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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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I Fear Mike Huckabee by canaveralgumby on 9 February 2008 5:26am
-by Cori-

Mike Huckabee is such a likeable man. He is very endearing. He is GREAT with the press and in tv appearances. He is calm and cool. He most likely will not give the media a "Kerry windsurfing" or "Dukakis riding an army tank" or "Howard Dean screaming" moment. He's a musician! (guitar)

He is also a Southern Baptist minister. He does not believe in evolution. He is anti-choice.

Mostly, we notice and remember the stuff in the first paragraph, not the second.

Re: I Fear Mike Huckabee by tucsonmike on 9 February 2008 5:29am
I wouldn't worry about it, Cori. His campaign is basically over and McCain will be able to write his own platform, no questions asked.
Re: I Fear Mike Huckabee by canaveralgumby on 9 February 2008 5:40am
Is it over? Huckabee still has evangelicals who haven't voted yet. Romney and Paul may carry enough delegates to screw things up. I'd include Giuliani in that list but he may not as many delegates as Paul!
Re: I Fear Mike Huckabee by mrsthing on 9 February 2008 6:06pm
Romney dropped out on Thursday, so Huckabee may have more of a chance. But McCain has 714 delegates to Huckabee's 211, so Huckabee has a lot of catching up to do. McCain only needs 477 more to clinch the nomination.

Still wishing for that one-day primary...
Re: I Fear Mike Huckabee by canaveralgumby on 10 February 2008 9:15am
Okay, I have learned watching CNN tonight that it IS over! If Huckabee wins every primary/caucus from here out, he still can't beat McCain.

But Mike Huckabee is still a youngish man...
Re: I Fear Mike Huckabee by pandab on 12 February 2008 3:37am
Mike Huckabee has made some comments that appeal to me, but I just can't take him seriously enough as a candidate. Of course, with that said, I admit I couldn't take George W. seriously in 2000 either, so I'm not sure I would trust my instincts. :+)

Huckabee is too conservative for me, and I can't go with someone with the religious right. The Evangelical crowd downright scare me.

The Republican nominee will be John McCain, though who his VP choice is going to be will be interesting. I've got a feeling he might choose Huckabee, which would put the final nail in the coffin of my voting Republican (which was always an extremely slim chance anyway).

I'm still bouncing between Clinton and Obama. Right now, I'm leaning toward Obama because I think Clinton would be too divisive. Can't you just hear the Republicans sharpening their knives for her? They'll go after Obama in a big way, too, but he doesn't have the Clinton legacy to contend with.

Re: I Fear Mike Huckabee by JHorst on 12 February 2008 2:10pm
Why would you fear someone who is losing horribly?
Re: I Fear Mike Huckabee by mrsthing on 12 February 2008 6:42pm
"President Huckabee" just doesn't work for me. It sounds so silly. Of course, we'd have at least 4 more years of really funny cartoons... :D "President Obama", as foreign as that sounds to most Americans' ears, still sounds better than "President Huckabee."

Re: I Fear Mike Huckabee by MMMmmm... on 12 February 2008 10:53pm
I especially love the title of this thread - it always makes me smile. I can't get over associating his name with breafast foods, there are always buckwheat huckleberry pancakes lingering. And I am cut from the same cloth as my father: he said Huckabees sound like something you'd want to have on your breakfast cereal. Overall, and kept in a safe place, he is refreshing though - kind of like a Huckleberry smoothie. He does seem like such a nice guy. :)
Re: I Fear Mike Huckabee by Palin_Lover on 13 February 2008 1:47am
Yea, I absolutely refuse to say "President Huckabee"....ridiculous...
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