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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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NAME YOUR CATS by thebookworm on 5 April 2003 9:46pm
Have other Palinites got cats as pets.Ive got 2 lovely cats one is called Pantera,and she is a black and white short haired british cat,she has got a very lovely personality,very quite and always chilled out,whenever im in the toilet in the morning doing my buisness she always stays with me,jumping up on the bath and rubbing my nose,,I really enjoy this bonding as i think it brings us closer together..My other cat is called Tiger she is a very beautuful Norwegian Forest cat,she is so bold but very affectionate at the same time,she always wants cuddles from me,I found Tiger in the yard in the Royal Mail office that I worked at...I rescued her and gave her a much better life....Have you my fellow Palinites got any wonderful cat storys....because my life would be incomplete without Pantera and Tiger.....David..
Re: NAME YOUR CATS by Kristine on 5 April 2003 9:51pm
I have a 6 year old Brown Tabby cat named Albert lying on my bed right now. He's a charming puss who's very soft and cuddly, and I love him to pieces! :)
Re: NAME YOUR CATS by MissTrixiB on 5 April 2003 10:59pm
Bookworm...you always start the sweetest threads......

I have two. One is Bayswater and is 1 year old (on St. Patrick's Day). We got him from FelineRescue.com after my cat of 12 years (Kelloggs) died of a Kidney infection. He's a Tuxedo cat with a white tip of the tail. He likes to suck on my nose at night....then he'll bit my nose when it's time to wake up.
The other is a 20 pounder (well, he's lost some weight). He's big and black with a little baby meow, so we named him Speck after Pee Wee's dog in 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure' (too small to be a spot, our cat is too BIG to be one). He's about 10. They're both such joy and the closest thing we'll probably ever have to children.
Re: NAME YOUR CATS by Dreamchild on 6 April 2003 12:42am
I have 3 cats Sidney whos about 5 years old now(mother to the others) shes a grey tabby but has the look in the face of a Norweign Forest Cat shes really spunky and a bit of a brat shes been spoiled since the day I got her,then there are the two males one names Fro because when he was born he looked like a big grey puff ball I wanted to call him Puff but my husband had other ideas this one is my true lap cat everytime I sit down he's there on my lap.Then theres Sweetie named this by me after he got hurt as a kitten this is my never seen cat he is always hideing and really loves petting but you have to seek him out to give it..I had two more but they both died at differet times over the past 3 years one mystriusly and the other got hit by a car needless to say my cats don't go outside anymore,it was to devisating loseing them to chance something happening to the others.I also have a dog named Wagzy after a Dog on The Wiggles.
Re: NAME YOUR CATS by Gypsy on 6 April 2003 5:50am
I have 2 cats. Bandit, who is the best cat I've ever had. Anyone who was in Chicago with me may have heard at any given time me saying, "I miss my Bandi-cat!". She's a calico cat and is 10 years old. My other cat is called Shadow, and he is a Manx/Siamese mix. he's got a really long tail and he's all black and he also weighs about 20 pounds. But he's not fat, he's just a really large cat. Shadow is about 7 or 8 years old, I think. I adore cats and would hate to live without one.

Re: NAME YOUR CATS by notquitenglish on 6 April 2003 8:53am
Vassya... I got her from the Chico Cat Coalition one Saturday when they had a stand set up at a farmer's market. She's very pretty and quite intelligent, though tends to get beaten up a bit by my dad's cat, Maestro, who is stupid and so fat we added "the Hutt" to his name.
Re: NAME YOUR CATS by monsg on 6 April 2003 12:35pm
I adore cats, I've had 12 in total, some of them sadly had died of mostly urinary problems, but they had very happy lives. And well, I keep getting nice uninvited feline guests, who think my house is a cat inn, and I end up adopting them.
Right now, my cats are Gabo, who is the sweetest cat ever born in this world, his loonie daughters Brittany and Dana, and also beautiful kitty Biscuit and my lattest addition Ice Cream.
I have to say I really enjoyed reading about all the Palinites cats, they all sound so sweet and fun to be with
Re: NAME YOUR CATS by Mac on 6 April 2003 3:17pm
Just lately my cat has been the biggest pain in the ...
Just a few hours ago she ran along the shelves and knocked off all the photo,s and broke one-me not a happy little vegimite !
And she been chasing gallah,s over the road and the lady from the house came over with a special collar that beeps if she jumps up to try and catch one !
Anyway she is a Russian blue and she is very adorable really.

MAC xxx
Re: NAME YOUR CATS by pandk2 on 6 April 2003 6:05pm
One cat...Binx.
Black, bad tempered, tries to eat the mouse, KILL the dog (and that's not an exaggeration!)and eats till he's sick!
But what do you do? the kids love him and at least he keeps me on my toes!
Re: NAME YOUR CATS by thebookworm on 6 April 2003 7:10pm
So someone else has got a spoiled Norwegian Forest Cat,If I employed to cuddle tiger 24 hours a day she wouldnt mind.....David.
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