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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Curious.... by notquitenglish on 19 April 2003 6:53am
Here's a poser.
Maybe someone can answer this for me.
Why are the English so keen on getting butt-naked in front of camera?
I'm sure I'm generalizing.... but WHY??? Some sense of freedom from restraint surely sent Palin skinny-dipping in American Friends.... and it's nakedchapmanphobia that keeps me from "Life of Brian". And I guess I could go through "Jabberwocky" and count how many rear ends there are in there, but frankly I'm afraid to. Will someone please clue me in? And should I avoid marrying a man from Britain?
Re: Curious.... by sleepydumpling on 19 April 2003 9:33am
I don't think it's a trait particular to Brits - Aussies are known for going starkers too. Not that I would ever do it!!

Re: Curious.... by pandk2 on 19 April 2003 9:36am
Don't forget Billy Connelly...even though he's Scottish...

Re: Curious.... by Helen on 19 April 2003 5:31pm
The what is it about Harvey Keitel? he gets nekkid in almost everything he's done. He's american, btw.
And Ewan Mcgregor---he's scottish, too. Naked as jaybird in several films.
And naked aussies? Russell Crowe in Romper Stomper. Okay then.
(actually, I think he was born in NZ)(but anyway)
I think you are on to something here...
Re: Curious.... by canaveralgumby on 19 April 2003 8:17pm
I think there are different standards for getting a film released without an X rating in the US and the UK (or whatever the equivilent of an X rating is in the UK). It seems to me that in the UK male nudity is more acceptable on screen.

Greg Proops had this great bit in his stand-up routine about the English getting rid of the Puritans, like, okay, you can go to the New World now, don't let the door hit you on the way out, that sort of thing.

- C
Re: Curious.... by fattcslim on 19 April 2003 10:07pm
mmm theres nothing like getting naked with a group of friends and skinny dipping, anyone want to come? patty? phyll? karen? mac? missy? JAKE? lol

Re: Curious.... by jake_h_uk on 19 April 2003 10:49pm
oi! less of the cheek!
Re: Curious.... by Kristine on 19 April 2003 11:13pm
Cori? You're a Greg Proops fan too? I LOVE YOU! I love that CC presents Special to death.

"You know what the English Call Thanksgiving? They call it "F**K OFF Puritain...Day."

I don't mind seeing a little bum on screen once in a while. Esp if it's from someone who I admire. :)
Re: Curious.... by risible-phyll on 19 April 2003 11:19pm
Right Tony we're game........ you go first...

oh my!!! Tony, that water must be cold !!!!lol

Phyll and her flying fish xoxox
Re: Curious.... by Dianne on 20 April 2003 5:33am
The Chatter Box is getting a little X-rated in places. There needs to be a notice on the door on the way in.
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