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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Dissertation on authenticity - I need your help! by VICKIGALL1 on 9 October 2007 3:33pm
Hi Im currently doing my dissertation at uni and would be really greatful for anyones insight. The topic is authenticity in developing countries such as south africa. If anyone has been there and would like to share any details of certain festivals or events etc, that they think may not be authentic to the culture or any other things that may be useful, please let me know.
Thanks x
Re: Dissertation on authenticity by tucsonmike on 9 October 2007 8:27pm
I was in South Africa, but it was eleven years ago. I have Mexico sixty miles away.
Re: Dissertation on authenticity by VICKIGALL1 on 10 October 2007 11:14am
Awww ye Mexico would still be gud! Basically i just need peoples opinions on how tourism has/hasn't currupted peoples cultures. Anything you have seen or opinions you may have would be greatly appreciated x
Re: Dissertation on authenticity - I need your help! by Spursfan on 10 October 2007 1:00pm
Well, it isn't really a developing country (they would be dismayed if you called them that I'm sure!!) but we have been visiting Turkey for 20 years and have seen many cultural changes I suppose.

The most obvious is the amount of 'English' and 'Irish' pubs - Turkey is a secular country so there is no ban on drinking, but its population is mainly Muslim.

Then food. Boards outside restaurants proclaim that 'real Bisto Gravy' is served, or 'Heinz Beans'. What saddens me most is that some restaurants/cafes serve full English breakfasts, with real bacon brought in from the UK. Again, in a largely muslim community, isn't this a sort of insult? [though I sheepishly have to admit partaking myself more than once].

When we first visited Turkey, there were many small stands in the streets selling sandwiches (half a loaf of Turkish bread (yummy), sliced in half and filled with things like cheese, tomato, onion. I could never finish one!!) They were great for a snack, or even lunch and were cheap. A few years ago, maybe 10 or 15, the Turkish government (or maybe it was the local council of the town we mainly visit) decided that these stands were not good for the image of the town. They needed to be completely taken away for the good of tourism.

Also at the same time they removed all the kids doing shoe shine (who, bless them, would even attempt to polish your flip flops!)and those little boys who used to carry round bathroom scales to weigh you (I'm not sad to see THAT go!!). Ok, it was sad and quite distressing to see kids as young as 5 or 6 wandering the streets cleaning shoes at midnight, but it was part of the culture that has now been 'cleansed' in the name of tourism.

If you go to Turkey you will find the hospitality thing is very great, and you find shopkeepers offering you a drink while you wait etc. One of the most popular hot drinks for tourists in Turkey is apple tea, usually in a tulip glass. Tourists think it is a traditional drink but no, it was developed especially for tourists. Turks tend to drink black tea, in tulip glasses.

I don't know if this has helped you at all, or if I have gone off on a tangent to your request, but I hope it HAS helped a little!!

Re: Dissertation on authenticity - I need your help! by VICKIGALL1 on 10 October 2007 1:29pm
Awww thanks very much for your reply Anne! Its great to have your opinion as you have actually seen and experienced so much of the loss of culture due to tourism over the amount of years that you have been visiting Turkey. Although Turkey may not be a developing country, your insight has helped a lot. Thank you xx
Re: Dissertation on authenticity - I need your help! by Spursfan on 10 October 2007 2:24pm
That's ok, glad to have helped.

The food thing is particularly sad when you note that Turkish cuisine is ranked third in the World, behind French and Chinese!!
Re: Dissertation on authenticity - I need your help! by geordiegirl on 10 October 2007 3:29pm
Well, Vicki, we go to eastern Europe & we try (for 1 week) to live like locals do - hiring an apartment with locals around us, using local shops & markets, using public transport & locals restaurants. I think my point is that you can always find Authenticity if you mix with local people: you're helping their local economy that way too.
It saddens me in eastern Europe to see the fast-food chains proliferating, the increase in smoking there (it seems), and there are other tourists indeed who look for the Local thing (and find it, and blend unobtrusively into it).
The money going into the 'New Europe' from the EU is welcome: infrastructure is improving, restoration of buildings, etc. That seems to me to be upholding Authenticity in a good way.
I'm also saddened (in Riga particularly) to see the rise of the stag-party phenomenon: that does the locals few favours, i imagine,except for a short-term infusion of money.
Re: Dissertation on authenticity - I need your help! by tucsonmike on 11 October 2007 2:50am
OK, will be happy to chip in with some stuff.
Re: Dissertation on authenticity - I need your help! by sighthound on 11 October 2007 11:35am
It's not just in the rural "ethnic" areas where authenticity may be compromised. When I was in High School there was absolutely nothing for a teenager to do in Anaheim, CA so we figured out all the free ways to get into Disneyland and we'd put on phony accents and make up elaborate back stories to fool the tourists who, being in the "Magic Kingdom", bought all our lies hook, line and sinker. I'd expect that bored teenagers in most of the rest of the world will always do the same.
Re: Dissertation on authenticity - I need your help! by Spursfan on 11 October 2007 1:05pm
We stayed in Anaheim, Geraldine, on our western America trip. If I remember it was the last couple of nights before we flew back to England, we stayed at the Anaheim Sheraton which was really close to Disney.

We had our 2 eldest grandkids with us, and I can remember the youngest (then 11) was most impressed that at dinner the waiter put the napkin on his lap for him! Funny what you take for granted until you see a kid enthralled by something!


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