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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Choosing a book for holiday by Spursfan on 23 January 2008 10:09am
I am trying to choose a book to take on holiday in a couple of weeks and could do with your help! Don't want to buy a new one as there are so many in our 'library' that I haven't read or have only part read that it seems silly.

Right, I have narrowed it down to a few.

1. Tom Jones by Henry Fielding (read at Uni but this would be for pleasure)

2. Les Liaisons Dangereuses by Choderlos de Laclos (read at uni etc etc)

3. The Heart of the Matter by Graham Green

4. Lady Chatterley's Lover by D. H. Lawrence

5. An Agatha Christie (I have them all)

Any views?

Personally I am edging towards good old Agatha, and the good thing about it is the set of books I have (hardback) all contain two stories so one book would keep me amused all holiday!!

I feel like taking Harry Potter to re-read but it is far too big!! (ditto with New Europe - I did take it to read on the plane last November but really it is too big!!).

On the other hand I feel like reading a Dickens, perhaps The Old Curiosity Shop?

Oh damn!!!
Re: Choosing a book for holiday by elina on 23 January 2008 10:39am
Well, in my opinion Agatha Christie would be quite good. On the other hand, Tom Jones would bring sort of holiday spirit (I think).

Think about where you're going to read it. If in car, then something lighter reading would be nice. If in train/plane, then maybe something that gives the feeling of travelling (what's better than Michael's books for that?). If in house inside/outside, then some pure classic like Lady Chatterley is quite lovely.

Or, if you really can't make up your mind, take one book from the shelf, put it in your back not looking what it is, and then when you have already left home, take the book and simply read it (or drive to the nearest book store to buy better one) :)

I always have one book which I take with me, Nigel Hawthorne's Straight face. It gives me a feeling of safety, and I can read time and time again and won't get bored.
Re: Choosing a book for holiday by Spursfan on 23 January 2008 11:45am
Mostly I will be reading in our apartment - there are a few books there already but I want to also read a little on the plane.
One of the books there is Sound of Laughter, Peter Kay, which I read last summer whilst on holiday. A perfect, laugh out loud, holiday book. But of course, I've read it so it wouldn't be the same.

I may yet take a Cadfael - though I have read them all and have the DVDs of the ones they have done on TV.

'Comforting' books though.

(can't read in a car - I would get car sick!!)

Re: Choosing a book for holiday by mrsthing on 23 January 2008 3:41pm
I love "Winter's Tale" by Mark Helprin. It's a beautiful story with a twist--characters die, but some come back, and some recur as other characters, but you know who they're supposed to be. It's a long book, and should occupy quite a bit of time on your holiday.

If you want something funny, Graham Chapman's autobiography is great. Some places had me helpless with laughter.

Just about anything by David Sedaris makes me laugh, too, but I especially enjoyed "Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim" and "Naked".
Re: Choosing a book for holiday by suzulu on 23 January 2008 5:56pm
Take Agatha Christie. Nice reading for a holiday.
Re: Choosing a book for holiday by geordiegirl on 23 January 2008 6:06pm
I always think reading on holiday depends where you are, Anne (yes, i can probably get Up Myself about this). I wouldn't personally take anything which required LOTS of concentration to a hot place. (Husband tries to match his reading to where he's going -I can't usually do that. Agatha is good light escapism always, what about 'Lady Chatterley'? I think you'd get a good laugh out of that these days - that goes with holidays!
Re: Choosing a book for holiday by Spursfan on 23 January 2008 8:17pm
It isn't going to be hot, Linda, and I don't know if I'm going to get a lot of time for reading this break as we have a friend (female) with us this time who is very (how shall I put this?)
- chatty!

She has just been through a very spiteful divorce (a pre-teenager daughter is being used as ammunition by her ex, who has just remarried....and his new wife happens to be our friend's sister!!)

So you can see I may not be able to read much!

We are taking her to see Pammukkale, and stopping a night in a hotel there.

I think Agatha may be a good choice...just got to decide which one now hahahaha!! I love the Tommy and Tuppence ones, but of course I've read all those.

By the way, we spent our silver wedding in the Pera Palas, Istanbul, where she (Agatha not Tuppence!) where she wrote Murder on the Orient Express. They have the room she stayed in dedicated as a sort of museum. The same with the room Ataturk stayed in; we looked round both, our room had been stayed in by the King of Italy or somewhere; I forget to be honest.

[Michael also stayed there during AWTI80D]
Re: Choosing a book for holiday by Palin_Lover on 24 January 2008 2:21am
Pick Lady Chatterly!
Have fun on holiday! ^__^
Re: Choosing a book for holiday by geordiegirl on 24 January 2008 6:12pm
Oooh, yes, LOTS to get your teeth intore marriages/divorces, etc. The Pera Peralas sounds fascinating - you'll soon have to think about where to spend your 40th, yes? Our own 25th is coming up next year but that will be spent in Bath.

Anyway, sounds as if you're off soon, have (another!) great holiday there. What are your dates away? Roughly, of course?
Re: Choosing a book for holiday by Spursfan on 24 January 2008 8:18pm
February 5 - 12.

Our 40th will be in December 2011.

We have talked about the Galapagos Islands; and also seeing the Aurora Borealis.

Or maybe back to India to spend a week or so in one super-luxury palace hotel instead of a maximum of two nights in many, which we did before !! There was no time really to really soak up the indulgent luxury - too much to see and do.

Or maybe, just maybe, spend it with Tosun in England.

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