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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
New China (2008) by Godfather on 5 November 2007 7:26pm
In hindsight,perhaps the latest series should have been "New China"? I mean, many of us here in the west are fascinated by what we see as a rising dragon that is already becoming our economic and future "enemy" in a sense and could determine many of our futures.

And,if there is one thing people are fascinated and want to know more about, it is our competitors. Look at Soviet Russia. People both feared it and were fascinated by it.

It's human nature.

Europe opening up has meant many have just come to our countries to work, instead of them being a direct competitor as "nations", to our own. There is a difference.

China is developing at rapid rapid rapid pace. I know this from personal experience of two visits to China about 6 years apart to areas in the north west, south west, and north east.

Although people here may know it is developing fast, I don't think people quite realize just HOW fast that is happening and how China is rising into a real superpower in many ways.

China is going through massive changes at a frightening pace, both for good and worse. People would be fascinated by what is going on over there, and a series contrasting Imperial,then Communist,and now ImperioCommuCapitalist (can I patent that word?) China.

It is a fusion of all these things coming together now.

Michael needs to be over there right now and documenting this change as it takes place. Michael needs to be out reporter in the field, going around the country showing its many astounding landscapes, ancient relics,modern quriks, todays people who live with a mixture of ancient tradition mixed in with communist traces and capitalist aspirations.

Go now Michael. Quickly.

I have seen old people doing tai chi in the early morning in parks as above them tower blocks are worked on day and night and completed in a couple of weeks by workers from the rural areas of china. I have seen the deserts of china where the uiyghur people and their muslim ways and the camel hair yurts contrast with the hi-tech build build eastern coast where neon buildings gleam at night. Just think of how many stories could be told. Western prescence, the Opium game and the resentment against the west which grew as a result. China's centuries old clashes with Tibet. It's Communist revolution. The "Cultural Revolution", the "Great Leap Forward" and the suffering that came. The move towards Capitalism.

China is a country where old wisdom of harmony with nature found in imperial china, contrasts with heavy metals being poured into the rivers and poisoning people down river because its's cheaper to use unsafe materials in this boom to develop develop develop.

It goes on and on. China is launching rockets into space while camels totter around in the Taklamakan desert and Pamir mountains, as hill tribes continue to weave designs in Yunnan and such areas. Michael touched on elements of that in Himalaya, but not much of what else is going on in China as a whole. Who on earth thought up this idea of "New Europe"?

It should have been "New China" in my opinion. And it 'could' be a series, in 2008/2009.
Re: New China (2008) by tucsonmike on 5 November 2007 7:54pm
It would certainly be interesting. He should take along Rob Giffords from NPR.
Re: New China (2008) by Godfather on 5 November 2007 8:03pm
Ah, I see. Can't say I'd heard of that guy before (just googled it and researched it). Mmm, yeah China 2008 would certainly run the risk of "Been done before" now. Although, Michael may still get away with it. After all, it's Michael Palin, Britain's 'national treasure' :D
Re: New China (2008) by Miro on 6 November 2007 3:14pm
Ho Godfather, You will be very surprise who will be UK's main competitors soon. We lost 50 years just because british goverment didnt srop the Hitler till it could. Instead it gave away their ally Czechoslovakia, only democracy in Central Europe at the time and one of the best performing economies. It is very easy to jump to conclusions if you dont have a clue what is really happening just behind the corner.;-)

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