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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Yay Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by MMMmmm... on 6 February 2008 7:01am
As a woman in America, I cannot tell you how proud I am!

When I was a little, little girl I used to say I wanted to be the first female president of the United States. I wasn't serious, but it sounded fun.

She hasn't won, but I feel this is her time.

Obama can run again, but it is less likely that she would.

I feel in my gut, she is the most intelligent, qualified, competent candidate.

She is the one most qualified to help our economy.

It is so exciting!!!!!!!!
Re: Yay Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by geordiegirl on 6 February 2008 7:15pm
It's so close, always. i gather Hillary has won more states, and Obama more delegates (or is it the other way around).Our pundits are saying it's still too close to call - I'm backing Hillary myself(can't do anything about it though!) & a friend of mine in NY is working for her (Liz has great experience of UK general elections)
Re: Yay Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by mrsthing on 6 February 2008 10:43pm
Whoever gets nominated, they'll have quite a battle against the Republicans. I think it's going to get very nasty.

Then again, it's foggy, cold, drizzly, and dark here today, and my mood is going with it.
Re: Yay Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Palin_Lover on 7 February 2008 2:07am
I do intend to vote Republican but I'm quite proud a woman has made it so far and gotten so much positive support!
Re: Yay Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by tucsonmike on 7 February 2008 3:57am
Don't celebrate so soon. She and Obama are only 70 delegates apart and only one third of the way to a majority with half the delegates chosen. The Democrats could end up with the first brokered convention in sixty years.
Re: Yay Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by pandab on 7 February 2008 3:58am
I'm in a quandry. I like both Hillary and Obama. Though I'm starting lean toward Obama a bit more, they are still pretty much neck and neck for me.

I won't vote Republican. The only one I might have been tempted to vote for is McCain, but he just doesn't do it for me anymore. I certainly won't vote for Romney. I can't put my finger on it, but something about him gives me the creeps. Huckabee gets my vote for most entertaining candidate, but I just can't take him seriously enough. Besides, both Romney and Huckabee are too conservative for me.

Yep, Mrs. Thing, I agree. This election is going to get nasty. The amusing part, though, is going to be watching the nominated two dance around each other. No matter who is nominated, there will be points that the opposite must be VERY careful about. The politically correct police are going to be out in force this fall. :+)

Re: Yay Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by kazzzz on 7 February 2008 5:45am
But itn' t it more to do with the party's policies rather than like or dislike for the figurehead?
Re: Yay Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Miss-M on 7 February 2008 6:17am
OF COURSE NOT!! It's all about who looks the best on TV and how much money they have to fund their campaign.
Re: Yay Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by kazzzz on 7 February 2008 6:25am
Oh right is that why Kevin07 won. Coz he has nice ties and suits and a half decent haircut?
Re: Yay Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by geordiegirl on 7 February 2008 3:51pm
Please explain to me a Brokered Convention?
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