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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Staffordshire Bull Terrier blinded by Spursfan on 23 July 2007 5:19pm
My husband gets an RSPCA (for palnites in other countries Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) mag every month or so and there was a piece in there that has really upset me.

A man was walking his 3-yr old Staffie past some youths outside some shops in Nottingham, and the dog looked up at them for some fuss. They squirted some liquid in his eyes from a sinex bottle. The vets think it was something like bleach or petrol.

He couldn't open his eyes for 3 days and had burns on his eyes and eyelids. He is unlikely to see again.

Most of you know we have a beautiful, loving, 'full-of-it', affectionate Staffie called Tosun and I think this is what has made it seem worse - although don't get me wrong, it would be horrendous anyway. I just know how Tosun is when he comes to people or when they walk past - he looks expectantly up at them waiting for a pat or being fussed and his tail goes so waggy it's a blur! So I can imagine this poor other dog anticipating a bit of a fuss - and this is what happens!

How can people do this to a dog who is doing them no harm whatsoever?

It's sickening and so, so sad.

Re: Staffordshire Bull Terrier blinded by Wheelrim on 23 July 2007 5:21pm
I know only too well there are some nutters out there Anne.
Re: Staffordshire Bull Terrier blinded by Spursfan on 23 July 2007 6:01pm
Too right!

Just wish I could get the other Staffie out of my head...
Re: Staffordshire Bull Terrier blinded by canaveralgumby on 23 July 2007 6:06pm
Those kids are probably on their way to committing violent acts against other people if they don't get serious intervention. It seems like they were out looking for someone or someone's animal to do this to.

Sons-of-b*****s. Five minutes alone in a room with people like this, that's all I want.

Meanwhile, is anyone in the UK aware of our little football player story? A very big-name well-endorsed player named Michael Vick was indicted for dog fighting and related counts of animal cruelty. UNfortunately, the stupid news programs keep getting spokespeople from PETA to talk about it, as if they represent all animal people. FORTUNATELY, the mainstream of America is condemning him and he will not be readily forgiven.

......Give Tosun a scratch behind the ears for me.
Re: Staffordshire Bull Terrier blinded by Spursfan on 23 July 2007 8:17pm
Consider it done.
Re: Staffordshire Bull Terrier blinded by tucsonmike on 23 July 2007 8:23pm
That is true, Cori. The research I have done for my books has shown kids like this without some sort of intervention graduate to people.

Yes, I'll add to patting Tosun. I hate to think what I might do to someone who did that to my partner in crime better known as Yerbie. (I put the story of Yerbie up on my desk @ work).

Yes, I saw the Michael Vick story. Kinda hard to throw a touchdown pass from Cell Block H.
Re: Staffordshire Bull Terrier blinded by sighthound on 23 July 2007 9:34pm
Add another pat from me, Anne.

Such a sickening story! There is so much demonizing going on about all dogs who resemble "pit bulls", that it probably encourages sick people like that to go after them. Did they catch the people who did it?

BTW, the Humane Society of the US (NOT a local Humane Society that does good work but the hugely rich national organization that operates NO shelters but raises more money than any other animal-related non-profit and uses it, not to help animals, but to promote a fanatical vegan agenda) is doing its best to capitalize on the tragic Vick's situation. HSUS has done a HUGE "HELP VICK'S DOGS!" advertising campaign with pathetic pictures and implies that your donation will go aid those poor animals. But if you look closely at the very fine print, there is a tiny disclaimer that any money donated may be used "for other projects". Do not send money to HSUS! Vick's dogs are all in the possession of local governmental agencies since they are being held for evidence and the HSUS has NOTHING to do with them. HSUS is already under investigation by the Louisiana D.A. for the $30+ million that it raised to "help Katrina animal victims" that sorta disappeared while HSUS did much to hinder rescue efforts.

I'm a bit sensitive about this right now as I've spent most of my time for the last six months helping to fight off a mandatory neuter law in California that would have resulted in more, not fewer, animals being killed in shelters and would have, among many other bad things, made my rare and ancient breed of dog extinct in CA. HSUS, PETA and other "animal rights" sources spent an enormous amount of money on the campaign for AB1634 but, to everyone's surprise, we fought off the bill. It can't be reintroduced again until January but it will be back and we will have to fight it all over again.

We defeated it because we had statistics, logic, history and a lot of caring animal people on our side. And Lassie! Lassie #9 and Timmy (Jon Provost) came to our rescue and got the media to finally listen to our side of the story. Then last week, we discovered what tack the "animal rights" supporters will be using to try to get it passed next year. Their websites are now claiming that it was "evil dog fighters" who defeated the bill. HSUS, PETA and their minions are extremely clever with propaganda and they will be doing their best to demonize anyone who supports the bill. (And I'm sure that some of that money raised to "help Vick's dogs" will be used try to con the public into thinking that people like me support dog fighting.) Legislators are such cowards that we are going to have an incredible fight on our hands in January.
Re: Staffordshire Bull Terrier blinded by suzulu on 23 July 2007 11:22pm
That is a terrible story, Anne. I saw it in my copy. I help out at the local RSPCA and hear some horrific stories. Those b******s who did that to the dog should have the same thing done to them, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!!

Re: Staffordshire Bull Terrier blinded by Spursfan on 24 July 2007 9:47am
I'm not sure if they were caught, Geraldine - it doesn't say.

I must say I agree, Suzulu - if it had been me and Tosun they'd attacked I'd probably be behind bars right now for attacking THEM!!

Re: Staffordshire Bull Terrier blinded by Palin_Lover on 24 July 2007 5:48pm
Oh, what an awful story!

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