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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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hello people. by foreignrabbit on 11 October 2007 10:54pm
i chose a funny day to post this. like i promised in that religion thread, i did indeed fukc off for a couple of months. but its my birthday today, so i thought it would be nice to come say hi to you guys.

i've done some real stupid shite so far this year. remember i'm 16 as of today. what i've done isn't all legal either. but i'm not feeling adequate guilt. at least i dont think so. Its obvious you all have had a lot more life experience than me so i'd like to know how you guys were when you were my age. i think i'm trying to justify my lifestyle here.


Re: hello people. by foreignrabbit on 11 October 2007 10:56pm
oh and i hope everything is still ok with everyone. i guess coming back and asking stupid questions without checking the change in scenery isn't really nice... anything real important i should know about?
Re: hello people. by sighthound on 12 October 2007 1:28am
Happy Birthday! (Mine was yesterday.)

We all do stupid things when we're 16. That's what adolescence is for - to learn from your experiences and to figure out who you are. I never did anything illegal quite that young (that came later) but that was because I was stuck in a convent school and my reading of Voltaire was considered to be a mortal sin and a major act of rebellion. (Must remember to re-read "Candide". Great book.) Thank God some things have changed but I don't envy you the world you're going to grow up in. Good luck! It will be a challenge.

As to news, kazzzz had a beautiful baby girl, the resident troll signed off about a month ago and hasn't been seen since and lots of people got to meet MP at book signings.

Have a great year! 16 is usually very interesting.

Re: hello people. by perfectbitch on 12 October 2007 1:39am
Happy Birthday. Gosh! 16 for me is 39 years ago so we are in the late 60's. Life was very different. No mobile phones, personal computers, calculators (unless you count a slide rule as one) no game consuls and no cctv. However, it was a time of many changes and what has been described as cultural revolution. The rise of teenage spending power, the moon landing, pirate radio and for me, a sense of excitement for the future.

The cost of everyday living things was different too. Phone calls were extremely expensive then, rents and mortgages were cheaper, records were dearer than they are now (all this relatively speaking of course).

What became the green movement started then but it was generally considered to consist of nutcases and there was less variety of foodstuffs among other things.

I was at school studying for gce's and was very into music. I still have my old valve and bakerlite radio which we used to have on at full volume when any pop music was aired. I lived in a terraced house with no bathroom, hot water and an outside loo. This was not so unusual.

Life was less complicated as individual choices were limited. I hated being 16 - neither child or adult but life got much much better as I aged.

Hope that answers your request.

Re: hello people. by Palin_Lover on 12 October 2007 1:55am
Aww, Happy Birthday!!
Sadly, I was a very boring 16 year old....2 years ago. LOL. Sorry.
Re: hello people. by tucsonmike on 12 October 2007 3:05am
Well Happy Birthday all!
Re: hello people. by Spursfan on 12 October 2007 8:18am
Happy birthday for yesterday, foreign rabbit, and the day before, Geralidine!!

Sorry I missed it!

Anne x
Re: hello people. by JHorst on 12 October 2007 2:37pm
Remember that nothing is new, under the sun...
The best advice I can offer is to endure it, avoid killing yourself or anyone else, and make your best attempt to grow and develop. Remember that your generation has not invented anything new or novel regarding outrageous behavior or depravity, and also appreciate that you live in a great and interesting time. The world is NOT going to hell in a handbasket, and no one, not your teachers, parents, or the government is responsible for your success or happiness. Look into the mirror for the one responsible for that.
Re: hello people. by geordiegirl on 12 October 2007 4:38pm
I'm sure you have a LOT more self-confidence than I did at 16: I started my first job then & thought my life was stuck in a lowly rut for ever (it wasn't).
I bet you have a lot going for you. Enjoy being 16: don't beat yourself up over things in the past or whaich you can't help. If it feels bad, IT WILL GET BETTER (though you may not believe that for a while).
Best wishes & happy birthday.
Re: hello people. by mrsthing on 12 October 2007 5:02pm
I was pretty much a goody two shoes at 16, but that didn't stop me from doing stupid things--like sitting on the back of my friend's Cadillac convertible and singing opera in the red light district in Boston, MA--at 11pm on a Saturday night.

But no, I never did anything illegal, and I was 23 when I finally took a lover, and didn't drink until I was of age, and even then, didn't get drunk. Well, not until I was in my mid-20s, anyway. And even then, I had the good sense to drink with a friend who agreed to stay sober and do the driving.

Yes, it was the 70s and 80s. Everyone kept telling me to loosen up. But I'm glad now I followed my heart and did what *I* wanted to do, not what others thought I should do. I have the life I want now--not saddled with any addictions or memories of addictions, no unplanned pregnancies or abortions, very few regrets.

You can fix the problems you make for yourself at 16 more easily than you can at 50, but why do it in the first place? Work toward making your life what you want it to be 5 or 10 years from now. Some stupid $#!t is fun in the short-term, but can have lasting effects long-term. Be careful, and have fun--they're not mutually exclusive.
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