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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Violence. by johnnythemonkey on 5 May 2008 5:32am
I feel sickened because I resorted to it on Saturday night. It was in defence ( I shall say in my defence ).
I was accosted in the Main St of my town ( average size town in the West of Scotland ) by two guys and a young woman. They were foreigners ( 'New Europeans ' ) who have flooded this town but have been made welcome and I have played a part in that. I mention them being foreign only for the reason that the language barrier stopped me from defusing things which I'm normally O.K at. The language however did'nt prevent me from understanding the normal F's and C's coming my way. One guy stood to my right, whilst the other stood in front. I struck the guy to my right with the back of my fist, thinking that would give me a chance to defend myself from the one in front but he froze and the first guy recovered, so I struck him again. Here is where it got weird and nasty. The young girl started screaming and pulling at the guy who was originally in front of me ( in her own tongue), so I don't know if she wanted him to attack me or prevent anything further. As I walked away, this guy started to violently attack the girl. My instincts would have sent me back but at that moment a police car started to drive up the street , so I walked on. The police were probably alerted by CCTV. I hoped to walk on but a cop got out and asked me to wait. I could'nt even turn round to see what was happening further up the street , as I just wanted out of it. The other cop came back after a few minutes and told me I could go on my way ( to my relief ).
I'm now 50 and no shrinking violet but I no longer feel safe in my own town. I've got a wife and two girls that are more of a concern to me.
Maybe I'll take back some of my critiscism of you Americans, and buy an equaliser ( joking, I can assure ), but my old right hand aint what it used to be !
Sorry this has been a long post ( not that many of you will have got this far ! ) but it was quite upsettting to me and my adreneline is still pumping. At my age, flight would ( almost ) have be easier than fight.

Re: Violence. by Louise on 5 May 2008 6:08am
Pissed again, John?
Love - Lou
Re: Violence. by johnnythemonkey on 5 May 2008 7:25am
I posted a serious comment on something that happened to me and could have happened to someone in a position less able than me.
I realise that by the nature of a lot of my posts ( which believe it or not are an attempt to inject some humour to this site ) that I deserve some stick but the answer to your 'question' Louise, is no I was not pissed, the Hungarian assholes were and if I had taken it in to my mind they would have been sent back to Hungary in coffins.
I once was an angry young man and when I was 18, in the defence of my pal ( who is now a serving police officer ) three cops could'nt handle me.
I said from the outset, violence disgusts and frightens me. I posted a real incident in my life to get it off my chest. As I said, at 50 I don't need hassle.
Re: Violence. by Spursfan on 5 May 2008 8:55am
John, sorry you have had to put up with this sort of behaviour in your own town (and what's more your own country - even if it is Scotland (sorry couldn't resist)).

As you say, these 'men' (I hesitate to call them that) had been welcomed into your community. And this is what they are giving back, it seems. And to attack the girl violently because she (presumably) was berating them begs belief - though I have to say I personally have never been a believer in the sexist theory that you shouldn't hit a female, it should be anyone weaker or smaller than yourself.

Don't feel bad, John - you were defending yourself as you say against these thugs.

Re: Violence. by kazzzz on 5 May 2008 10:23am
Ah Johnny that's really bad. Sorry this happened to you.
A friend of mine went to jail, after defending his home and family. He woke up to see a man going through the drawers in his bedroom, his wife was asleep next to him and the kids were in their beds. He got up, the guy attacked him, he pummelled the guy to bits and the guy SUED him for assault in his OWN bedroom!!!
You DO know I'm gonna call you Ray no.2 from now on don't you ? ;)
Re: Violence. by johnnythemonkey on 5 May 2008 11:00am
Karen, I could'nt even be 'Ray' no 4, I'm a talker rather than a fighter ( talk too much for some it seems ) but the thing you quoted seems to be prevalent everywhere.
I keep ( Ray will like me for this ) a pickshaft under my bed and if anyone comes up those stairs ....on their head be it.
My only fear is that it's too handy for Meg to whack me!
I know that in 'blathering on ', we don't set out to have great debates but at the risk of some ( if there are any ) social scientists saying that I'm falling for a 'moral panic', I can say from my own experience that there has been a real shift in values and attitudes. I could go on......but then I would'nt be the ass that you all love/ hate.
Re: Violence. by suzulu on 5 May 2008 11:13am
Johnny, what a terrible experience! I hope you recover from it soon.
Re: Violence. by johnnythemonkey on 5 May 2008 11:40am
Sue, thank you for your thoughts. I did'nt suffer any violence and although I'm second guessing ( never a great idea ) those guys probably never gave it another thought in the morning and the one with the sore jaw probably did'nt know how it came about !

Re: Violence. by perfectbitch on 5 May 2008 12:39pm
What a nightmare! Try not to dwell on it Johnny - you did nothing wrong.

Re: Violence. by Louise on 5 May 2008 1:01pm
My apologies, John. I truly thought your post was one of your `funnies`.
I`m sorry to hear of the trouble. Do you want The Boris?

Lou x
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