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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
N.S.B.T.R. .... by Spursfan on 9 January 2008 12:28pm
....stands for Northern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue.

I made my husband a 'friend' of this extremely worthwhile cause as one of his Xmas pressies. Some of the tales are so sad we both have trouble reading them.

But at least we know we have, in a small way, helped and will do so every year from now on. And it makes us love Tosun even more (if that's possible!!).

This is a link to one of the pages on their site, it is about the place Staffies go 'at the end'. It is a lovely thought, I think.


If you love Staffies and want to help, go to the left hand list, to 'Join our friends scheme' and join up!!!
Re: N.S.B.T.R. .... by Spursfan on 9 January 2008 10:30pm
Re: N.S.B.T.R. .... by suzulu on 9 January 2008 10:48pm
Awwww! It made me want to cry.
Re: N.S.B.T.R. .... by sighthound on 10 January 2008 12:06am
It didn't make me just want to cry, it made me cry. I'm thinking of all those wonderful animals who are being demonized here in the States because they have big, broad heads. All of those dogs on that website would be confiscated and killed if they were in Denver which has declared war on all "bully" breeds. More than 2,000 family pets with no history of aggression have been murdered there and lots of other cities want to follow suit. BSL (breed specific legislation) is one of the tactics of the "animal rights" fanatics who want to deprive us all of our best friends.
Re: N.S.B.T.R. .... by Spursfan on 10 January 2008 8:21am
Oh Geraldine that is SO wrong!! The thought of someone taking our 'little boy' away is, well, I CAN'T think of it it would be too upsetting!!!

At the moment he is snuggled up in bed next to my husband (it is 6.36 - the alarm is due to go off at 7 but I got up at 5.30 coughing!!) - a more gentler dog you would have to go far to see (unless you are another dog!!).

I wish the 'Punish the Deed not the Breed' slogan had got through!!

This is a leaflet on prohibited dogs in the UK;


Re: N.S.B.T.R. .... by sighthound on 11 January 2008 1:46am
Yes, definitely don't plan on ever visiting Denver with Tosun in tow, Anne! Even some lab and golden retriever mixes have been caught up in that horrible law.

I'm co-listowner on a couple of Yahoo lists that are fighting the epidemic of bad animal legislation that is sweeping the country. There isn't a day that goes by without learning of attempts to ban dogs like yours someplace new in the country. We have gotten so much better organized in the last year that we are starting to win some of the battles but we have to go up against campaign after campaign funded by the extremely rich "animal rights" organizations like PETA and the Human Society of the United state (NOT your local Humane Society. HSUS operates NO shelters at all yet collects over $100,000,000 a year in donations from people who think their money is going to help animals when it really goes to pay for expensive lobbyists and lawyers pushing legislation and hysteria.)

Interesting list of banned dogs there. A friend of mine has a Dogo Argentino who works as a therapy dog (and was ring-bearer at her wedding.) He's the sweetest dog.... Over here, "pit bull" (there is no such breed) legislation usually includes all of the "bully" breeds which would include Tosun and often they add Rottweilers, German Shepherds (Alsatians), chows, Dobermans and boxers among others. Sometimes they even include greyhounds, wolfhounds and deerhounds which hits much too close to home for me.
Re: N.S.B.T.R. .... by Spursfan on 11 January 2008 9:53am
I know a lot of Pit Bulls are dangerous, Geraldine - but that is because they have been bred specifically for fighting, or at least have been brought up like that.

In my humble opinion, it shouldn't be as black and white as having a list of breeds. There are plenty of examples where so-called gentle breeds, such as St Bernards, have turned nasty. I'm not sure of the best way, but surely it should be a case of 'testing' or something individual dogs?

But I suppose that takes money - much better to tar each dog in a breed with the same brush?

Thank goodness the 'hysteria' over pit bulls etc isn't QUITE as bad over here - though it always builds after a child gets injured (which obviously no-one wants to see) by a dog which happens to be a 'bully' breed, usually a cross. Then the papers go mad.

I notice from the site I put on my last post that it says people call their pit bulls all sorts of things to avoid having them taken - American Staffies and Irish Staffies among them.

Re: N.S.B.T.R. .... by mrsthing on 12 January 2008 12:12am
In Connecticut, if a dog bites anyone, it has to be put down. Even if the dog had no priors, even if the person provoked the dog--it doesn't matter. It's terribly unfair.

I've known a few "pit bulls" and Rottweilers, and my mom had a dog that was part Doberman--they were all nice dogs who never hurt anyone. It has more to do with the owners than it does with the breed.
Re: N.S.B.T.R. .... by sighthound on 12 January 2008 3:26am
Even if they were provoked?!!! Remind me to never go to Connecticut! What happens if a dog is defending its owner or her property? (I've got a little 10 pound bit of fluff that stopped some bad guys from breaking into my truck. I'd hate to think she would be executed for that. I recently came across an article about the statistics for robberies and break-ins. Your house is much safer if you have a dog than if you have a fancy security system.)

The "bully breeds" have actually been bred to be gentle with humans because their jaws are so strong but, in the fighting lines, they have been bred to be dog aggressive as far as that can be determined by genetics which really isn't very far. The problem is with PEOPLE who want a "bad" dog. At the moment, so-called "pit bulls" have the "baddest" reputation so sick people get them and turn them into dangerous animals. It's not the dog's (or the breed's) fault. When I was young, Dobermans were considered the most vicious so criminals got Dobermans. In Victorian times, it was "common knowledge" that the most dangerous breed was collies because criminals had collies. Then all the Lad and Lassie stories changed that perception and bad people didn't want collies anymore.

The problem in the U.S. is mainly with our sensationalistic press. ("If it bleeds, it leads.") It is many, many, many more times likely that you will be killed by lightening than by a dog but every time there is a dog fatality anywhere, it is headline news for weeks. And the dogs are ALWAYS referred to a "pit bulls" although, frequently, they have no bully breed in their background at all. I worked my way through grad school working in boarding kennels and grooming shops. The only breed I regularly had problems with was chihuahuas. And little mixed breeds whose owners got them cheap and didn't bother to put in any time or money training them.

Speaking of Lassie, I'm helping to produce some political films with her (him). Lassie got politically active last year when "animal rights" people tried to pass a very bad law in California that would have meant that Lassie would have had to be neutered, ending this wonderful line of movie icons. (The current "Lassie" is Lassie #9, descended from the original Pal. All have been male. "Her" name is Laddie.) Growing up in Hollywood, I'm rarely impressed with celebrities but I LOVED meeting Lassie - a childhood dream come true.

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