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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
I MUST FIND IT by ilikelaughs on 13 November 2007 5:47am
I saw an interveiw a while ago on youtube that was john cleese and michael palin defending Life of brian, does anyone know if it's still on youtube?????
Re: I MUST FIND IT by kisch on 13 November 2007 11:19am
the only snippet of that discussion I have seen is in the documentary called tThe Secret Life Of Brian. It *is* available on YouTube. Very interesting I must add.
I would very much like to see the whole discussion, but I have never seen it anywhere.
Re: I MUST FIND IT by mrsthing on 13 November 2007 2:58pm
I've never found the original debate, but there is a long-ish excerpt (longer than on the other YouTube clip) in this "Secret Life of Brian" documentary that came out in January 2007:


It's around 50 minutes total: the first four parts are about 10 minutes each, and the last is 8:20. The debate is in the fourth clip; but they're all worth watching. I have to agree with JC and MP: the Bishop and Muggeridge come off like pompous jerks. One thing I like is that JC makes an exquisitely good point using the exact same gesture he uses in the "Argument Clinic" sketch. LOL And he's at that age where he was so HOT! :D

The original debate took place on a show called "Friday Night/Saturday Morning". There's a transcript (though not completely accurate) on Wikipedia:


If anyone else can find the debate in its entirety on film, please let me know.
Re: I MUST FIND IT by Katia on 13 November 2007 7:59pm
Talking of Life of Brian; I was told recently that it was going to be re-released in the UK (or has been re-released already?). I wonder if the "deleted scenes" (currently available on youtube, the quality is lousy, but thanks to whoever posted it anyway) are there in extras?.. And directors/actors commentary, like in The Holy Grail?.. Does anybody know?
Re: I MUST FIND IT by fairygirl48 on 13 November 2007 8:20pm
Yes, there's a great commentary from Michael and John, an on-location documentary, and other goodies.
Re: I MUST FIND IT by Katia on 13 November 2007 8:30pm
Oh, thanks! The on-location docu was on the previous edition as well, and boy can I hold out through a single month without watching it! I was after commentaries to Brian actually. I can't remember when I last watched The Holy Grail without commentaries (either John+Michael+Eric or Terry+Terry)!

And I laugh like a moron each time I hear Michael's "John is playing a letter-box!" in the Black knight scene!

No Suicide Squad then?
Re: I MUST FIND IT by fairygirl48 on 13 November 2007 11:22pm
Haha, as far as I know there isn't. It always gets me when Michael says he'd like to reshoot Castle Anthrax once a year! I'm in! ;-)
Re: I MUST FIND IT by mrsthing on 14 November 2007 4:52am
The suicide squad is in the deleted scenes, as well as at the foot of the cross.

There's a wonderful bit with the Pythons all dishing on each other: Eric says John is a "sweetie" (or was it "softie"?), Graham says John takes sex too seriously (as he's being given something by a topless lady), and they sit around comparing false teeth and hair transplants. I loved it. They also include the radio ads with Michael's dentist, Eric's wife (I think), Terry Gilliam's mom ("I just don't know what I'm going to tell everyone at choir practice!") and John's mother--that one's a scream; she's so natural, and she breaks up laughing at the end. She was about 80 at the time.

The commentary by Terry Gilliam points out that JC is picking his nose as Mr. Cheeky is being dragged away from the crosses, loudly insisting he's not Brian. I'd never noticed it before, and I wish TG hadn't said it, because now that's ALL I notice in that scene: poor Eric upstaged by a booger-flicking John Cleese. LMAO!

Sorry to run on--that's my favorite movie for all kinds of reasons!
Re: I MUST FIND IT by kisch on 14 November 2007 8:15pm
MrsThing, I guess Eric says of John - "John is very tender person". Nose-picking ? Oh MY, I just have to watch LoB again... Bwah-ha-ha!
Re: I MUST FIND IT by mrsthing on 15 November 2007 2:01am
Somewhere in the "extras" is a bit where Graham is tending to one of the actors, who's gotten a minor wound of some sort, and Graham's "assistant" is a topless young woman whom he refers to as "he", and who sits on his lap, whereupon Graham says, "Well, I'm gay, but in a different way."

I love Python candids! :D

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