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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Favourite Python Character by notquitenglish on 19 April 2003 6:38am
I'm sure that this has been brought up before, but you'll have to forgive me as I haven't been here that long. But I just recently watched all the Flying Circus shows, and I'm gonna give you a rundown on my favourite characters.... whether you like it or not.

10: the Lumberjack
9:the Gumbies
8:Miss Anne Elk
7:Colin Mozart, Ratcatcher
6:the Its man
5:the Blackmail Guy
4:Ron Obvious
3:the Interesting People Interviewer
2:Luigi Vercotti
1: the Upperclass Twits

Although I suppose I should have a different list for each Python, because Palin's definitely holding the majority here....
Re: Favourite Python Character by ilse on 19 April 2003 9:00am
some of my favorite characters (ones that you didn't mention) are:
Mr. Badger (Eric Idle)
Mr.Gulliver (Terry Jones
Mr.Pither (Michael Palin)
Mr. Smoke-Too-Much (Eric Idle)
the man trying to teach the others to defend themselves against fruit (John Cleese)
and....there are just so many good ones!! (the twits are definitely the best!) : )
Re: Favourite Python Character by pandk2 on 19 April 2003 9:31am
OOOHHHH..hard question...
Michael as an ex leper....obviously!!
Mr Creosote
Michael in the Cheese shop
ALL of the Pythons when they dress as women..hahaha!!
Michael in the Spanish Inquisition sketch
Tim the Enchanter(JC in holy grail)
John at the stoning in holy grail
Stan, called loretta (eric ,again..holy grail!!)

This is a very hard question, but those ones spring to mind!
Re: Favourite Python Character by caitanja on 20 April 2003 12:41am
I agree with you all, you definitely have a good taste ;-) Especially the "Interesting People" interviewer is soo lovely - Michael is smiling all of the time (except when Keith Maniac can't send this brick to sleep because it's "already asleep", haha!).
Some more that havent been mentioned already:
-Miss Rita Fairbanks! (Eric Idle)
-Michael and Eric as children ("I want to have...Rachel Welch!")- soooo cute!
-Michael as the not so naughty chemist who says "A toilet requisite..te...te?!?"
-Graham Chapman as the pepperpot who says "Burma!"
-The seduced milkman Michael (aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!)
-The poofy judges (Michael + Eric again)
and hundreds more, I guess!
Re: Favourite Python Character by ravenreayn on 20 April 2003 3:22am
Karen, stan (loretta) and the stoning scene are both from Life of Brian. :) You probably already knew that, just a typo I'm sure. ;]


PS. I'm not even going to try to list my favorites. But the pepperpots and gumbies have always been one of my top 100. ^_^;
Re: Favourite Python Character by pandk2 on 20 April 2003 5:14pm
Re: Favourite Python Character by emartin on 21 April 2003 8:53am
I think my all time favorite would have to be the two Gumbys, john and michael in the Gumby brain surgery sketch! John especially cracks me up in that one!
Re: Favourite Python Character by Mac on 21 April 2003 10:50am
Sorry guys, I can,t make decisions like that !!!
To much brain strain hehehe
Love it all :)

MAC xxx
Re: Favourite Python Character by pandk2 on 21 April 2003 12:46pm
Hey Erin...you're back...haven't chatted to you for ages!

Re: Favourite Python Character by Rusted on 22 April 2003 9:07am
It's all about the Gumbies. ;O)

I strangely find them hilarious just looking at them. Heh heh.

But there are others...

~John's "Praline" character is just superb. (Fish License and Dead Parrot sketch.)
~Terry J as the Spam lady!
~Michael as Pontius Pilot (a favorite of all of ours, I'm sure!)
~Eric as Sir Robin ("I soiled my armour I was so nervous!")
~Graham and John in their many drag duos. ("Good morning Mrs. Cutout...")
~Michael as game show host - any of them!

And more, but I have to go peruse my videos for that...

YAY Pepperpots! ROFL!

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