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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Last Episode of New Europe by tucsonmike on 15 March 2008 5:37am
Holger, Janin, care to comment?
Re: Last Episode of New Europe by Holle on 16 March 2008 2:23am
Actually, we quite enjoyed it. Used to see Michael and his BBC crew at far off and for us exotic places, is it really interesting to find them right in front of your doorstep and see what kind of people and locations they might dig out.

There are of course very familiar places: the first Dresden scene is a bridge across the Elbe river, that's Janin's daily way to her office, where she then parks her car right underneath the feet of Martin Luther (the statue in front of the Frauenkirche, you can find a picture of it in the book) in an underground carpark. In fact the coffee tables, Michael passes by as he marched towards the Frauenkirche, are the street cafe of Janin's hotel.

On the other hand, I had no idea that there are such things like a tank driving school for tourists or a laughter yoga class for lonely people in these huge and anonymous aparment buildings. You always can learn something from Michael's travel documentaries, quite fascinating.

At first glance, I wondered what that was supposed to be, as he flew to Rügen Island and instead of showing us the very beautiful chalk cliffs (similar to those in Dover) presenting us old Nazi buildings in a documentary called "NewEurope". But the intention came clear quickly with his closing phrase about the last attempt in vain to united Europe by force and the chance to do it now by cooperation.

And there he has the point: the communist system in Europe collapsed without one single shot, which I'm abolutely sure coming historians will regard as something very unique. How communist systems usually act, when people dare to raise their heads, can you see right now in Tibet. The chance for a "Chinese solution" in Europe was very close in the late eighties and just did no happen because the then quite old and senile communist gouvernments weren't able to react to the fast politcal developments anymore. Sometimes I think back and just wonder how smooth it all went as until then unthinkable things happend one by one and how the European map has changed since then. You can no drive from Paris to Warsaw without one single passport controll, so it looks like Europe is on a good way.

Re: Last Episode of New Europe by tucsonmike on 16 March 2008 3:55pm
Thank you for the comments!
Re: Last Episode of New Europe by Lounge Trekker on 19 March 2008 5:43am
Interesting to hear your comments, Holle! Thanks for that.

I just saw the New Europe Episode where Mr. Palin escorts us through Transdniester, then Moldova and through Romania. Some very good scenes, and personalities. It wasn't first class travel on the train into the mountains to cut wood, "But they're lumberjacks, and they're OK!"

I didn't see the episode on Germany. Looking at the guide, each episode is televised twice a week. I'm not a real TV guy but it seems unlikely, to me, that I missed it. I think this episode is still coming to us. Do you recall what it was called, Mike, or Holle?

Holle, I look forward to seeing your beautiful country through Michael Palin's eyes.

Re: Last Episode of New Europe by kazzzz on 19 March 2008 6:21am
Haven't even seen the FIRST ep yet!!!
Re: Last Episode of New Europe by Holle on 19 March 2008 1:38pm
Pete, it is in the last episode from Prague to the Baltic Sea or something like that. I'm not at home at the moment, so I can't look at the dvd for the correct title (maybe tomorrow evening if the Easter holiday traffic lets me through).

As my little slide-scanning-project is finished meanwhile, I was thinking of putting a few additional pictures from the Dresden area and Rügen Island to the Flickr site. Just let me know if anyone is interested.
Re: Last Episode of New Europe by sanna75 on 19 March 2008 2:32pm
I love that Lumberjack reference :-)
Re: Last Episode of New Europe by sighthound on 20 March 2008 8:13am
Travel Channel is starting to re-broadcast the episodes in the morning. They're on at 7 am PDT.
Re: Last Episode of New Europe by Lounge Trekker on 26 March 2008 6:10pm
I saw the last half of the episode entitled 'Danube to Dnieper', just last night. Mr. Palin interviewed several lovely ladies to get their generation perspective on the fall of the Soviet empire and his episode concluded in Yalta.

He had some very interesting sequences during which he described the Yalta conference in 1917(?). The view switched back and forth from the present footage of Mr. Palin to period pictures of the leaders of the time (Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt...) around the conference table...taken from the same camera angle! The building was virtually identical. Very interesting indeed, almost like a time travel experience.

"I wonder what Archie would want to do if he were in Yalta with me?" He then rode a midway ride that looked rather nauseating."Good thing I wore my jacket," he says, "This way I can vomit in the pocket!"

"If Archie could see me now!" was heard while the machine whirled it's passengers around.

Lounge Trekker
Re: Last Episode of New Europe by sanna75 on 26 March 2008 8:27pm
"I wonder what Archie would want to do if he were in Yalta with me?"

I didn't hear him say that, when did he said it??

Sorry to be a nitpick :-), but he said "Archie, if you could see me now, I did it for you"

Cute :-)

And it wasn't in the last episode, it was in the 4th :-)
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