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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Lyme Disease by kelmo on 15 April 2008 9:44pm
I can't find a good way to search messages to see if this topic was covered before.

I am so glad Michael has given attention to Lyme Disease. My daughter has been very ill for several years. I just recently tested positive, but not nearly as ill as she is.

We were lucky to find a doctor to treat her, but it's not easy to be tested or treated. We can only hope for remission.

Does Michael have someone close to him, or is it himself, who has Lyme?

Thank you Michael. The website you linked to is well-respected.
Re: Lyme Disease by mrsthing on 16 April 2008 2:42am
I live in Connecticut, the state where Lyme Disease was first discovered--in the town of Lyme, whence the name.

My husband has had it twice, but he gets the rash, takes the antibiotic, and gets better uneventfully. Quite a number of our friends haven't been so lucky. But everyone I know who had it--even the poor guy who was on IV antibiotics for two years--have recovered and are living normal lives again.

There are lots of doctors in CT who are familiar with Lyme disease. Maybe your doc could contact them. There's also a lot of information online.

Just to reiterate what I'm sure is elsewhere on this site:

The deer tick is the most common carrier of Lyme disease, but you should be tested if you have been bitten by any kind of tick, because the disease is widespread enough that any tick can be a carrier. You're most likely to find a tick behind your ears or around your hairline, in your armpits or groin, or around your ankles, but check yourself all over to be on the safe side.

The deer tick is tiny--about the size of a poppy seed, and very dark brown. When engorged, they're the size of a sesame seed. They don't just live where there are deer; they're most common along the ocean shore.

If you find a circular, pink or red mark on your skin (not raised), possibly with a pink or red ring around it, see your doctor ASAP. The rash doesn't always occur at the site of the bite, so do regular checks of your entire body if you've been bitten.

Other symptoms include severe joint pain, fever, fatigue. If it goes systemic, you can have brain and heart trouble, too. Which is why I'm posting this--can't be too careful with this potentially nasty disease.

Kelmo, I hope your daughter will be better soon.
Re: Lyme Disease by Lounge Trekker on 16 April 2008 2:44am
The earlier it is treated the better. This site has some information on antibiotics that have been used: http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/id-mi/lyme-fs-eng.php#6

Re: Lyme Disease by mrsthing on 16 April 2008 3:36am
Docs around here usually use something like tetracycline. Some antibiotics aren't effective against Lyme Disease.
Re: Lyme Disease by tucsonmike on 16 April 2008 5:52am
It is important to find a doctor who knows what it is. I will give you an example:
My sister had been complaining about being tired. She went to the family doctor, who is also the upstairs neighbor to my parents. He just wrote it off as psychological.

Fast forward. My sister and her then fiance, now husband move to Westchester County. Her new doctor knew which questions to ask. They had been camping @ an SCA event. You do not see much Lyme Disease in Brooklyn. You do in Westchester County and Connecticut.
Re: Lyme Disease by johnnythemonkey on 16 April 2008 1:10pm
Lyme disease is on the increase in the UK and is not being diagnosed at early stages. I think I'll curtail my ventures into the long grass.
Re: Lyme Disease by kelmo on 17 April 2008 5:14pm
Thank you for your advice and help. My daughter's lyme was misdiagnosed for over a year before we found a doc who would treat her. By then, it had firmly settled in her brain. She has been on antibiotics for the past two years. She has improved greatly, but is still struggling. I think we are about 75% to remission. She has lost all of her teens to this disease.

We believe she got it through a mosquito. So don't discount other vectors. She is primarily loaded with two strains of bartonella, babesia, and a handful of viruses.

At present, we are dealing with it in the brain and spine, so she has considerable pain.

My duaghter communicates online with a young woman who lives in England. She was infected in South America, though. She had to fly to the US to get treatment. She now lives in Spain where she can get more sun.

So, if Michael has had experience with this, I am so sad for him. I seem to recall getting a letter online before he went on his New Europe tour that he was being treated for it. I may be wrong.

Our President has been treated for it over the past year. It makes sense when you listen to his word-finding issues.
Re: Lyme Disease by suzulu on 17 April 2008 5:32pm
Sorry that your daughter has this horrible disease, Kelmo. I do hope she will improve greatly soon.

Did your sister actually have Lyme Disease, Mike? If so, it is bad that it was not diagnosed sooner.

I think Michael mentioned in one of his messages that he was going to have the second of his anti tick-borne encephalitis jabs before embarking on the New Europe journey.
Re: Lyme Disease by tucsonmike on 17 April 2008 9:35pm
Yes, Sue, sadly Debby had Lyme Disease.
Kelmo glad your daughter is doing better.
Re: Lyme Disease by mrsthing on 18 April 2008 3:54am
Mike--how's your sister doing now?

I had no idea George W. Bush had Lyme Disease! But he had the word-finding issues before his first term in office, so I don't think you can chalk it up to that.
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