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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Pittsburgh? by tucsonmike on 15 July 2007 5:10am
I am only thinking about this because a friend of mine just called who lived there for many years. I have only spent time there once, otherwise, just through it on the train.

The three rivers coming together can make it an interesting city with all the hills. The steel mills are gone. For people in the U.K. think Midlands etc.
Pittsburgh produced most of the American steel that helped win World War II. Now, medicine and robotics are big.
The wealthy like Carnegie, Heinz, and Mellon brought all sorts of culture to the place. Yes, and the Steelers keep winning.
Re: Pittsburgh? by johnnythemonkey on 15 July 2007 6:06am
Mike, you are talking to the converted on that issue. It's late for me to discuss but a great topic for me. I'll post some stuff about my area and probably kop out with links.
This is the kind of stuff we need, talking about changes and declines in each of our own areas.
F***, Mike, I used to be a steel worker now i'm sitting at a PC talking shit instead of a work's canteen.

Re: Pittsburgh? by Spursfan on 15 July 2007 11:18am
I am just back from a medical conference (little me gave a talk!!) and one of the speakers was a doctor from Pittsburgh !!

He was talking about research.

To be honest - and don't take offence anyone from over the pond please! - but I knew he was the American speaker as soon as I saw him!!! He was chewing gum !

But he gave 2 very interesting talks.
Re: Pittsburgh? by tucsonmike on 15 July 2007 8:57pm
Anne, the Toastmaster in me is cringing about the speaker chewing gum. Because of my Toastmasters experience, I hate to say it, I would have said something.

So you can identify Johnny, good grief. It must have been similar in British steel areas. My friend said in the Pittsburgh of the 1970's and 80's, it was rotten to be a kid going up there, because all Mom and Dad talked about were the good old days.
The Steelers (American Football Team) became good as the city declined. The Steelers are the main identity for long timers. The baseball team, the Pirates (formed 1881) would be doing the city a psychological favor by leaving. Too many people associate the Pirates with Pittsburgh @ its peak making steel.

Being originally from New York, I am more familiar with Philadelphia. Western Pennsylvania is a mystery.

For people in British steel towns, do you have the same situation? I have known many people FROM Pittsburgh. No one who lives there.
Re: Pittsburgh? by Spursfan on 15 July 2007 10:01pm
To be fair he wasn't obviously chewing when he gave his talks - though the gum was lurking there I'm sure! I meant when he came into the conference hall I guessed it was him because he was chewing gum.

Re: Pittsburgh? by Wheelrim on 15 July 2007 10:31pm
JTM, You must have fallen asleep as you did not quite finish your piece..."I used to be a steelworker now i`m sitting at a PC talking shit (YOU SAID IT) instead of a works canteen." presumably you meant to end it by saying "Talking Shit"

I put a genuine request on this site for a copy of a tape, there are people on this site who can help, there are people on this sight who can hinder, you are the latter-type JTM. You must spend a great deal of time travelling the world via the internet and not actually `doing it`, I on the otherhand have visited over 40 countries and have real knowledge, inter-personel skills, its far too easy to pick someone off from afar JTM, far too easy, contribute to life, it is too short, If you want to start a word war with someone, find someone who wants to, and who you might stand a chance of winning against, there are a great many people who read this site, and as an educated American once said, "it is better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt", wise words.
Life is a battle of wits JTM, and you are going in unarmed.
Re: Pittsburgh? by Spursfan on 15 July 2007 10:45pm
Don't be offended by what J-t-M says, Wheelrim. He's really a sweetheart (but don't say I said so!!).



P.S. What part of Stafford do you live?
Re: Pittsburgh? by johnnythemonkey on 15 July 2007 11:02pm
He does'nt live in Staff, Anne. He is an asshole troll.
I go into no conflict unarmed Mr wheelnut and have never lost a verbal or physical fight yet. ( despite the scars, broken bones and the odd bit of injured pride ). Bring it on ! And the price for the DVD is now £100, without the 'Debby does Dallas'. How I miss that gal. :-)
Re: Pittsburgh? by johnnythemonkey on 15 July 2007 11:08pm
Mike , I will mail you some links relevant to my area, as I don't think it would be of general interest.

Re: Pittsburgh? by Ken Dunn on 15 July 2007 11:12pm
Wheelrim is no troll, JTM. He speaks very wise words. You would do well to reread them.
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