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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Jimmy's Diner 11/1/07 by tucsonmike on 2 November 2007 5:24am
It was another show. I walked in just in time for Elizabeth to drop a can of Pepsi and have it explode. Mess all over.
Jena left early to go to the doctor, she was not feeling well.
The Parks Dept workers were there but we tried to behave because two older women came in who had never been before.
Jena's father told me about when Paul McCartney lived in Tucson. He used to repair the gates the company I work for builds. He worked on his gate and still have the old remote from it. He told me he used to play with the remote driving by to be a wiseguy.
I had meat loaf for lunch, because that is what they had the deal on, so it was made crystal clear that was what I was getting. Same deal, just did as I was told.
Re: Jimmy's Diner 11/1/07 by Spursfan on 2 November 2007 8:38am
Paul McCartney repairing gates? Oh, I see what you mean....

Heather Mills was on tv the other day saying how the media were bringing her to the brink of suicide. I'm sorry, but that woman CRAVES the media spotlight! And she compared herself with the Mcanns....!
Re: Jimmy's Diner 11/1/07 by geordiegirl on 2 November 2007 6:41pm
I do like the ongoing saga of Jimmy's-there's a documentary in there somewhere I still feel!
Didn't know until the other day that Heather Mills sounds a bit like me (the speech, that is). Now you KNOW Mike,that Geordies don't drawl!
Re Mccanns - I really cannot fathom how anyone can imagine much less have any evidence that the McCanns were involved in the disappearence of their daughter (apart from leaving her malone in the apartment). Why on earth would they raise & spend so much money & put themselves through so much media stress? It just doesn't make sense.
Re: Jimmy's Diner 11/1/07 by Katia on 2 November 2007 6:53pm
I hear that Miss Mills also compared herself with Princess Diana. Now how sad is that. I'm kinda curious (just a tiny bit!) to hear what exactly she threatens to "reveal" (therapy tapes?), but to be honest, it all smells bad...
Re: Jimmy's Diner 11/1/07 by tucsonmike on 2 November 2007 7:42pm
One of the guys in Toastamasters last night mentioned the entire thing with Heather Mills. I can only shake my head.
The McCann case? What a mess...
Re: Jimmy's Diner 11/1/07 by mrsthing on 3 November 2007 12:56am
Heather Mills has said some nasty and embarrassing things about Paul over the months (years?) since the divorce proceedings began. I think it's awfully sad, and I don't want the details. The media should leave both of them alone. I can't imagine living in a fish bowl like that--it'd be enough to drive anyone to the brink.

As far as the McCanns--jeez, they rented a car three weeks after the little girl disappeared, the authorities found her blood in it--the first thing I'd want to do is find out who had the car in those three weeks. I think this is another case of the media wanting something sensational to report. And another instance where publicized speculation is hurting the case, not helping.
Re: Jimmy's Diner 11/1/07 by tucsonmike on 3 November 2007 3:51am
Oh yes, Linda I plan to do something on Jimmy's. Actually, Jimmy's gets me the most hits on my blog.
It turns out many celebrities have houses in the foothills here, because they are left alone. It is only a one hour flight to L.A. and there are tons of private airports here.

Because of a workshop I did yesterday, I now have contacts @ the Tucson Art Institute.
Re: Jimmy's Diner 11/1/07 by geordiegirl on 4 November 2007 4:00pm
Mrsthing, you are right of course about the media. And like you I haven't read all the details - too sensationalised, as you almost say. With the McCanns, I just felt instincively they didn't WANT to use the media the way it's turned out, (of course,who knows what may be revealed)- it's always a horrible double-edged sword.
Mike, I must look at your blog again!

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