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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Learning to teach by perfectbitch on 11 November 2007 9:16pm
I've been doing the course for 5 weeks now and it has been quite a surreal experience.
There were 11 trainees when we started and I am the only English native speaker. There are 2 other who were born here but of Indian descent and the rest of the class are Islamic. One lady had to leave as her daughter was taken seriously ill and another left because she is a high functioning, very intelligent schizophrenic. The stress got too much for her last week and she was seeing goblins in the classroom so she left.

I did my first teaching practice last week and received very good feedback. I am really enjoying it and am relieved that the goblin lady has decided to call it a day as she became somewhat of a distraction. However, the rest of the trainees are focused and committed and we all help each other with the tasks.

Re: Learning to teach by suzulu on 11 November 2007 9:22pm
Glad you are enjoying it, Linz! Good luck! How did the teacher cope with the goblin lady?
Re: Learning to teach by mrsthing on 11 November 2007 9:53pm
Schizophrenia is a tough row to hoe. They're still perfecting the meds, and it's hard to find a good balance. I live with chronic depression, and while I don't see goblins, it does twist my perception of reality in some ways. She was probably doing the best she could, trying to do something good with her life.

Teaching can be lots of fun. What kind of students/subjects are you going to be teaching when you're done?
Re: Learning to teach by perfectbitch on 11 November 2007 11:03pm
I am learning to teach English as a second/foreign language. I was sorry to see the goblin lady go. She told me that her parents have virtually disowned her as Indin families are ashamed of any mental illness so her main support comes from the CPN and her psychiatrist. She is highly intelligent and I will be keeping in touch with her.
Sirry to hear about the depression - there was a fascinating bit in a bbc4 series called "Visions of the Future" where a woman with chronic depression was "cured" with the use of a "brain pacemaker". It is similar to a heart pacemaker and made a huge difference to this woman's quality of life. I wish you well and my mail address is on vitals if ever you need to unload.

Re: Learning to teach by andrea_nyc on 11 November 2007 11:46pm
Linz! Great to hear you are doing well with your course (goblins and all). I'm about to finish my dissertation... Then I collapse.
Re: Learning to teach by tucsonmike on 12 November 2007 1:20am
Congrats Linz! Well done.
Re: Learning to teach by mrsthing on 12 November 2007 2:40am
Thanks, Linz. I've had it most of my life, so I know what to do: diet, exercise, meds, and a little scheduled insanity now and then usually keep me on an even keel. And full-spectrum lights for Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Best of luck in your course work. I hope you enjoy being an ESL teacher. :D
Re: Learning to teach by tucsonmike on 12 November 2007 2:50am
Sorry to hear you have all that, mrsthing, but sounds as though you are doing what you need to do.
Re: Learning to teach by johnnythemonkey on 12 November 2007 3:06am
Great to hear that you're doing so well Linz and enjoying things. Good on you gal ! Don't be too dismissive of those goblins..........they're friends of mine ! :)
Re: Learning to teach by geordiegirl on 12 November 2007 5:38pm
Sounds as if you have had a real baptism of fire, Linz. (I too have had experience of the bad way some communities deal with their mentally afflicted) - but it's good that you're enjoying, continuing & being mutually supportive with colleagues
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