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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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The 1960's by tucsonmike on 10 January 2008 4:29am
I mentioned reading Tom Brokaw's book. (For Non Americans) Brokaw is a retired news anchor from NBC. He writes a lot about American History.

I am curious. In the U.K. or other nations, what did you have going on, protests trends etc. I know in Prague you had the Prague Spring.
Re: The 1960's by Spursfan on 10 January 2008 8:10am
I seem to remember from my youth being obsessed by Daniel Cohn-Bendit (his name was written all over my books!) in 1968 or 1969. He was, as I recall, the student leader during all the unrest in Paris in 1968. It wasn't his looks, but his politics that so attracted the 15-year old me.

(the wikipedia article is disputed but it gives you an idea)



Here in England we had many protest marches etc - in England the leader was Tariq Ali.


Mainly these protests were against the Vietnam war, but 'we' were also protesting against the establishment (man!). [I have put 'we' in brackets because although I was with my brothers and sisters in theory, I was too young and too far away to take part! I did try and drum up support in my school though!]

This might help too:


Anne the Revolutionary
Re: The 1960's by elina on 10 January 2008 10:24am
Well, I can't really talk from my memory but I've done a bit of research about Finland in the 60's. In politics, the first hints of taistoism (opposition movement inside the Communist party) were seen but it only became a major thing in 70s. Also, in 60's, Finland became more industrialized so agriculture started to become less significant.

From cultural point of view, one of the most interesting things from 60's is Hannu Salama's book "Juhannustanssit" (Midnight summer dances) which was accused of blasphemy.
Re: The 1960's by Ellerd on 10 January 2008 12:56pm
All I know of Australia in the 1960's is stuff I've read in history books.

The conservative Robert Menzies was prime minister up until 1966. He sent Aussie troops to Vietnam and re-introduced conscription. After Menzies retired, Harold Holt took over. With regard to the Vietnam War, Holt promised "to go all the way with L.B.J". Holt didn't go very far - he drowned in December 1967. Another conservative PM, John Gorton, remained in power until 1971.

We had the usual anti-war protests during the 60's. When President Johnson visited Sydney in 1966, several protestors attempted to block the President's motorcade by laying down in the street. The NSW premier was not amused: "Run the bastards over!" he growled.
Re: The 1960's by kazzzz on 10 January 2008 2:42pm
Ellerd, my maiden name was Menzies :)
Re: The 1960's by mrsthing on 10 January 2008 3:38pm
I grew up in the US in the 60s, but with conservative Republican parents, it was like being in a different world. My dad supported the Viet Nam war and taught me never to question my government because they were always right, and these protesters were all lying commie sympathizers who were trying to destroy the social fabric, etc., etc. They even forbade me to watch public television or listen to National Public Radio because of their "pinko-liberal" influence. Yeah, that Mister Rogers was a crafty bastard! LOL For the record, I've been a liberal for most of my life--my parents failed to brainwash me.
Re: The 1960's by geordiegirl on 10 January 2008 6:07pm
You react against your parents, Judy - so many kids did that. 1960 generation in particular, I always think - so many unspoken rules,taboos,deferences etc. were smashed.
AND I remember the excitement of Harold Wilson being elected to government after '13 Years of Tory Misrule'. His government did some good things (abortion law, death penalty, gay rights etc. all changed for the better). AND to the sheer exasperation of LBJ, Harold W. kept UK out of Vietnam
Re: The 1960's by tucsonmike on 11 January 2008 2:04am
I was only thirteen when the sixties ended. Vietnam was something Walter Cronkite opened the nightly news with.

Tom Brokaw talked about two developments in his book.
1. The protests against Vietnam.
2. The Civil Rights movement.

We were raised to treat all as individuals. The Civil Rights movement was seen by my parents as somewhere else. On my mothers side I have cousins, who grew up in Alabama. I lived around older folks in Southside Virginia. I knew damn well not to bring up those years.

My second favorite cousin is in her sixties but still beautiful and very much a Southern Belle. She attended the University of Alabama and was a sorority sister there. I'll let y'all in on an old secret. I wanted to go work in Montgomery for her mother, 'cause my Mom and I were not getting on too well.
That would have been strange. Governor Wallace's first wife Lurleen was a friend of my aunt. My aunt ran a yarn store in Montgomery. (I was also swayed by my Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders poster and thought all Southern girls were gorgeous, but I digress).

Vietnam only mattered later, when same cousin married her husband, a returning Vietnam POW. Therefore,

1. I still see Jane Fonda as pure evil and she should have been tried for treason.

2. I understand WHY we fought in Vietnam, but it should have been done by running it by Congress. I do understand the logic. The planners who wanted the war were influenced by Chamberlain @ Munich. They did not want to be Chamberlain.

So that is my take on the Sixties in the United States.

Re: The 1960's by Spursfan on 11 January 2008 9:37am
I was only 16 when it ended Mike, so I can see what you mean. We sort of 'grew up' with Vietnam didn't we, it was something on the news everyday. I had this sort of fantasy (but not sexual!!) that I would dress as a GI and go out and fight in 'Nam - don't know why! I would've 'won the war' and then all these GIs would've discovered I was female - oh it WAS sexual then (only kidding).

On the other hand Jane Fonda was a sort of hero - talk about mixed up teenager!!

I remember also in the earlier 60's hearing about the Congo a lot; and I remember where I was when it broke that Kennedy was assasinated!! I cried - I had liked him (I was 10).

The best thing about the 60s though was the music and fashion! Everything was new, perhaps it was my age but it all seemed wonderful. All the peace and love (man!). I can remember at 13 or 14 wearing bells round my neck and flowers in my hair - once a bell in my schoolbag jangled as I moved it and the teacher said 'oh, you're one of them are you?' (if he'd said that today it would have a different meaning altogether!!).

Looking back the 60s seem so innocent - but it was probably because I was at the time - though I thought I was soooo streetwise!!

Re: The 1960's by elina on 11 January 2008 11:49am
I once asked my parents what they remember about 60's (they were born in 50's) and the two things were Kennedy's assasination and Armstrong in the Moon. So I guess the world was already then quite a small place, now even more, thanks to Internet.

I'm glad the spirit of the 60's is still around in some way. If I could go back in time I would love to go to 60's, just to see what the world looked like when my parents were young (and innocent, no history of protesting anything)
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