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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Nasty things in your bed by Miss-M on 8 February 2008 4:11am
I found a bull ant under my pillow last night. It was a very unpleasant surprise. For those of you unfamiliar with bull ants, here is a link:


What other nasties (excluding people) have Palinites found in their beds?
Re: Nasty things in your bed by paintergirl on 8 February 2008 5:00am
This question could easily go awry. :)

Once I found a tick. Gross.
Re: Nasty things in your bed by sighthound on 8 February 2008 5:33am
Excluding all from the genus homo sapiens, I once found a tarantula at the end of my bed. It was small and very hairy and, while it is hard to determine the emotional state of spiders, it seemed to be very glad when I put it back outside.

While I was living at that same place, I was once on a phone call with a guy a friend was trying to hook me up with when I noticed a much larger tarantula walking across the floor. (I do like to live in rural places.) The phone conversation had been going very well but I asked him to wait for a moment while I captured the spider and when I came back his ardor had definitely cooled. I thanked the tarantula for short-cutting the "dating - getting to know you process" as I'm definitely not interested in any man that is afraid of spiders.
Re: Nasty things in your bed by tucsonmike on 8 February 2008 6:15am
Yes I can see where that would be an unpleasant surprise.

I got greeted by a water bug the cat chased onto the foot of the bed when I was in high school. Taffy was disappointed when I killed it, (the great Siamese hunter).

I was on a phone call at work recently. My customer was in Las Vegas. She had just moved there from Connecticut and was miserable. I had her take the wall control off the wall and suddenly I heard a blood curdling scream. A tarantula had fried itself in the wall control.
She cried about wanting to return to Connecticut.
Re: Nasty things in your bed by Lounge Trekker on 8 February 2008 7:24am
So Missy, do you see these monsters often? Up to 2 cm long! That could be pretty nasty without the sting. So how strong are these guys? How big a particle can they pick up?

Life in Aus is fraught with threats. The worst thing I've found in my bed were spiders. There are very few poisonous spiders anywhere in Canada unless you have an allergy, and none where I live. I kinda like 'em, but not in my bed.

Arachno Trekker
Re: Nasty things in your bed by suzulu on 8 February 2008 12:38pm
That bull ant looks nasty! I would have freaked out if that had been in my bed, also the tarantula! *Screams hysterically*.

I had a cockroach in my bed in a hotel in Interlaken, Switzerland. It was quite late and we called the manager. The woman in the room next door was wondering what all the fuss was about. She came out of her room with rollers in her hair and cream on her face! It was quite funny.
Re: Nasty things in your bed by kazzzz on 8 February 2008 1:31pm
I found a white tail spider on Kathryn when she was a baby, in her cot. Their bite is flesh rotting,I was very lucky that it didn't bite her.
Other nasties found in my bed include several men.

Re: Nasty things in your bed by ev on 8 February 2008 1:42pm
Kazz the one about the White-tail spider bite causing flesh to rot is a myth.:

"Sensational media reporting of supposed cases of severe "necrotising arachnidism" has given the White-tailed Spider a bad reputation. However, a recent study has monitored the medical outcomes of over 100 verified White-tailed Spider bites and found not a single case of ulceration (confirming the results of an earlier study). The available evidence suggests that skin ulceration is not a common outcome of White-tailed Spider bite."


Makes a good story for the tourists though..

Re: Nasty things in your bed by kazzzz on 8 February 2008 1:46pm
No it's not Ev, our school lollipop man was bitten and the wound was horrendous!! My daughter was also bitten on the foot (when she was much older) and it blistered and formed a hole the size of a 10c coin, which was there for months and months and she still has a big scar.
Re: Nasty things in your bed by peripatetically on 8 February 2008 3:07pm
A snake! In Florida. But thank God , it was wooden. The son of a former Scottish Palinite, thought it would be cute to scare the living heebie-jeebies out of me! HAHAHAHA I knew something might be coming, but it still shocked me and I screamed bloody murder. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAha. I'll get him back someday.....
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