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  The Chatter Box : The Series
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New series suggestions? by orangecat on 20 March 2008 8:04am
Although it probably wont happen in the next year or two, Michael's latest post doesn't rule out further travel adventures. What kind of series would we the viewers like to see?

My suggestions:

-- A followup to Around the world in 80 days

-- Some sort of Pacific island adventure

-- Middle east adventure (too dangerous?)

-- Road trip from Alaska to the tip of South America (likely too dangerous once past Mexico and very exhausting).

Share your thoughts.
Re: New series suggestions? by Spursfan on 20 March 2008 9:25am
I have suggested this before, but I think a trip around Turkey would be good. There are so many interesting sites and the country is so varied. My husband and I, 13 years ago, travelled all along the med coast. up into Central Turkey, along the Black Sea, back into Central and then the Aegean. We didn't touch the East as it was too dangerous at the time (according to our Turkish friends). The trip took us a couple of weeks, staying a night at each place, and we didn't see EVERYTHING the place had to offer so he could string it out for a few episodes.

What's to see? Well, ancient monuments etc by the bucketful, and natural wonders.

Examples? Historical - Epheseus; Virgin Mary's House; Aspendos (ampitheatre); St Paul's Well at Tarsus; Mevlana's tomb at Konya (founder of Whirling Dervishes); Tomb of St Micholas; Sumela Monestry, Trabzon; Troy; Gallipoli and many many more.

Natural Wonders: Pammukale; Cappadocia; Mount Ararat and too many for me to think of at this early hour!!

I also think he could do the same sort of thing with India, as this is also such a varied and beautiful country.

Perhaps he could combine the two!! I would be quite willing to act as advisor for the series!!


Re: New series suggestions? by kisch on 20 March 2008 10:53am
Murmansk !!
(He mentioned it in the interview last year, that he wanted to go there).
Re: New series suggestions? by sanna75 on 20 March 2008 4:30pm
I jusat want him to come to Sweden :-) He's neve3r been there. Maybe a Scandinavia travel seriers, but he's already been to Norday and Finland
Re: New series suggestions? by Spursfan on 20 March 2008 5:22pm
He could also do a programme on the Civil War battle sites of England - which would mean he would have to come to my village....

And of course I would have to show him round, I mean, you don't need the Sealed Knot Society for that do you? (by the way the Sealed knot is the official symbol of Stafford - it was supposed to be invented so they could hang 3 men at the same time).
Re: New series suggestions? by Lady April on 20 March 2008 7:03pm
I would very much love to see Michael do an Arctic Circle route around the globe as it covers areas he hasn't done a series on. Covering many out of the way areas of land mass as Greenland, Northern Territories, Yukon, Alaska, Siberian Russia including the Ural Mountains and northern most Scandinavia.
That would be of great interest to me as I am sure many other people who love Michaels journeys. Hell it's a journey I'd love to do!

*oops, stress induced no sleepy, my bad in the never done the Northern most Scandinavia. I mean REALLY!!!! Who can possibly forget the Helsinki Sauna adventure, like duh!*
Re: New series suggestions? by Spursfan on 20 March 2008 8:05pm
Maybe he could go up with the first flight of Virgin Galactic! It would have to be a one-off special I guess.

Though at $200,000 a ticket, and allowing for at least 3 film crew with him, I can't see licence payers money being spent on it!

I wouldn't mind going myself....
Re: New series suggestions? by bashful heart on 26 March 2008 7:34pm
I'd like to see Mr. P combine his interest in art and travel and do a series on art museums around the world.
Re: New series suggestions? by Blairhoyle on 26 March 2008 7:48pm
Full Circle 2 around the Atlantic Ocean.

Taking in Iceland, East coast of Canada and America, Panama, T&T, Brazil, Argentina, Falklands, up through the west coast of Africa; Sierra Leone, Cameroon etc through Portugal, France then into the UK, Shetlands (technical the North Sea though) Norway anf finishing on Greenland.

haven't checked the sea's and oceans, I think he will have strayed a wee bit off the Atlantic, however I think it could be the making of another cracking series.
Re: New series suggestions? by fairygirl48 on 27 March 2008 3:01am
I like the idea of Full Circle around the Atlantic...or perhaps that's because I live on the American East Coast? ;-)

Perhaps Revolutionary War sites? I've visited several of them in Virginia and they're full of stories. Given his love of history I think he'd enjoy the journey.
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