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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Dream by Spursfan on 17 March 2008 10:29am
Can't be bothered to trawl in the basement looking for the original thread!

Had a weird dream last night about...Kenny Rogers!

I was in some sort of store, and in comes KR with some albums in his hands, and starts putting them on the counter in a little rack. He is selling them off because he has hit bad times. Of course I recognise him and go over and say how much I loved 'Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town' [which incidentally I did - I bought the single], in the hope that he will give me one of his albums.

Then I woke up.

I find it strange that I was talking about an actual song to the actual singer of that song, usually in a dream you don't have things like that (or at least I don't). And why Kenny Rogers who I have not really thought about for years?

I am not a fan by the way, as I said I loved 'Ruby DTYLTT', and I also bought 'Somethings Burning' but nothing else.


Re: Dream by elina on 17 March 2008 10:46am
That's when they come, Anne, when you don't think about them they make their move :)

I sometimes here actual songs in my dreams, which is weird. Then I wake up in the morning thinking "why did I hear that song?" And the fact that you actually hear voices and noises in your dreams is weird and sometimes scary.
Re: Dream by kazzzz on 17 March 2008 3:01pm
Anne do you secretly wish that you were Dolly Parton?
Re: Dream by sighthound on 17 March 2008 8:45pm
I had the most wonderful dream last night. In the course of something else I was dreaming about, I was given a box with two furry lumps in it. Later, when the other dream segment ended, I took the lumps out of the box and they expanded and "hatched" into to two delightful creatures who were basically elephants but without trunks and with soft furry skin. I spent the rest of the dream happily occupied with trying to keep them out of trouble. (The details have faded unfortunately.)

Lately, my dreams have been heavy, oppressive problem-solving ones so I think that my unconscious wanted to give me a bit of comic relief. (My thanks to my unconsious....)
Re: Dream by Spursfan on 17 March 2008 11:11pm
Well I do have the boobs, Kazzzz and in fact the hair style too and I sing country AND I have my own theme park called Anniewood...

I am lying on ALL counts.....hahahahaha!!!


Re: Dream by mrsthing on 18 March 2008 6:16pm
Your description of your dream animals is remarkably like that of the Giant Elephant Shrew, which is a rodent-like creature, a bit smaller than a cat, with dark brown fur and a long thin nose that wiggles in all directions. They're very cute! They're more closely related to elephants than to mice, and they're in the anteater family.
Re: Dream by sighthound on 18 March 2008 10:17pm
I just googled them; I'd never seen one before. Thanks. What delightful little creatures! (The ones in my dream had bigger floppy ears and elephant legs.)
Re: Dream by mrsthing on 19 March 2008 3:29pm
We have some at a local museum, and they're just adorable! I love their funny noses.
Re: Dream by Lounge Trekker on 19 March 2008 5:05pm
I had a great dream last night, although it was contorted a bit, as dreams can be.

I went out my front door, with Bruno beside me. As we stepped on the grass, I saw we were at the home of my uncle, although it was turned around, as in a mirror-view. The neighbour's dog was acting funny. No wonder. He was a Dalmatian, like Bruno's lifelong freind Chase but had the face of Patch, another freind. To make it even odder, I called him Lucky.

Brunoboy walked tentatively toward him, like he does, then they played like dogs do, jumping up with paws on each other.

Suddenly we were in a house and I was pouring some water for these guys...from a new, sealed container marked with a commercial label, Pet Water. Then there was a kid with an empty glass which I filled. I recall thinking vaguely that I shouldn't give the child dog water.

Funny one, that.

Lounge Dreamer
Re: Dream by geordiegirl on 20 March 2008 5:18pm
It would be nice Pete if that particular dream meant you were going to inherit a lot of money!!
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