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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
What Our Pets Mean to Us. by tucsonmike on 30 June 2007 6:44am
Pete's touching discussion about Bruno's death made me think of this.

I grew up with cats. So what makes Yerbie so special?
I got him for my 50th birthday. In the shelter I kept looking at the other cats, but went back to him because he reached out to me, so we chose each other.

I do not understand people who abuse cats and dogs. (Well most of those later harm humans). Yerbie does not care if I had a bad day. He is always there to greet me. Why would you harm a living being who would do that to you?
As for the PETA people who do not believe in people having pets, again, Yerbie chose me as much as I chose him. He is not my "servant" in any matter. True, I cannot have a deep discussion with him, but he makes me feel like a kid.
BBC News had an article about tracing the ancestry of the domestic cat to the Middle East. According to the DNA, the domestic and wild cats broke off 100,000 years ago. The domestic cat was drawn to people in the Fertile Crescent, because rodents would go to eat the grain. Possibly why cats were sacred in Ancient Egypt.
My friend Cetiva brought her son to work and brought him to my cubicle. I have Yerbie's picture posted. Her son, was all excited and Cetiva thought he was cute. Maybe that made part of the day for a mother and son more enjoyable.
So there is my explanation for a big little kid, or a man and his cat.
I gave Yerbie his own category on my blog.
Re: What Our Pets Mean to Us. by Spursfan on 30 June 2007 10:44am
Well you all know how much Tosun means to us, but throughout our married life we have had cats. When we were first married and lived in North London, a kitten appeared from nowhere in our flat. I called him Rosko after my beloved Radio 1 DJ. Sadly after a couple of weeks we discovered he came from the flat upstairs. We then moved to Staffs and rang the RSPCA to see if they had any kittens in and they brought round a hamper, at the bottom of which was a furry ball who turned out to be Tigger, our first [proper] cat. Three years later the cat next door had kittens, and we had one of them, and called him Inky. When they sadly passed on (Inky on my birthday!) we weren't without feline company for long. A female cat we called Pepsi (becasue she was black, white and fizzy!!)just turned up one day and lived with us for about a year before she mysteriously disappeared (I like to believe she was adopted by someone on a canal cruise). While we still had her, our son discovered a tiny kitten by the canal, about 3 weeks old, swollen tummy, infected eye. We adopted her, and after a week with a mother cat, we took her home. Pepper was spoilt her whole life! After Pepsi disappeared, we noticed another cat was coming in through the catflap, and then she would come and sit on my lap. She had obviously had kittens, but they were nowhere to be seen. We rang the local cat rescue to see if anyone had lost a tortie, but no, so Allsorts joined us. We then moved to this village, and were adopted by a farm cat - the farmer said that we could have her. She was fairly aloof but would come and sit on your lap. Sadly after about 5 years she became very ill, and the vet said that she was riddled with tumours (they hide this in the wild so as not to seem weak). Tabitha had been ill all the time, and although we had taken her to the vets for jabs etc she had kept it hidden. Pepper died through, we believe, misdiagnosis and treatment by a vet (we found it hard to prove as the vet world join ranks) and it was just Allsorts. When she passed on, we went to a small rescue place in Stoke where we picked up our two present female cats, Feyza and Ebru who were litter sisters. They are so different though - Feyza is a short haired tortoishell with white underbody and paws, and is a bit of a 'tomboy'; Ebru is a long haired tortoishell and is very 'girly'. Her name at the rescue place was 'Flower' and although I hated it I must say it suited her!! They get on alright with Tosun - Feyza likes to taunt him when he goes for walks by rolling over in the middle of the lane!!

Re: What Our Pets Mean to Us. by peripatetically on 30 June 2007 3:11pm
I have a hard time expressing what animals mean to me. It's so deep. And of course, Willy, our little dachshund, means far and above more than any other. I'll leave it at that. Words would put a limit on our love for him.

Re: What Our Pets Mean to Us. by Spursfan on 30 June 2007 4:01pm
That's one of the reasons I didn't put about Tosun in this thread - not that the cats don't mean a lot to us, oh you know what I mean!!

Re: What Our Pets Mean to Us. by johnnythemonkey on 30 June 2007 5:14pm
Indeed Mike, pets are precious. I've had mine for a long time now. There is nothing to beat arriving home after a hard day , to know an eager welcome awaits behind the door. I open the door and my face gets covered in slobbers, then my newspaper even gets fetched for me. Then she loves to lie on her back while I rub her tummy............She's not a bad little wife I suppose.
Re: What Our Pets Mean to Us. by suzulu on 1 July 2007 1:04am
Pets are lovely. We always had cats at home in Wales. I don't have one now, wish I could but it's not possible to keep one at the moment.
Re: What Our Pets Mean to Us. by Lounge Trekker on 2 July 2007 8:01am
Bruno was with me for 9 1/2 years. He was the biggest part of my life during that time. His size of course, was a large part of it, but the character he developed helped me become a much better man.

He loved everyone that liked him, and simply didn't even look at those who didn't. He loved all dogs and saw them as equals regardless of size. He wanted to love cats, but most of them would run.

What a lovely character.

We had cats who I really enjoyed. We had a male whose name is Mario, my former wife still has him, and he was a lot of fun. I could call him out the window and he'd answer with a "Maaw!" then come running. When Bruno and I went walking we'd often see Mario sneaking through the woods beside the trail. Bruno thought he was just great, and all his life, would look out the window or door if I said his name. Fun guys!

Lounge Trekker
Re: What Our Pets Mean to Us. by Sir Eggsalot on 2 July 2007 8:04am
My dashing steed, Eggwhite and I have been through more adventures than one could imagine.

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