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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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A question for Americans by Ellerd on 12 December 2007 9:08am
Does the Republican Party have ANY chance of winning the Presidential Elections next year?
Re: A question for Americans by tucsonmike on 12 December 2007 6:54pm
Yes they do. If the Democrats do not come up with a real platform instead of "we hate Bush."

Someone @ work thought it would be Huckabee against Obama. Now THAT would be interesting. There may also be all sorts of third party candidates in the mix.
Re: A question for Americans by Miss-M on 13 December 2007 1:47am
I have another question for the Americans on the board. How many of you own guns? Do you think your gun laws should be tightened up? Australia introduced stricter gun control after the horrific Port Arthur massacre in 1996.
Re: A question for Americans by tucsonmike on 13 December 2007 2:51am
I would, but Elaine does not allow me to.
The gun debate is a crazy one in the U.S. The Second Amendment is as follows:
I will allow you to interpret it.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

In other words, if you are literal, you can take this many ways. If we have a militia, do you have to leave the weapons at the arsenal?

One friend owns several weapons, but he used to hunt.

Re: A question for Americans by kazzzz on 13 December 2007 3:54am
Did you mean that you want to own a gun, Mike?
Re: A question for Americans by pandab on 13 December 2007 4:22am
The Republicans do stand a chance at the White House next year, and that is what is making this election so interesting. It is the first one in a very long time that is truly contested. Almost anything can happen.

I think the entire field, Democrat and Republican, is weak. All the candidates have something major going against them.

My picks for the final two? Obama and Romney. When you balance it all out, they are ones with the least minuses AND the strongest political machines.

I haven't made up my mind who would get my vote. In spite of the fact that I think she is too divisive to win, I have a soft spot for Hilary Clinton. There is just something about the idea of a woman as President that I like. :+)

I remember a Cathy cartoon a few years back. Cathy's mom was listening to a politican on the radio. For every comment he/she made, Mom came back with something you would hear a mother say, such as "Pick up after yourself." The punchline was Mom saying, "This country doesn't need a president. It needs a mother!" That cartoon still cracks me up because it is sooo true. :+)

About guns ... The Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms. Personally, I have no trouble with people owning guns, but I do believe there should be more centralized control on who can purchase them. Background checks and all that. Still, even tighter controls won't guarantee a disturbed person can't get hold of one.

I do not own a gun. The things scare me silly. I have few qualms with the idea of using one in my own defense. The problem is I am not certain the damn thing wouldn't be taken away from me and used against me. Guns have a nasty habit of going off and making large, bloody holes, so I've decided to not take the chance.

Re: A question for Americans by johnnythemonkey on 13 December 2007 4:35am
What if you ever met those two strange Australian girls Mike ?
I strongly feel that they may pack weapons. ( pat them down Mike).
Homeland security.....and all that.

" Top Secret "!
Right Mike, the 'little un ' should be a 32b and ' the big yin' 36b.

If they don't conform to these measurements, you can decide how to deal with them locally but we would really recommend that they were passed on to Scottish headquarter's for further investigation. ;)
Re: A question for Americans by Holle on 13 December 2007 10:22am
It's a pity the Austrian-Californian Arnold is not allowed to go for president. He has made great progress in environmental thinking. In contrast to the Bush gang, he has realized that environmental protection costs money, but doing nothing for environment costs a lot more money and is probably irreversible.
Re: A question for Americans by tucsonmike on 13 December 2007 1:57pm
To answer your question, Karen, yes I would like to own a gun.

Holger, there is a way Arnold could become President. If he were someones Vice President, there is a loophole in the Constitution and nothing to stop him.
Re: A question for Americans by Ellerd on 13 December 2007 2:29pm
Thanks guys. We get a fair bit of coverage of US elections in Australian media, and the impression I've got is that the Republican Party is on the nose.
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