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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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JAPAN - YIPPEE! by TERRY S on 10 January 2008 1:57pm
Well, I'm off to Japan tomorrow. Ta for all the advice. Will let you know how it goes! Bye for now!
Re: JAPAN - YIPPEE! by suzulu on 10 January 2008 2:13pm
Have a great time, Terry!
Re: JAPAN - YIPPEE! by TERRY S on 10 January 2008 11:46pm
Will do!
Re: JAPAN - YIPPEE! by TERRY S on 14 January 2008 12:55am
Hello! Having fun here, but jet lag is killing us. We are working to Japanese time, but it isn't helping. We are falling to sleep at 8pm and waking at three in the morning. HELP! Liked Kobe, and Kyoto. Wanted to wear kimono every day like Japanese do. Boyfriend is concerned we may insult the Japanese because we are Westerners trying to look Japanese. However, I believe in "When in Rome", etc. What do you guys think?
Re: JAPAN - YIPPEE! by johnnythemonkey on 14 January 2008 10:12am
Wear the kimono and tell your boyfriend to lighten up ! Glad to hear you are enjoying your trip.
Re: JAPAN - YIPPEE! by TERRY S on 15 January 2008 1:45pm
Will do, Johnny. got two already. Anyone knowhow to tie an obi? Ive got diagrams and I still can't get it!
Re: JAPAN - YIPPEE! by elina on 15 January 2008 1:53pm
I've understood that it is quite difficult. Surely some one can help you with it? I'm jealous, by the way, I have always wanted a kimono. Did you buy them? How much did they cost?
Re: JAPAN - YIPPEE! by pandab on 16 January 2008 3:53am
Terry, I'm incredibly jealous! I was just in Japan this past fall, but I sooo want to go back!

An obi LOOKS so simple, but they can be tricky. You can find kimono shops in most major shopping malls or department stores. Ask a clerk if they can help. You can also ask someone at your hotel. That is what I did. The lady actually got quite a kick out of it!

The problem with wearing kimonos is, while they are comfortable, they can be hard to wear in while wandering around sightseeing. I save mine for special stuff. For example, I wore it to my fancy dinner in Kyoto.

I doubt the Japanese will be insulted, though you will get some strange looks.
I got a lot of doubletakes, walking around Kyoto in my kimono, but people always ended up smiling ... even if it was joined with a rueful shake of the head. "Silly tourist," I could imagine them thinking.

Like I said, the lady at the hotel desk got a kick out of it. She could barely tie my obi for giggling so much. :+)

Have fun!

Re: JAPAN - YIPPEE! by TERRY S on 16 January 2008 3:53pm
Hi. Was thinking of asking hotel person, but didn't want them to think I was weird! But it sounds like they are only too happy to help.Bought a purple silk Yukata in Kyoto Tower Hotel, but can't remember how much i paid for it, Very cheap, though. Also bought a yukata set(kimono, clogs, obi, sashes,etc) in the Kyoto textile centre for about Y6,500(£30). If you go there,and ask, they will dress you in a kimono and you can spend all day walking around the centre in it. It's about £20. More if you want a photo or if you want to go outside. Funny story: They had this stage they used for their kimono fasion shows. I asked they receptionist if I could go up there so my boyfriend could video me parading in my kimono. However, at the same time I was up there, a tour party came around. They thought I was part of the show, and maybe demonstrating that Westerners can also wear kimono. They were taking photos and videos and everything! It was slightly embarrassing, but funny.

So far I have loved the Bento, Tokyo Disney, Kyoto and Kobe. Not keen on Osaka, but then I didn't see that much of it before we had to move on (we're traveling around). Going to British Hills tomorrow (Thursday 17th), which is good because I'm feeling a bit homesick. Will keep you updated.
Re: JAPAN - YIPPEE! by elina on 16 January 2008 7:31pm
Well those aren't expensive. I sometimes heard that a very good kimono can cost thousands of dollars.

Glad you're enjoying your trip! I've always wanted to visit Japan, maybe it's because I'm Finn and we have lot of Japanese tourists here. What's the weather like up there?
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