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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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'Good Morning!' by Spursfan on 22 March 2008 12:09pm
Ok, this may not be funny to you, but I found it VERY funny!!

I just walked Tosun, and as we went along the lane I saw this oriental couple who live in the village somewhere (not sure if they are Japanese, Chinese or what) coming towards us. Of course Tosun spotted them and started pulling (trying to get to them to give them a fuss as he does with EVERYONE) so I moved up the bank near the village hall. As they started to pass us they said in unison with big smiles 'Good Morning!'. I said 'Hi' and concentrated on Tosun, to which they said 'Good Morning' still with the smiles. I said 'Windy today isn't it !' (which it is, sunny but very windy) and they said ....'Good Morning' ! I replied with what I think they were expecting the reply to be - 'Good Morning!'.

They obviously don't speak much English yet or they are confused when you don't say the 'correct' reply!

Funny though!

Re: 'Good Morning!' by kazzzz on 22 March 2008 12:26pm
Did they only come up to your knees? ;)
Re: 'Good Morning!' by sanna75 on 22 March 2008 1:40pm
Haha, kazzzz, good one :-) I love that song
Re: 'Good Morning!' by geordiegirl on 22 March 2008 4:00pm
But it's so nice that they're trying to be friendly, isn't it?

Wonderful programme on Tv last week about Polish people in Peterborough, did you see it? White taxt-driver approached by the film-maker - 'oh this area has deteriorated so much in tghe last few years. Look at the litter & those bottles!' Film-maker: 'are you saying that's the fault of the Poles?'
Taxt-driver. 'No. The English. They've been getting worse and worse. The Poles, they come over 'ere, they work hard & pay their taxes. Good luck to them'.
Film-maker looks bemused but happy.
Re: 'Good Morning!' by Spursfan on 22 March 2008 6:40pm
Oh yes it is nice Linda - it was just funny how they kept saying good morning!

I have just had an ex-neighbour over for coffee and told her the tale, apparently the couple live just round the corner but on the oppo side of the road. I suppose when I walk Tosun they are either at work or whatever.

The thing is, and we both agreed on this, most people in this village (and I mean especially the 'new' bit (built end of '60s-70s)) are very friendly. As it is a 'desirable' village, there are exceptions who are snobby beyond belief and here is an example. My Mum and Dad moved in (with 16-year old me) when these bungalows were first built, years later husband and I moved in with Mum, as she had been widowed and couldn't get about very well. I started to put up a washing line (they'd just used a tumble dryer) and she said "oh, 'THEY' won't like it, 'THEY' prefer you to have a whirleygig". I said well, I don't care what THEY like, this is YOUR home and you can have whatever you like in it!!

But as I say, most of us are lovely!!
Re: 'Good Morning!' by canaveralgumby on 22 March 2008 8:22pm
If you could find out what nationality they are, you could learn to say "Good Morning!" back in their language.
Re: 'Good Morning!' by tucsonmike on 22 March 2008 8:36pm
There is a point, Cori.
Re: 'Good Morning!' by Spursfan on 26 March 2008 2:10pm
If I was in their country I would (hopefully) have learnt to say Good Morning or whatever in their language by now Cori.

However, they are in MY country....I shouldn't have to speak anyone else's language here.

We (my husband and I) make an effort to speak at least a little bit of the language of countries we visit - even just 'yes', 'no', 'thank you'! Even the States (hahaha - haven't mastered Aussie yet ;-)).

I'm afraid I get irritated by people who have lived in this country for years (not this couple) but insist on still speaking punjabi or hindi or whatever it is. I know we speak English in Turkey but we don't JUST speak English if you see what I mean. And we haven't lived there for years.

So I think I should encourage them to speak English.

Re: 'Good Morning!' by kazzzz on 26 March 2008 2:38pm
C'est la vie. Mate.
Re: 'Good Morning!' by geordiegirl on 26 March 2008 5:21pm
Mais oui, hinny, But je suis avec you toute la route, really. I too feel if you're living/staying/even just visiting another country it's only right to try.
Husband extends this, when i get enthusiastic about the number of Polish food shops here - they should eat English food here, he says- certainly I don't want fish 'n' chips in another country- but I think that's a little bit different, somehow, although I can't exactly articulate it.

The clothes-drier - sheer sheer snobbery, there are few things I hate more. To do with generally making your mother feel unwelcome, I should say. And you would have sorted that for her NO problem.
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