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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Five Years by Wild in Africa on 16 May 2007 2:35pm
So the WWF has said we have 5 years to clean up our act or the earth's ecosystem is past the tipping point as far as global warming is concerned.
Reminds me, for those of you old enough or cool enough to remember, of the David Bowie song, from the 'Ziggy Stardust' album of 1972, entitled 'Five Years'. The first verse went like this:

"Pushing thru the market square, so many mothers sighing
News had just come over, we had five years left to cry in
News guy wept and told us, earth was really dying
Cried so much his face was wet, then I knew he was not lying"

How prescient huh?
I've not seen Huw Edwards 'crying so much his face was wet' yet on the 10 o'clock news but it is sobering and does demand we all start in whatever small way to make a difference in our behaviour.
Re: Five Years by johnnythemonkey on 16 May 2007 3:08pm
Want to know what is responsible for climate change and always has been ? That big orange globe in the sky called the sun. The pseudo-science about man's part in global warming is bollocks. There are many eminent scientists who disagree about what is becoming as accepted but to speak out against it is professional suicide and a stop to their funding.
Besides; who said the Earth was coming to an end ? We as a species ,will eventually die but the earth and the cockroaches will still be here !
Re: Five Years by arty_farty on 16 May 2007 3:43pm
humankind will do its damndest to take the earth with it if we start dieing out, including roaches. if anything we should start becoming nomads again, you can't hurt the planet if you don't stay in one place too long and don't take too much from it.
Re: Five Years by Wild in Africa on 16 May 2007 4:17pm
Sorry Johnny old chap but I beg to differ. The evidence seems pretty incontrovertible that humanity is behind the rapid aspects of global warming that we have seen over the last century. Sure, geologically the earth goes through hot and cold phases. London had a sub-tropical climate during several of the inter-glacial periods. Also agree that Earth itself will not 'die' per se but it may become mighty uncomfortable for a lot of species including humankind.

Gainsaying of global warming seems fashionable amongst the American ultra-right neo-cons and oil lobby who have vested interests in denying it as the counter measures threaten their profits. They seem to be able to roll out a few token 'eminent scientists' to perpetuate their propaganda. The rest of us need to wake up and smell the burning coffee though.
Re: Five Years by canaveralgumby on 16 May 2007 8:25pm
I'm sorry that the world continues to disappoint those who look forward to its end. Remember how it was supposed to happen when Israel became a state? Remember Y2K? Remember "nuclear winter?" Think of all the different interpretations of Nostradamus. I wish I had a nickel in a jar for every time the world had approached its imminent demise in my lifetime (I'll be 42 in a few weeks).

Whether or not humans are responsible for global warming, it is STILL a good idea, no, a REALLY good idea to pollute a helluva lot less and to find alternatives to the FINITE power sources we have. No-brainers. Anyone who did the "fruitflies in a jar" experiment in high school knows this.

But we really can't know for sure if the indicators - hole in the ozone, polar bear habitat/ice floes, snow on Kilamanjaro, etc. - are part of a much larger, naturally occuring "bio-rhythm" of the planet. Just recently, in geological terms, we had a mini-ice age, around the time of the American and French Revolutions.

It's possible that the snow on Kilamanjaro has, throughout history, repeated a cycle of waxing and waning. Is there an historical record? Our ability to gauge the severity of hurricanes is only very recent. That is not to say the plantet hasn't seen years riddled with these storms before. Humankind has only been chronicling the "new world" for a few centuries now...

Believe me, I don't take it lightly! As I write, about 1/4 of my state is on fire. But I AM hot for Bill Nye the Science Guy so I'll go with what he says. :^)
Re: Five Years by tucsonmike on 16 May 2007 9:17pm
Remember, anything nature does will outdo mankind. Yes, humans may not be helping, but keep in mind there are many more humans than there ever were. More humans are alive today than lived.

Any Krakatoa style explosion is way beyond what we measely humans can do. Another Indonesian volcanic explosion created the 1816 "Year without a Summer." A Meteor like the one that created our massive crater in Northern Arizona or the comet that took out much of Siberia will make Global Warming look like Childs Play.
Re: Five Years by Spursfan on 16 May 2007 9:21pm
Nature abhors a vacuum.

Er, sorry, bit random I know but it just popped into my head.
Re: Five Years by canaveralgumby on 17 May 2007 12:06am
I thought it was "Nature abhors a garden" ?
Re: Five Years by Spursfan on 17 May 2007 12:44am
Perhaps I'm getting confused with 'Anne abhors a vacuum CLEANER' hahahahahaha

Re: Five Years by johnnythemonkey on 17 May 2007 1:04am
Here is a link to an excellent programme that was shown on Channel 4 recently. It is difficult enough for the layman to know the truth of these matters but so far it has been all one sided. This programme at least provides some balance to the debate and you will see that it is more than ' a few token eminent scientists ' who disagree with the ' bollocks ' we are being told.

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