purchase an umbrella, just to be on the safe side. ;-)
Re: This is scary! by sighthound on 30 March 2007 10:33am
Just listened to an interview with a NASA scientist who said that, for about what one day of what the US is spending on the Iraq war, they could create a program that would give us enough advance warning of asteroid stikes that we would be able to do something about it (the kind of strike that killed off the dinosaurs.) But they are not getting the money. Just another example of how the worst President in America's history is making us more, not less, vunerable.
Re: This is scary! by Ken Dunn on 14 July 2007 5:30pm
On a different tack but also scary. I keep an eye on the IRIS seismic monitor and I've noticed that the western edge of the Pacific tectonic plate seems to be more susceptible to earthquakes than other plate joins. I think that the reason for this is the tidal movement of the Pacific stressing the earths crust at that join more than at any other. Do we have any budding geologists in the site who could confirm this theory?
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