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  The Chatter Box : The Series
New Europe Dubrovnik by idrasko on 15 February 2008 10:24pm
Dear folks,
I was hoping that i will be trilled with the newest series New Europe cause i am a big fan of Michael P., his films, documentary series. But after i saw the 1st episode i was very disappointed. For the man i thought that Michael P. was globetrotter, man of great knowledge, open minded, objective, i was very surprised that he approached this subject with the burden of great historical English and Serbian ties. Through the whole 1st episode he tried to mask that with great tolerance to the problems of Muslims in this region. He never mentioned that Dubrovnik is a great Croatian city. He found one man from Bosnia to represent a Croatian city???? Another thing is that i was in Dubrovnik during the war and i know whose army was attacking us and it was not Serbo-Bosnian army but Serbians from Bosnia and Montenegrians and the name of that army was Yugoslavian national army (JNA) and paratroups - chetnics(Serbian radicals) composed of Serbians from Serbia. Further more when he visited Belgrade he presented Serbians through interview with Rambo-Amadeus ( junkie ) who presented very small percentage of Serbian population who were against the war-aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. After this experience with familiar thematics i am now sceptic about the way he presented other parts of the Earth.
I must say that i am very sad.


New Europe Mostar by ana2008 on 18 February 2008 2:38pm
This is my first time to comment something from media, but I am so sorry that I have to confirm my impression from before – never trust them completely :(.
I have to agree with this comment from Ivo for Dubrovnik too.
As I am from Mostar, that part of episode influenced on me and made me challenge to comment presentation of the city I like ->Mostar. Thank God I had a chance to travel and to meet foreigners, so I know what they think about this part of Europe- and for their opinion the most responsible are media, especially during the war. But after they come here they change their opinion. But this presentation of Mostar is not correct even he visited us!
There were no marks of Christian nations in the city in Michael’s episode. As there are only Muslims living and as they were the only victims of that horrible war.
M.Palin perhaps is not familiar with the past of this territory, but most of Muslims were, 500 years ago – before Turkish army came, Croatians and Serbs-> so some of us and other nations are still living here! There are also lots of graves with the young soldiers (died in 1993.) that are the heroes i.e. for Croatians in Mostar.
M.Palin should also check information about destroying the Old Bridge -> there were so many proofs that Croatian army could not do that. As long as it is the question he shouldn’t talk about that as a fact. Especially saying that “nation = Croatians from Bosnia” did that, not an army!
I have grown on that bridge. Each day I am trying to enjoy in it again, but you cannot compare anything with your parents, it’s too ridiculous to say that comparison in the name of others - people that lost their beloved in this not chosen war.
My only consolation is that M.Palin didn’t do it at purpose, perhaps someone gave him wrong information, but anyway, he gets experience of life time, so he should check data that he gives as the facts!
Regards from sunny and beautiful Mostar

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