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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Boy Scouts by canaveralgumby on 20 February 2008 5:47pm
Texas Gov. Rick Perry has written a book called "On My Honor: Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts Are Worth Fighting For." below is part of the AP article about it. I hate to talk about/against a book I've never read, I believe that's wrong and ignorant, like those people who picket movies they haven't seen. I just want to bring up Gov. Perry's quotes...

[AP article snippet] The book also traces a 30-year history of litigation involving the Scouts most of which they won which Perry considers an attack on traditional values and faith in God.

Perry, a Republican, targets the American Civil Liberties Union as the primary force behind a leftist push to accept homosexuality and challenge Scouting's duty to God.

"The ACLU and its allies seemed determined to force the Boy Scouts to bend to their version of what is right and wrong," he writes.

If intimidation and the threat of lawsuits succeed, Perry writes, "the culture war will be lost before we know it. If that happens, we will find ourselves living in a world where moral relativism reigns and individualism runs amok."

C. Gumby asks, WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT?!?!

Gee we sure don't want to let individualism run amok do we! In "LoB" when Brian said, "You're all individuals!", maybe it was a Boy Scout who said, "I'm not!"

And OOOOH that evil ACLU, fighting for everyone's freedom and liberty from persecution. How un-American!

And, um, doesn't moral relativism already "reign"? Because people are different, and everyone does NOT subscribe to the same religion/philosophy et al.??????

On a side note, my son was a Boy Scout as a young boy (for about 3 yrs. I think). Do you know who ran the dens and troops and activities? The MOTHERS. You couldn't GET the lazy fathers to do it. That always bothered me. It's supposed to be male. Male bonding, Tim Allen, Robert Bly primate stuff! Gay men would have provided that better than we moms did!!

Re: Boy Scouts by JHorst on 21 February 2008 1:56pm
"You couldn't GET the lazy fathers to do it."

It sounds like you are definitely NOT a relativist, canaveralgumby, you are making quite an "absolutist" statement...
Re: Boy Scouts by mrsthing on 21 February 2008 3:34pm
No, she's right. The Cub Scout dens are all run by the moms. The dads are supposed to take over when the Cub Scouts become Boy Scouts (3rd grade?), but I've heard that more and more moms are having to keep leading the Boy Scout troops in order for them to keep their charters.

Given the widespread child abuse perpetrated by male scout leaders, I'd say that moral relativism is alive and well in the BSA. I do realize that many boys had wonderful experiences in Boy Scouts, and they learned all the things they were supposed to learn about kindness, self-control, achievement, etc. But the vast majority of the ones I knew had negative or traumatic experiences.
Re: Boy Scouts by JHorst on 21 February 2008 4:08pm
So, the Boy Scouts are completely run by either good mothers or evil fathers, due to the fact that the non-pedaphile fathers are ALL too lazy to take an active role in their child's upbringing. And this can be stated universally.

Do you have ANY idea how bigotted you sound?
Re: Boy Scouts by canaveralgumby on 21 February 2008 6:20pm
Okay, smartie, I shall amend my statement.

FACT: We could get almost NO male parents involved in the Boy Scout troops I was involved with, in 2 towns. This includes the pool of husbands, ex-husbands, uncles, "big brother"-type volunteers.

Funnily, the little league sports had too many male volunteers to coach teams.

Back to my opinion/speculation: The Boy Scouts DO teach wonderful values about responsibility and civic-mindedness. This is why I wanted my son to be one. BUT unfortunately the Scouts, as an organization, continue to adhere to the beliefs that 1) homosexuality is immoral and 2) religion belongs in civic i.e. public/political life.

MAYBE this is why male, and female, parents are finding the Scouts to be antiquated or irrelevent.
Re: Boy Scouts by mrsthing on 21 February 2008 7:55pm
I think it's also that people are too busy. Many men bring work home with them, and those who work at home often work extra hours. And kids don't *just* have one or two activities anymore. They have 5 or 6; the parents are so busy juggling their kids' schedules they barely have time to themselves. (And if their kids don't have 5 or 6 activities, they have no one to socialize with because everybody else is at scouts, or sports, or music lessons, or whatever.) So I'd be willing to bet that most parents need some down time, and trying to contain a group of ordinary, loud, active boys isn't their idea of relaxation.

Re: Boy Scouts by kazzzz on 21 February 2008 11:20pm
When my girls were smaller, I worked, ran the house (all housework, shopping) did all the household finances as well as ran our own small business, and took care of all the kid's needs including schooling basketball, dancing, music lessons (and various other things over the years) and ilved on about 3 hours sleep a night.
My husband went to work, came home and drank and slept and took no interest or part in any of the girl's social or school activities.
So I think it's a crock of poo that men are too busy. Women are busier.
Re: Boy Scouts by johnnythemonkey on 22 February 2008 3:41am
I knew I should've married you !
Re: Boy Scouts by kazzzz on 22 February 2008 4:02am
Johnny you should join the Scouts, they prob have a badge in Scottish Gittism.
Re: Boy Scouts by johnnythemonkey on 22 February 2008 4:03am
Yould've been swiftly divorced for being far too cheeky . ;)
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