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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Off to Turkey by Spursfan on 5 November 2007 9:26pm
Well I shall be off to Turkey tomorrow, leaving home about 3 p.m. and flying (bar delays!) at 7 p.m.

I may not have time to come on site tomorrow - though everything is done more or less and I can ALWAYS find time to go on Palins!! - so I am saying 'see you later' now.

Back on 20th! Be good while I'm away!

Re: Off to Turkey by suzulu on 6 November 2007 12:19am
Have a nice time, Anne!
Re: Off to Turkey by tucsonmike on 6 November 2007 1:02am
Be good, oh yeah, right!;-)
Re: Off to Turkey by johnnythemonkey on 6 November 2007 8:09am
Have a good holiday Anne but not too good. ;)
Re: Off to Turkey by Wheelrim on 6 November 2007 11:38am
Anne, off to Turkey on the 11th... wear a red carnation so that I can recognise you!
Re: Off to Turkey by Spursfan on 6 November 2007 1:15pm
This is defo my last post before leaving...thanks for your good wishes.

Lol Wheelie!!! You'll recognise the Stafford accent hahahaha.

I shall be in Kusadasi - though we are hoping to travel out for a couple of days to Isparta or that way anyway.

See you soon peeps!!

Anne x

Re: Off to Turkey by Ellerd on 6 November 2007 2:34pm
Let the gossiping begin! (Joking!)
Re: Off to Turkey by mrsthing on 9 November 2007 2:50am
My husband's ancestors were from Turkey, but they were Greeks, and they called it Asia Minor. To this day, there are still some elderly Greeks here who refuse to call the country "Turkey." His grandmother was a child when her family of wealthy opium growers was found hiding an Armenian during the war. They were given half an hour's head start to get out of the country before the army came to kill them. (They made it.) His his grandfather's family emigrated from a different part of Turkey--I can't remember where now. Not much of the old culture survived because both families were trying hard to fit in and become good Americans, so they dropped their native language and customs. But we have a fantastic recipe for a pastry called Triagono (triangles) or Ishli (work). It's a pocket pastry with walnuts, sugar, and cinnamon baked inside and a sweet lemon syrup glaze. MMMMMMMM! His grandmother remembered going into the woods to pick walnuts, then spending half the day shelling and peeling them. So it really was "work"!
Re: Off to Turkey by tucsonmike on 9 November 2007 5:32am
Wow mrsthing. A heck of a story.
Re: Off to Turkey by mrsthing on 10 November 2007 2:18am
Yeah. My ancestors were sod-slingers (peat farmers, or should I say "constitutional peasants"--LOL!) from Cornwall and who knows what from Ireland. Except for my two relatives who bought out a bankrupt lace manufacturer and retooled the machinery to make the first mass-produced silk stockings in the United States, they're all a bunch of no-account ne'er-do-wells.

Except for my grandmothers, one of whom was a heavy drinker and the other of whom was an uptight prude who told me to my face that she didn't like little girls. Wouldn'a been so bad, except she lived with us.
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