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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Today I had to shoot my colleagues! by Holle on 15 December 2007 1:55am
This was my last working week for this year, spend it at the mine and thought of driving home for holiday on friday and that's it. But you wish! The MD ordered me back to the companies place for a photo shooting (:-P), told me somewhat of capturing the opening a new producton hall and some (!!!) people.

Well, I have done such things before, no problem there and hard to argue with your boss anyway. But as I came there, he had ordered anyone available or in reachable distance to come for photo of THE COMPANY.

We are somewhat of 800 people or so, but lots of them work far of on construction places. But nevertheless, I found me facing a crowd of 350 people! Just thought of Michael in the Cycling Tour episode: "... all looking in my direction, but I couldn't see the target!"

But if you make a fool of yourself, do it with style and so I entered a liftable working platform with my equipment, pushed me up to an impressive height over there heads and made the bloody pictures.

Must have delivered a good show, because my colleagues enjoyed it pretty much and made their jokes afterwards. So, all went well, no harm done ;-).
Re: Today I had to shoot my colleagues! by Holle on 15 December 2007 2:02am
May be I'm a bit beside my self after all ?! I have no idea, why this topic appeared twice. I think I'll go to bed now. The day tomorrow we will spend with friends in sauna facilities, after that I'll be back to usual form.
Re: Today I had to shoot my colleagues! by tucsonmike on 15 December 2007 10:52am
LOL! I am glad we got that straight! I was worried. In Arizona, you can be arrested for comments like that.

Actually, you remind me of a funny story.

One of my Dad's first students had been a photographer in the Navy right after World War II. Their ship was off the coast of Napoli, and the Captain ordered Kenny to take a photograph of Vesuvius erupting.

You would not mind, except they were 20 miles off the coast, this was 1955 and it was three in the morning.
Kenny is awakened.
"Captain wants you."
"Why, is he planning to throw me overboard?"
"He will if you do not come with me to the bridge at once!"
"It is still dark out. My goodness, the Soviets are attacking!"
(Kenny is a bit of a wiseass, just in case you have not figured it out).
Well he drags himself out of his bunk.
"Get your camera equipment."
"So the Soviets are attacking!"
"No, wiseguy just get a move on)!
Kenny drags his camera equipment up to the bridge.
"Take a picture!" the Captain barks.
"Of what, Captain?" Kenny asks quizzically.
"You may be a photographer and a chemist, but you know your classics, don't you, Vesuvius is erupting! This is history, and I will be erupting if you don't take the damn picture!"
"Captain, at this distance and at night, you will not get anything."
"Just take the damn picture!"

Well he did. All that came out was a silver streak down a black frame. See, I told you so, did not go down very well. The Captain could not discipline him, but was annoyed. Captains do not like to be told "See I told you so."

Moral of story, Holger. They made jokes, but you got the damn picture! LOL!
Re: Today I had to shoot my colleagues! by Holle on 16 December 2007 12:20am
Mike, you don't know how right you are. Our MD had planed this for weeks. As it was set to the final management meeting for this year, even the CEO of our mother company was there and stood in the first row. Getting so many people in one picture means every face becomes already tiny. As it was taken inside, the light was bad and the extended platform started to wobble. Well, excellent conditions to screw up the whole thing! Which I actually did with most of the taken shots ... totally shaky and fuzzy. But a few were acceptable and saved my skin :-).
Re: Today I had to shoot my colleagues! by tucsonmike on 16 December 2007 11:34pm
LOL! Holger. Sometimes being right is not necessarily happy making.

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