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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Yorkshire memories by flinda82 on 26 October 2007 6:04pm
Well I'm back from England and think about sharing my memories about my journey to Palinland :).
Re: Yorkshire memories by flinda82 on 26 October 2007 6:16pm
To start with I must send my compliments to Jet2 Airlines, because everything went fine with the travel, The plane took off in time, the staff were friendly and since we kept to all the rules we had no problem with entering the UK.

The journey began to look awful at this point, becuase the taxi that we'd ordered days before wasn't at the airport. I said he wouldn't come back because the procedures of passport checking took at least 40 minutes so he probably gave up the waiting. So we took a cab and got to Sowood, Hollywell Green with enormous difficulties: the driver hadn't a clue about the place and neither did we. Finally we arrived and we had to pay the double of the estimated cost so we were a bit tense to say the least.

But it all ended happily, I gathered all the timetables at nearby Huddersfield and Halifax stations, bought a weekly metro card and than on we didn't stop exploring until the end. I was amazed by the beauty of the county as well as by the hospitality, and politeness of the people. Cities such ad Bradford and Wakefield were fascinating, but I also adored the buzz of Leeds. And the jewel on the crown was York with the larger than life minstrel and the streets which seemed to be a dream. We walked long distances, and criss-crossed West Yorkshire and I was really sorry to come back, to be honest I'm already planning my next visit.

The only let down was the food. Getting used to Hungarian cuisine and keeping a quite harsh diet, my stomach was constantly revolting against the local pastries. But I didn't care about it because the sights and sounds and the atmosphere compensated it all.

You're so lucky to live in this marvellous country! I'm thinking about opening a Hungarian restaurant in England so that I can stay as long as I like. :D
Re: Yorkshire memories by tucsonmike on 26 October 2007 7:25pm
Sounds as though you had a blast. Great.
Re: Yorkshire memories by Katia on 26 October 2007 7:36pm
Thank you very much! I *LUV* Yorkshire. Try to explore North Yorkshire next time, sea towns like Scarborough and Whitby (the latter is a gem) and North Yorkshire Moors:) There is also a town to the North-West of Leeds... er... what's its name... beautiful. I should remember it:( Skipton - right? And, oh, there is amazing Castle Howard not far from York - it's a must!

And you're right, it ruins any diet! each time I return with 3-5 pounds extra weight after those "Kate & Sidneys"... But (bUt!) of course the "worst" is Yorkshire pudding. And the breweries are grrrreat.

And people in Yorkshire are just incredibly nice!

York, oh, York! Funny how people make a mess of the York Minster name:D My colleague here in St.Petersburg (we went there together recently) called it "Ministry";))

Next time I'm going to visit... Sheffield. Guess why!;)
Re: Yorkshire memories by flinda82 on 26 October 2007 8:43pm
It's funny you've written about the North, this is precisely what I'm planning to do because there are much more to see, Ripon and Scarborough and of course the Dales National Park.

I think this journey was particularly great because we hardly met the gangs of tourists stuffed in buses. York was obviously the exception with many visitors but it was OK. Most of the time we were sitting in these nice buses with old ladies who were going shopping and the cities were calm and silent, and CLEAN! I'm the kind of traveller who plans everything ahead and reads stuff so I had a pretty clear idea about where to go and also about how many more places there are that we couldn't get to so I'm happy but also a bit sad.

Oh, and a funny Pythonesque episode: I bought a can of spam just for fun and my dad tasted it and adored it so much that we bought another 5 packages and brought them back home so that he can give them to our customers who have constant mess on their computers because of junk mail. :). By the way I couldn't help smiling when people said "Morning" everyday exactly as the fish do in Meaning of Life. Before the journey I asked myself: are the British really so British? And it seems fortunately they are! :))
Re: Yorkshire memories by flinda82 on 26 October 2007 8:56pm
I must say there WAS a guy with a strange musical instrument with strings next to the York Minster so he was probably the "York minstrel" :)
Re: Yorkshire memories by Katia on 26 October 2007 9:13pm
...Fortunately they are:))

Me, I am a spontaneous traveller, never have patience to plan and read stuff, it's my Perfect English Gentleman who does that (even if we venture a hard and dangerous tour from The Tower Hill to Greenwich on foot, he prints out a route map!), and when I am travelling by myself, he provides a precise "remote guidance" via email, God bless him.

Even by myself, I feel home in England (more home than *at home*) and travel everywhere I can. Been to Hungary twice by the way, Budapest is absolutely gorgeous (only I got a sunstroke once in summer as it was 40C). Debrecen is nice too! Have you been to Saint Petersburg or somewhere else in Russia? Somewhere else in the UK?
Re: Yorkshire memories by flinda82 on 26 October 2007 11:04pm
I'm glad you liked Budapest though weather is really tough sometimes I think it's bets to visit Hungary in the spring or in the autumn, because apart from the nice weather you're able to visit our wonderful cultural festivals.

I'm a planner type traveller because usually I don't have enough time on my journeys and I try to make use of the time as best as I can. I've never been to Russia and to be honest it never occured to me to think about visiting it though I guess it's great. Probably the distance and the memories of our 40 years of communism alter our views about travelling so Hungarians prefer to go West. :)
And it was my first visit to England as well though I hope it wasn't the last one. Apart from this I've been to France three times (my other beloved country) and to our nice neighbouring Austria (which is a bit too nice for me actually). Oh and an other factor is the language: I tend to travel to countries the language of which I'm comfortable with. But there's a lot more to discover in Britain so the isle will be my goal number one in the future.
Re: Yorkshire memories by suzulu on 27 October 2007 12:09am
I am so pleased that you had a nice time on your first visit to England, flinda. Yorkshire is a lovely county.
Re: Yorkshire memories by Palin_Lover on 27 October 2007 2:23am
Sounds like you had a great time, flinda!! Welcome back! =)
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