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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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The Nicest Person by suzulu on 25 May 2007 8:35pm
Being still off work, I am watching a lot of daytime TV (sad,eh?). This morning I watched "Cash in the Attic". For those who don't know the programme, an antique expert helps people who want to sell some of their valuables to raise money for something or other. The expert sorts out what could be valuable and they try to sell at auction. In the programme this morning a woman is trying to raise money so that her husband can have some trial treatment for his MS. The woman has had a variety of careers, the most recent being a make-up artist for TV and film stars. She was asked who was the best person and the worst she had worked with. She said undoubtedly Michael Palin was the best and nicest person! As for the worst, she named no names but said there were a lot of them!

Well, there you have it.
Re: The Nicest Person by geordiegirl on 26 May 2007 4:16pm
Nice story,Suzulu. A new friend on hearing of my interest in Mr.P told me this story: She (Christine) has worked on big liners, running their libraries. Bloke bursts into the library one day, covered in wires, sticking out of his shirt, collar, etc. Christine slightly loses her head,thus
"You can't some in here like that! Are you a terrorist?"
"No I'm Michael Palin"
At this, sadly, I couldn't help myself & said to Christine "And did you say to him - Sorry - Terrorism is two doors along the corridor?" Chris didn't get the reference, but said he was a lovely man & came into the library to chat afte that. He was filming she said- hence the wires. It must have been for one of his series though.And it's some years ago. And how that sketch must haunt him!
Re: The Nicest Person by Palin_Lover on 26 May 2007 11:34pm
Awww, nice story. :)
Re: The Nicest Person by tucsonmike on 27 May 2007 1:53am
Well a nice story and a silly story, LOL!

Re: The Nicest Person by fairygirl48 on 27 May 2007 6:43am
Wow. Very nice! Thanks to the both of you! :)
Re: The Nicest Person by kazzzz on 27 May 2007 10:32am
Aww that's really nice:)
Sprt of on the samer topic, Eruc Idle was on Parkinson here last night, Parky said that he was supposedly the 7th nicest python and that Michael was the nicest, and Eric said "Supposedly". Oooh!
Re: The Nicest Person by geordiegirl on 29 May 2007 4:40am
Thanks, folks. Now, I'm going to show ignorance here & appeal for information.I'm quite new to web-chatting like this & don't understand its acronyms (husband doesn't either). When someone, as in this instance, Mike - writes LOL (is that Lots Of Love?) at the end of a comment, does it mean "This might sound a bit critical but it's the last thimg I mean to be"? And what does LMAO mean?
Thanks - Linda
Re: The Nicest Person by tucsonmike on 29 May 2007 4:48am
No worries Linda. The only stupid question is the one not asked.

LOL=Laughing out Loud. I never thought of Lots of Love, but like it.

LMAO=Laughing My A** Off!

ROFLMAO=Rolling on Floor Laughing My A** Off!

BRB= Be right back.
Br8k=Brake or break.
B2B=Business to Business.
OIC=Oh I See.

There are many more out there.
Re: The Nicest Person by kazzzz on 29 May 2007 12:18pm
BIAM...Back In a Minute. Eh Pats? ;)
Re: The Nicest Person by geordiegirl on 29 May 2007 4:30pm
Thanks, Mike and Kazzz (sorry don't know name, or is it more appropriate not to use it?) - anyway, appreciated.
Signing off with phrase from an ancient 1930s radio show, then re-used by Brit DJs in the 1970s: - I well remember the 1970s - it means:
Ta Ta (ie, goodbye) For Now
Linda (Glad to be Grey)
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