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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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For the cat lovers here by suzulu on 23 January 2008 5:54pm
Re: For the cat lovers here by mrsthing on 24 January 2008 1:46am
Poor kitty! I suppose she couldn't move in the suitcase, so even if the airport security people noticed a cat-shaped item in the suitcase, they probably assumed it was a stuffed toy. She seems none the worse for wear, though. Cats are amazing!
Re: For the cat lovers here by elina on 24 January 2008 12:50pm
Glad the kitty's OK! Must have been an experience for it.

Some sad news for cat lovers: I just read today morning from the paper that a woman had killed her cat by putting it to the washing machine (laundry). And how did the the man and woman justify it? They are from countryside where cats and other animals are killed in various ways. The woman had got bored with the cat and wanted to get rid off it. I wonder why they didn't took the poor kitty to a place where they take care of animals. Apparently she had called some authorities but they hadn't gone to pick up the poor kitty immediately. The woman was sentenced for fines (700 euros) and she can't keep or take care of animals for five years. As far as I'm concern, she should keep away from all the animals.
Re: For the cat lovers here by Spursfan on 24 January 2008 12:54pm
Sorry - I just can't bring myself to read your post, after the first few lines!

Does that mean I am a coward? Sometimes if something nasty has happened to an animal and it is reported on TV news I turn to another channel.
Re: For the cat lovers here by elina on 24 January 2008 12:57pm
I understand. It's horrible how some people treat animals. And what can be more horrible for the cat than to be killed like that? Makes me sick.
Re: For the cat lovers here by tucsonmike on 24 January 2008 7:51pm
There are just some mean, self centered people out there.
Re: For the cat lovers here by Lounge Trekker on 25 January 2008 1:22am
If Spursfan can't bear it; Lounge Trekker can't. I'm such a softie for animals that when watching a wildlife show...I switch channels just before the kill scene in a hunt!

I am unable to understand how anyone can be cruel to any animal.

Re: For the cat lovers here by Spursfan on 25 January 2008 9:45am
You and me both, Pete!! My husband is 'worse' than I, in the sense that he cannot bear to watch the TV vet type of programme, or 'Rescue' ones. He says its's because there is so much suffering in them. I don't mind too much as 9 times out of 10 there is a happy ending (though I have been known to watch in tears!!).

I don't tend to watch wildlife shows - there is ALWAYS something sad in them, even though it is 'natural' and not man-made cruelty! The classic was one about dingos, in which there was a young one who everyone in the pack ignored, and it was whining etc to get into the hole (or whatever - I'm gong back about 30 years!!!). It was heartbreaking and you knew it would die on its own.

See? That image has stuck with me all these years. That's why I don't watch 'em!!!

Anne the Wimp
Re: For the cat lovers here by mrsthing on 25 January 2008 3:11pm
I don't watch TV, but every now and again, there's a story on the news about abused animals that makes me so angry and sad. Pets, especially, ask so little and give so much. It must take a really twisted mind to return that with cruelty.

Some years back, a cow escaped from a slaughterhouse in a town near where I grew up. My mother sent me the clippings for weeks. This poor cow hid out in the woods for about 2 months, foraging what it could. Lots of people were trying to find it, but eventually, some vegetarians lured it into a horse trailer and took it home to their barn. The owner wanted it back (he wanted the money the cow would have brought), but the new owners just paid the guy what it was worth and kept it. I just heard recently that the cow is still alive and well some 7 years later.

Re: For the cat lovers here by sighthound on 27 January 2008 1:17am
Anne, usually when adult animals reject a young animal like that dingo, it is because something is wrong with it and it is going to die anyway. It's better in the wild to have that happen quickly. I've had a dog, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds reject a newborn occasionally which I then hand raise and, usually, even after spending a lot on vet bills, it turns out that the best thing to do is put it down and I've just prolonged its suffering. Nature is cruel but wise. (I've had some wonderful success stories, too, so I won't stop doing it as long as I can keep them comfortable so they aren't in pain and distress. Raising animals is my favorite thing but it can be heartbreaking sometimes.)

I'd heard a lot about "Meerkat Manor" so finally tuned into an episode which turned out to be the one where the matriarch, Flower, is killed while defending her newborn pups from a cobra. Couldn't see much of it clearly because of my tears and I haven't been able to bring myself to watch another episode....
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