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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Whinge by kazzzz on 30 April 2008 12:57pm
It's not often that I do but I'm gonna!

I walk with Ava a lot around my home town, not a particuarly big place, right on the outskirts of Melbourne.

I try to cross pedestrian crossings, drivers drive straight through, even speeding up to 'beat' me . People park over footpaths so prams and wheelchairs can't get past. A LOT of people tut tut as I try and get by them in supermarket aisles, how DARE I be there with a pram? I have even been verbally abused by a man who all but knocked us down as he came roaring out of a driveway, he was supposed to give way to US!.
People walk acrposs the entire footpath and I am forced onto the grass verge with the pram.
Don't know where people's manners have gone, they're certainly not HERE! I don't expect the royal treatment, just a bit of common courtesy.

Re: Whinge by suzulu on 30 April 2008 1:46pm
No wonder you are angry. People are always in a hurry. I have seen mothers struggling to get on my bus carrying a baby with one arm, the pushchair with the other (they have to fold the pushchair before getting on the bus), sometimes with shopping bags as well, and the driver gets impatient. Once a driver wouldn't let a mother and baby with pushchair get on the bus because he said there was no room for the pushchair. We had been waiting ages for the bus in the cold so the poor woman probably had to wait another half an hour.
Re: Whinge by kazzzz on 30 April 2008 2:11pm
Yes you're right suzulu, everyone's in a hurry. I don't even know why, it's all the same in the end isn't it? Cars racing past and you invariably catch them up at the next set of traffic lights anyway! All that stressing must take years off people's lives.
Re: Whinge by mrsthing on 30 April 2008 5:37pm
So it's not just in America that babies and toddlers are considered a nuisance?

When my daughter was 3, she was very impulsive and very fast. She ran out of a store into heavy traffic one day (I was writing a check at the cashier's stand), I heard the screech of brakes, and found her standing an inch from someone's bumper--laughing. I was so incredulous that she hadn't been hit that I just stood staring for a moment. The driver honked and said something nasty, so I whisked her back inside the store and found the customers complaining to the clerk about being delayed! Then they got after me for not having better control over my child.

You know, the shoe HAS been on the other foot, and honestly, I was more worried about the child than I was about my schedule. And if a mother was just standing in front of my car with a child I'd almost hit, I'd get out and make sure the child wasn't hurt--jeez, what if I'd been dishonest and litigious? I could have sued him--and probably won.

Kazzz--your heart must be in your throat every time you have to cross a street! Would it do any good to complain to your town government or write a letter to the editor of a local paper? That's a very dangerous situation.
Re: Whinge by kazzzz on 1 May 2008 5:24am
Well yes I was thinking of doing just that, writing a letter to the local paper (they'll prob think I'm an old crank.
LAST week I saw a man almost run down by a young guy driving down the wrong side of the road in Main St, he was so shaken, I sat with him and lent him my phone, he called his wife and she collected him.
Sometimes I wealk at the lake, nice walking tracks there, but they have a problem there with flashers and yes I've seen one! Bah.

One of my kids was like a streak of lightning when she was little too. I would like to think that most people know that small children can act in an erratic manner. It's so awful that people would rather point fingers than address the issue with some concern.
Re: Whinge by Ellerd on 1 May 2008 11:41am
A pram with a bullbar will get those inconsiderate pedestrians off the path pretty fast, Kazzzz. :-)

Re: Whinge by Lounge Trekker on 2 May 2008 12:57am
I'm sorry to hear that this driver discourtesy is a problem obvious in all our otherwise good, industrial countries. I am sickened to hear of a mother with child has concerns about the same problem. I avoid walking or riding my bicycle near any road with moving cars on it. If I relax, I might get hit and I need to relax when walking or pedalling.

The only way I can 'combat' this is when I am driving. When in a busy area, I slow down. When I see a pedestrian or cyclist, even when there is no cross walk, I stop to allow him to cross in safety.

I like to think these drivers are all good people, just forced to rush around by our screwed up grab-grab society.

Lounge Pedestrian
Re: Whinge by pandab on 4 May 2008 1:56am
I don't have an objection to strollers or "child chains" in normal situations. I see those a lot when I look out my windows at work. There is a daycare center near my office, and they bring the kids to the park to play often. Coming to and from the center, they use a rope and have the kids hold onto it as they walk to keep them in line and from straying. It is actually kind of cute! :+)

My beef with strollers is when they are used in crowded situations like our annual Festival in the Park or events at the Civic Center. Even then, my biggest problem are the parents who park the things in the middle of the walkway, blocking everyone else around them. Then the parents often move away to look at something ... with the kid still sitting in the thing!


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