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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Back from London: sorta holiday report... and Michael! by Katia on 12 December 2007 9:06pm
Hello everybody,

Now that I have overcome weariness from obvious lack of sleep and emotional storm, let me share with you my holiday impressions more or less (or not, sorry:)) related to this space...

And now I can answer the question "who have you met from this site", so here goes - in order of appearance:
1)Mr.Palin, complete with Mrs.Palin (to whom I had the cheek to say she was beautiful), well yes, it happened. Had to have two drinks to gain courage to "introlow alself" to the gorgeous couple.
2)Lovely Sally, nice and cheerful great to have met you, Sally, hope I was not too boring!
3)Wonderful and kind Linda, it was a great day, thank you very much again, and also many thanks from my mum for the jelly:)
4)And again Mr.Palin who was just incredibly nice... Now Canary Wharf has become a heart-warming place to me:)

Returned home with a bag full of treasures including MP's New Europe (signed for Kisch), MP Diaries (signed for myself), Cleese Encounters book, A Liar's Autobiography book, The first 200 Years of Monty Python book, Pole To Pole book, The New Europe DVD, Life of Brian Immaculate Edition DVD, A Private Function DVD and of course The Missionary DVD... ooh... not to mention a pile of many other books, CDs and DVDs... dear Kisch had to meet me at the airport to help carry all that stuff home...

And what a completely thrilling Marc Almond concert at IndigO2, though not at all suitable venue (Wilton's Music Hall, Almeida or The Union Chapel are much better for him). The brave man still suffers illnesses after his accident and he was literally helped off stage by paramedics after a 2.5-hour performance of utter brilliance! And again we had it all a good deal of foul language, storming off stage in the middle of a song and a lot of touching and affectionate banter... Oh I love him!

Yet I still have not fully realized that I met Michael. And also I cannot comprehend the fact: last December I first saw that 40-year old sketch (well, I first saw Monty Python Flying Circus, to be precise) with that Ken Shabby cutie, and I have been swooning over him since then, and now this dignified, attractive and elegant man is sitting two metres away from me, coughing and howling like "Bwah! Aargh! Blurrrrgh! I clean out public lavatories!" in that very voice how to make yourself realize it's HIM? The bloody real one, the same one! And I have talked to him! Owwww. Now still seems too much for me...:) And he remembered me a week later at the booksigning! I absolutely admire Michael's "efficiency", if I may say so, I noticed once how weary and relaxed he looked when no-one was near and watching him, but when he has to do his job, he "switches on" instantly, raises his eyebrows and his eyes begin to dart and shine, and there is that kindly attention to everybody who needs it, and dignity, and sparkling wit, and funny faces, and everything you would naturally expect from him. God bless the wonderful man.

Not to bore you with personal details of my holiday, I'll mention two funny things; first, saw a loveliest baby seal thrown onto the sand (it was low tide) near Waterloo Bridge; it was live and rather active, but absolutely helpless and obviously did not know where to crawl; the police blocked the access and called for the rescue! Second, there was a gorgeous male "live model" in the Clone Zone window opposite The Comptons, naturally, but the men seemed to be much less interested than women; the boy was wearing boots and pink underpants, and he gave me a seductive smile after I took probably the 10th picture of him:)

So anyway, thanks for your attention and all, sorry, I am still in an emotional state and even less "post-London-depressed" than usual. Suppose I must also thank Michael Palin for that!

So see you in a few months, London and Londoners,
Best wishes to non-Londoners, and
Love from Katia :)
Re: Back from London: sorta holiday report... and Michael! by geordiegirl on 12 December 2007 9:15pm
You are still on Cloud Nine, Katia...how lovely you enjoyed yourself so much this trip:mind you, meeting Mr.P. twice - both times to talk to properly - and a Marc Almond concert - well, it doesn't come much better than that for you!
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Re: Back from London: sorta holiday report... and Michael! by tucsonmike on 12 December 2007 10:11pm
Katia, not boring @ all. Glad you had a great time!
Re: Back from London: sorta holiday report... and Michael! by kazzzz on 13 December 2007 12:01am
Really great holiday report Katia, thanx for sharing that :)
Re: Back from London: sorta holiday report... and Michael! by Palin_Lover on 13 December 2007 1:47am
You've met him?? Lucky!! AND the Mrs?? Amazing! You are soooo lucky. Thanks for sharing!
Re: Back from London: sorta holiday report... and Michael! by Miss-M on 13 December 2007 1:54am
Thanks for the report, Katia. It sounds like you had an amazing time! :)
Re: Back from London: sorta holiday report... and Michael! by MMMmmm... on 13 December 2007 5:54am
I loved your descriptions, Katia. Especially of Michael, you captured him perfectly! (I have never had the good fortune of seeing him in person, but you brought it to real life!)
Re: Back from London: sorta holiday report... and Michael! by kisch on 13 December 2007 10:52am
Awwww.............. :)
What a great report luv. I have the New Europe book beside the bed, btw, tee-hee...
LINDA - thank you very much for *you know what* (and I *don't know what* - I will not open it until Xmas;) AND for the lovely letter. The answer is due !
Re: Back from London: sorta holiday report... and Michael! by elina on 13 December 2007 12:24pm
Sounded like a perfect holiday, Katia!
Re: Back from London: sorta holiday report... and Michael! by Katia on 13 December 2007 1:17pm
Thank you, thank you, thank you dears.

Sorry for not giving more detail about meeting Michael in person, because just a chat at the posh theatre bar could not be very meaningful. Moreover, I would hardly remember what exactly we said to each other besides the "nice formalities". Still it was quite exciting, but you know it just goes without saying;)

Also I do not think there were huge revelations during that 1.5-hour Michael's audience with Alan Yentob (and indeed with the audience:)), at least for real Michael and Python fans, we have heard or read of those facts and anecdotes, but it's just something completely different - to hear the stories from the Man himself!

Actually I was laughing a lot during the show, and not at the Python, Ripping Yarns etc clips generously shown - but at Michael's expressions and faces he made watching his younger self on the screen (he was laughing at himself, it's so great to see he still does that!). And of course, at his cues and anecdotes - although, as I said, nothing so revealing :)

It was a bit difficult to take pictures, so I have got very few: the Man was in motion all the time and mostly had open fans for hands in the pictures! But some came out really good :)

There was a nice moment, when it was all over and I walked out to Piccadilly Circus through the main entrance after a 5-min delay with getting my coat, the rest of the public was already gone and the place was empty. I hesitated a bit about coming back to the Jermyn St. backstage door - just to try to catch a final glimpse of the man, but a second later he appeared at the main entrance, just him by himself and nobody - but me! - around. And I was stunned like that parrot. Managed to wave to him, say thanks v.much again and see you at the booksigning:) And it was so perfectly romantic, to see him "disappearing into the night", in the midst of the Piccadilly Circus (there must have been a car waiting for him), waving back to me and... well, I was smiling like a moron on all the way back :)

Told the last paragraph to a male colleague whose desk is next to mine. And you know what did he say?! Well, he said, "You were alone with him in Piccadilly Circus? And you did NOT say to him *Do you want to come back to my place?* Pathetic. What you'd come there for then Katia?!"
LOL :)))))))))

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